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Buy Bitcoins With Paypal & Credit Cards!

Paypal and Bitcoin Streamline the Online Purchasing Process

Paypal is one of the most trusted and popular services for online transactions these days. Paypal is everywhere now, as many merchants and traders have adopted it with open arms.

Bitcoin is another method of conducting online transactions, which has carved out its own place in the market. Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency, with a fixed supply, that reduces the need for using physical or hard money.

On one hand, Paypal makes online, fiat transactions fast and easy. On the other hand, Bitcoin is both a currency and payment system that operates independently of the fiat monetary system, thereby making online purchases more like an equivalent of cash purchases in the real world—whereas Paypal is merely an intermediary between the Internet and a Physical bank.

The speed, security, and convenience of Bitcoin has of course created an ever-increasing demand for the digital currency. As a result, online Bitcoin exchanges—a popular avenue for buying and selling bitcoins—have popped up in droves.

However, one may ask the question: can I buy bitcoins using Paypal, so I do not have to directly link my bank account to a Bitcoin exchange? Yes, here’s how:

Successfully Buying Bitcoins With Paypal

Many people who have used Bitcoin and Paypal say that using Paypal to buy Bitcoin is a very difficult process. If we take a glance at the previous track record of buying Bitcoin via Paypal, we will see that people have indeed faced many inconveniences with Paypal. These difficulties arise due to recurring situations where a person uses Paypal to buy Bitcoin, and then initiates a chargeback, in which the person claims to never have received the bitcoins, and demands a refund from the Bitcoin seller. It is said that Paypal often favors fraudulent merchants, so most Bitcoin traders expect this system to be dangerous with a high chance of having their money stolen, and may opt to refrain from purchasing bitcoins through Paypal.

It is possible to successfully use paypal to buy bitcoins, though, and sell them for a higher prices through online marketplaces, such as LocalBitcoins and eBay. There are two methods that will allow one to buy bitcoins with Paypal: Virwox or credit cards. Virwox charges a commission fee for using its services, but it is, by far, easier to buy bitcoins through Paypal with Virox than by using a credit card. Therefore, we will show you how to use Virwox to successfully buy bitcoins through Paypal.

How to Buy Bitcoins With Paypal by Using Virwox

We have Created a tutorial to explain the Virwox method—here is a general overview of the steps you will have to take to use this process:

Visit the website
– Register for an account on that website.
– Then, add funds to your Virwox account via Paypal
– Buy Linden$ (SLL) with USD/EUR
– Buy bitcoins with your linden$ (SLL)
– At least send your Bitcoin to your wallet.

*Note: Linden$ is the virtual currency used in the online game, “Second Life”
Step 1: Visit the official website of Virwox and register for an account. You need to ignore the message, “your avatar connection has not been validated yet.”

Click Here To Buy Bitcoins with Paypal & Credit Cards using >>

Virwox Home

Step 2: Click on the “Deposit” button on the sidebar:


Step 3: Choose how you want to deposit your money—you can use Paypal or Credit cards using Skrill payment. Note that you can only deposit limited amounts of money every 24 hours. Your 24 hour deposit limit will be raised as you complete successful transactions. A failed transaction will still be deducted from your daily limit, so be careful with the details enter while preparing your Paypal or credit card payments.


Step 4: Once you finish your deposit, you need to convert the USD or EUR to SLL. Just click the “place a sell order” button or click the USD/SLL button on the sidebar:


Step 5: Choose how much USD you want to convert to SLL and click “Next.”


Step 6: After Clicking “Next,” you need to confirm your order.


Step 7:  After you have converted your USD to SLL, all that is left to do is to convert the SLL to BTC. To do this, Just click on the “BTC/SLL” button on the sidebar.


Step 8: On the next screen, enter the mount of bitcoins you want to buy using your SLL.


Step 9: After your transaction has been confirmed, you will be able to withdraw your bitcoins and send them to your wallet; click the “Withdraw” button on the sidebar.


Step 10: Enter the amount of bitcoins you want to Withdraw, then enter your Bitcoin address and click the “Request Withdraw” button. Note: on your first time there, may be a 48 hour delay until your bitcoins are sent to your wallet. This delay is placed to help prevent fraud. After your first transaction, though, the withdrawal will be instant, and it can be traced in the Blockchain.


In conclusion, this method is the easiest way to buy bitcoins using paypal and credit cards; the only disadvantages are the fees (Papal fees, Lower rates for BTC & SLL).

Click Here To Buy Bitcoins with Paypal & Credit Cards using >>

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  1. I get an error that Skrill cannot serve to Illinois. Also I get an error when I try to add the card to my SL payment info, but I know the card works!

  2. I did everything, and now I need to withdraw my bitcoins to my bitcoin address. I don’t understand this step. How can I know what is my wallet address and where to set up those wallets? Thanks.

    • You need to set a wallet somewhere (some exchange or local wallet on your computer) in order to have an address – or just send them directly to where you want to pay with bitcoins (they will provide address obviously…) or you can just leave them in your virwox account until you will have an address.

