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Black Market Reloaded Is Open Again!

After a short shutdown due the site code being stolen by the VPS admin that hosted (some of) the site – Backopy the site admin announced on the forum that the site will be open for business again!

Oh, you could not imagine the joy on the sub-reddit.

BMR is up again!

The Official Announcement from the sites admin – regarding the shutdown and re-opening

This Drama been going on since the unxpected shutdown of Silk Road and the arrest of Ross Ulbricht – the alleged Dread Pirate Roberts.

Check out BMR subreddit for updated information:  http://www.reddit.com/r/reloaded/


  1. Oh! That’s a great news. Initially I was surprised that why they were stopped the site suddenly.

  2. Oh what a relief! Wonderful News! Was really missing it..hope it wont shutdown again..

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