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The Hidden Wiki Hacked, WikiTor Fills The Gap

Wikitor can be found at this url: http://wikitor74em2u6rq.onion

The Hidden Wiki was hacked and had is private key stolen earlier this week and received a strange response: positivity and applause! The hidden service was a Tor directory of any link from adverts for drugs/guns/hackers/assassins to forums sharing child pornography.

While the majority of links were accepted while perhaps frowned upon, it was the links to child abuse that didn’t sit well with the majority. Rumors of promoted links for well known scammers was also not going down well with visitors. So it was perhaps no surprise to see positive responses to the site being taken down.

The hidden wiki url – kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion now redirects to a new hidden wiki after being redirected to DOXBIN for a while  (http://doxbinicsjqqmohl.onion/thw.php) who credited Queefyyy with the attack. The DOXBIN  claim to have instigated the attack with Queefyyy:

We don’t know if this is as a results of some agreement between the hacker and the hidden wiki owners to clean things up and get the private keys in return, or just someone who used the hidden wiki private key to create a cleaner mirron of the hidden wiki.

Meanwhile LOIC, with connections to Anonymous and Lulz, also claim the move was thanks to their group for the attack on the hidden wiki:

What is clear is that Queefyyy hacked into The Hidden Wiki’s server and took the private key (which can be found at this url on the DOXBIN site: http://doxbinicsjqqmohl.onion/misc/THW_private_key.txt) for their domain name. Anyone with this private key can take over the domain and host it elsewhere, he also released a full zip backup file of what used to be the Hidden Wiki:

What we have found as a potential candidate to take the hidden wiki’s place as a more friendly Tor directory is what The Hidden Wiki should have been all along and it goes by the name of WikiTor (http://wikitor74em2u6rq.onion):


It is very thorough with a discussion page for each category allowing anyone to suggest new links or discuss existing links. This allows for scammers to be reported and investigated, while also allowing new websites to have their sites verified and added. What we like about this site is the frequent moderation of the links. All known scams and child porn links are not present and there are plenty of links to forums where you can investigated someone before doing business with them.

The site is still young, and need to filled with more links, but the direction its going and the impression we had from its owners seems positive enough to gain our initial support for this project, with the hope that they will remain  honest and clean from all the stuff we did not want to see on the hidden wiki.

The DNM community also appears to be behind the site with DarkNetMarkets (, a well respected sub-Reddit for trading on Tor, offering their support.

With signs of a strong ethic (at least as far as Tor activity goes), we hope to see WikiTor:  http://wikitor74em2u6rq.onion around for many years. we will be following and updating for new developments, if any.

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  1. But theres no cp on wikitor, that blows

  2. The Hidden Wiki is now down. Doxbin took over the kvpz onion domain and redirects it to Doxbin. So now use this link :


  3. Liberty Wiki is also popular and does not allow CP.


  4. WikiTor looks great, at least its updated and clean. Other Wiki’s have far too many dead & scam links.

    Hopefully WikiTor will stay that way :D

  5. Anonymous wouldn’t waste their time taking down a site with dozens of mirrors, if they wanted to do damage take down Dark Tor, Project Evil or something like that

  6. The Hidden Wiki had links to services where you can sell highly-addictive and harmful substances, buy fake passports (great for terrorism purposes) and hire a hitman… and it was taken down because of a couple of child porn links.

    Child porn is bad, but since when has it been worse than killing people? I see the same attitude on this site as well: Selling heroin or crack or meth = good. Selling substances that have been ill-tested and might kill you = good. People who sell this stuff = good libertarians. Sharing CP = evil. People who are attracted to children but don’t touch them = scum who should be killed, with no exceptions.

    I’m no pedo, but some perspective would be good.

    • I agree cp and murder are terrible, but what is wrong with these controlled substances?

    • wants imaginary/mythical cp

      they take down cp for fame. also taking down cp makes them feel like they have accomplished something. taking down crack site is pointless since they their business right back up. because money to be gained. and where da fuck is this imaginary child porn that every one keeps going on about, i’ve been searching for over 3 years, ever since i heard it exists on the news. i been searching a while now, thought this tor crap would answer my prayers. but same story, still nothing. i will not rest until i get child porn. i want the child porn for its rarity, don’t know if i would like it, but i want the gawd dam porn dammit.

  7. I fully understand that people do not like these things, but by “cleaning” them, it removes the whole point of tor, which is to have an open and uncensored internet.

  8. Totally agree with Mocha Jones, this is all bullshit !!

  9. Do you realize that drugs are as bad (or worst) than CP and it is a crime to sell them right?

  10. protecting the innocent is THE single most important thing don’t forget that

  11. the main difference between cp and drugs is in the last choice is an adult choice, as kill someone and if you’ve not the balls, paid someone for.

  12. Protect the innocent.

    Adults make adult choices, they ask for the drugs, they know the drugs are harmful but they don’t care, they want to get high and have fun.

    Kids have no idea what is going on when they are told to take their clothes off for a camera. Hardcore sex with a kid is even worse. Worst of all is hurtcore — I am beside myself with horror that this stuff exists and is praised by a community I once identified with (libertarians). Pedophilia might be a sickness or a “sexual preference”, but it’s not accepted for a reason.

    Fix your morals, you ignorant fucks.

  13. ^Great response.

    That’s exactly what it’s about.

    There is NO choice for the child, and with the trauma that ensues afterward IF they live, it’s just as bad as murder.

    I challenge the people who think we need “perspective” to take CP this lightly after they have kids of there own.

  14. It is very troubling for me to see hurtcore. I cannot stand to see a child in bewilderment from all this. But it’s these internet bad assess like encrypto who feed the frenzy and stand proudly on the shoulders of mass hysteria. That actually wind up hurting kids with there philosophies and actions. I wonder how much of a badass he would be in a dark alley with me. Why don’t you let me hold your wallet while you go fuck yourself dumbass, brain-dead motherfucker.

    And I would say the same thing to anyone who would hurt a child.

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