  3. where can i get a good CC to buy admin

    • Uhh you need a good CC? I know exactly what you need to do.

      1.) Get a job
      2.) Pay your bills on time
      3.) Apply for a “Good” Credit Card
      4.) Wait a few weeks
      5.) Open envelope containing good CC
      6.) Use it to buy some admin
      7.) Make sure you pay bill with your own money

      The End

      • That’s how normal people do it… I do not have time for work they do not pay enough but you can keep learning from you’re daddy cutie stay on you’re knees that’s what you do best.

        • Word. Either do what KKK suggested or shut the fuck up. People that tell me get a “real job” don’t realize I make in a goddamn sitting what ppl make in a couple of weeks. Time is just as valuable as money bro.

      • Dear self righteous, presumptuous prick:

        1. Shut the fuck up.
        2. Go to the gas station.
        3. Purchase gasoline with your own money that you earned all by yourself.
        4. Place nozzle over head, and depress handle to start the flow of gasoline.
        5. (optional) once adequately soaked, place nozzle in mouth and swallow some of the gasoline. You will experience a burning sensation and unpleasant taste, but this should not be difficult for you because you are better than everyone else.
        6. Place nozzle back in to holster
        7. Walk away from dispenser and other pumps as to not harm others.
        8. Using the method of your choice (lighter, match, flint and steel, etc.) create a flame or spark large enough catch the gasoline on fire
        9. Die in a fire.

        • BustaBrown and MisterMan are so fucking retarded, can’t you see that in this world if you work hard every day and try to be better every time, nobody is gonna congratulate you or pay rise. From time immemorial, peoples who succeed had relationships and weren’t scared by the barrier of the legality.
          And did you realized that you’re on a website which is talking about the DarkNet ? Otherwise if you’re still thinking about being a sheep in this capitalization world, feel free to shut the fuck up.

          Sincerely yours.

  4. Succees after 48hrs. paypal money transfer to bitcoin wallet.Now im transfering money again…hope now its instant

  5. Seems a huge hassle to me, also pretty sure there will be hefty commissions to pay somewhere through that process. If you want anonymity, I suggest using local bitcoins. You can buy with cash in person, cash deposit or bank transfer.

  6. Ok, how much BTC i have on my Wallet when i start at virvox with 300USD?

  7. This stale copy pasta is not now nor was it ever a good idea
    Why do people keep re pasting this crap when there are so
    many better options open to us now to buy BTC

  8. I want to turn my Paypal into Dogecoins, but whenever I try to deposit my Paypal into VirWoX it says I need a validated account. (I don’t have a credit card). Do I need a credit card or do I need to do something else?

  9. want to buy a coin if its not rediculous commission. more than 15%-*

  10. This is awesome guide about Buying bitcoins for newbies. However I came across this {spam link removed} Bitcoins buying guide which i found useful for readers. Must read that also.

  11. Ohh! I just cant believe that I bought my first Bitcoin so easily after reading this article :) Kudos to writer who written such simplified article. Thanks alot

  12. This all works just fine, just like the article says. Even the 48 hours to withdrawal the first bitcoins for security reasons.

  13. Virwox charge a lot for this service , Virwox have rejected a few of my payments even though I have been within the limits

  14. Virwox is a ripoff !!! 15% !!! Holycrap, that’s buy-here-pay here fees… Lol. Those that don’t know, get taken… At least use, they’re 8.99%.


  16. I have lindens inworld with SL…can I use them to buy bitcoins?


    Virvox Disabled my account this shit just happended to me fking bs.. Selective scammers… I Deposited Money via SKRILL got SLL and even sent my whole BTC WALLET to Virwox.
    I went to make a withdraw of some of my BTC and got a message that it will take up to 48 hours to transfer.. (WTF IS THAT, BTC Is usually INSTANT). Tried to login the very next day to check on the transfer…only to find out that my account is now DISABLED.

  18. I only got this to work once. Second time skrill noticed i was on a different IP from before, as they are legit and don’t like tor. I think buying anonymous visa cards from a grocery store in cash and using those deposit through skrill having both tied to a DW safe email in clearnet. I may be a noob to the DW but isn’t PayPal linked to a bank account?

  19. trying the workaround nipslip suggested but keep hitting issues. clearnet trans, legit ID and cards with skrill, prepaid credit, false name that matches same on virwox. nothing, can’t find a way so far to hide the loot out loud (paypal=bank knowledge=cuffs imho.still tryin tho, have generated btc and broken no laws. just lookin to be a dog.

  20. Do you guys know some way to buy bitcoins just wint credit card

  21. Or you can just go to and not have to sell out your identity and easily get paypal at a much lower rate any time of the day it takes about .. 1 minutes sometimes even less to complete paypal transactions.

  22. After to buy the bitcoins at Virvox do you know how much time they take to give you the bitcoins

  23. Scammedby Virwox

    JUST LIKE KEDIA, A TOTAL RIP-OFF! The whole disabled account experience mentioned previously, yep, same here. Same thing happened at Kedia, who is now Treefunder (WARNING! ALERT!). TREEFUNDER, huh? Sounds like some hippy rainforest protection group, yeah, but, no. No, it’s affiliated with fucking nightmare of a company to deal with KEDIA! AARRGGHH!! The only treefunding they are likely to be involved with is the purchase of extremely rare and extremely expensive woods to fancify their houses and offices with. Oh yeah, this is about Virwox. Yeah, THEY SUCK!

    • Been using virwox w/o an issue for a long time. Works great except you have a $375 limit on their paypal use and 24 hour wait for another deposit/withdraw.

  24. Ive used this service 2x works great- But !! Be prepared to lose a substantial amount of original deposit when its all said & done & your coins are in a marketplace. i.e. I lost approximately $30 on a $160 transaction because of multiple fees from each service ( Paypal, Virwox, coin washer ) I dealt with before they landed in my market account.

  25. Virwox is run by scamming scumbags, I’m sad to say. I thought they were just amazing, in despite of the outrageous fees they charge per transaction. I figured I was paying for convenience. Typically, I could make a deposit via paypal and have the BTC in my wallet within an hour – two at the most.

    That is, until one day, I was inexplicably “randomly audited” for a really small transaction (under $60 american), which meant that, if I was lucky, they would process my transaction within 2 business days. It was a Friday night. I was more than a little annoyed and actually kind of insulted that they would do that to an established customer. I let them know as much. I asked them, politely at first, to either refund my money or to please just push the transaction through (again pointing out that I had been a long time customer they’d never had issues with). I dared add in that they should probably fix whatever crappy algorithm was used to “randomly” audit transactions, because I didn’t feel it was fair to do this to someone that they’ve never had an issue with.

    They e-mailed me back, letting me know they had closed my account and that I would be getting my money credited back to my account within 7 days. WOW. Wait, hold up. That’s not what I wanted…. I just wanted to let them know I thought this experience I was having was messed up and unfair. They threw a hissy fit, banned me, and held my money hostage for an unnecessary length of time.

    Unreal. I was livid. What crap customer service.

    When I let them know how I felt about that (and believe me, I was NOT polite this time), they e-mailed me back with a message that… in not so many words… said “Well, we’re big enough to not have to deal with people like you, so go eff yourself. We don’t have to be nice, polite, or offer what you consider to be good customer support. If we want to, we’ll steal your money. Deal with it.”

  26. I’ve tried a bunch of different Paypal -> BTC solutions, VirWox works fine but I ended up paying like 25%+ in fees. Local Bitcoins is fine if you’re willing to go meet somebody, and IMO is a slightly better deal, I ended up paying around $35 in fees on a $200 order. Then there’s which has lower fees, but I had to wait like 4 days before getting my BTC as they actually shipped me some gift cards through the mail.

  27. same as in all the author rip of acc disable cases

    !!! RIP OF !!!

    !!! DO NOT USE !!!

  28. Big Scamm.
    Don’t try this

  29. BTC or, bitcoins, are primarily used for purchases on Dark Net Markets(DNM). For this reason alone it will always cost a bit and usually be somewhat of a pain in the ass. I’ve used Localbitcoins in the past and have been using Virwox without incident for the past 6 months. Both of these sites will cost you in fees, that’s just how it is. I’m not aware of any BTC sellers who take less than 15% on orders of under $300. Many won’t even accept under$100, which I normally don’t need to buy. Given that, Virwox let’s you deposit much smaller amounts, but they’re fees end up close to 20%. That’s basically a convenience fee. After 2 deposits are made you get your BTC within 2 hrs, the first 2 are 48 hrs. Also, you must use the same method of purchase ex.(PayPal) each time to get your BTC within 2 hrs. If you suddenly change from PayPal to a CC or something similar, chances are that you’ll have to again wait the 48 hrs. This is due to an automatic security feature of the site. It happened to me. I brought it to their attention, letting them know that it wasn’t in their FAQ or anywhere else on the site. They responded quickly and I had my BTC within 3 hrs. Basically, for convenience both localbitcoins and Virwox are good choices. Just make sure that you read the FAQ and educate yourself or you could end up in a shitty situation. If you want complete anonymity, pay with cash at the seller’s bank or in person(both of which are risky) You’re much more likely to get scammed and/or waiting a while for your BTC when you’re dealing with an individual instead of Virwox. Just make sure to check out the seller’s feedback and hopefully it all works out. There will ALWAYS be fees and other obstacles when dealing with an unregulated currency. If it’s too much to deal with maybe you should just buy your goods IRL instead. In the end, It’s all about convenience.

  30. This is great!
    I finally own digital currency
    (even though it’s less than one bitcoin).
    I had no idea single coin could be so expensive.

    I can’t imagine bitcoins going up in price any more…
    today it’s $226 for a single coin!!
    How could it possibly get higher?

  31. Works fine to me… ^^

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