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Simple Instructions: How to avoid getting scammed on any marketplace?

I found this old post on the old silk road forum – some sort of  “checklist” of stuff you should do if you want to scam-proof yourself,  yeah it actually takes some time to cover all of them but im pretty sure that once you follow all these simple guidelines you can be pretty safe.

==Quote from here =====

Well i have been around quite a while (even before this user) and i see all the “i got scammed” threads floating around so i thought it might be a good idea to start a thread about how to make an “almost fool proof check” if a seller is reliable  (As a buyer, i cannot do the same from the other side at this point, so sorry if your a vendor)

Its always possible to get scammed – but we must know that we did our best with trying not to. i believe that anyone that will go trough all these details will increase their chances to find higher quality products from higher quality vendors. im very experienced with internet buying and selling and at the most part this things will be correct for any other site as well.

So, when i want to know if a seller is reliable i do this:

1) Check the product page to see if:  Price is reasonable (not TOO cheap for the product), if have a normal description.

2) Check Vendor Page:
– see how detailed it is with policies and info, links to forum threads etc
– PGP key provided,
– how long is he a vendor
– how many transactions
– what is the satisfaction rating
– look for any “weird” requirements such as “Everyone must FE!”
– does he offer safe shipping methods (with tracking etc…)?
– non arrival policies (does he refund? reship? partial refund?)

3) Check the feedback for specific products + feedback on all the other products the vendor has, and look for:
– too many FE’s
– non arrivals
– low quality complaints – for me its enough to see just 2 – 3 to understand that quality will be shit, even if there are 50 saying its good.
– see in feedback whats the outcome of disputes is the seller flexible and sorted stuff out?

4) Contact the seller and ask a few questions –
– see if he communicates,
– how long is the response time  to get  an answer from him.
– is he polite and give straight answers?

This one is most important:
5) Check out the vendor forum thread – if none exists – than this vendor is a no-go for me.
– see the response in threads from other people
– how many responses?
– old members or new members?
– is he responsive on thread?
– Any other threads regarding this vendor?
– reviews regarding samples of vendor if new

once all these points been checked and at the final calculation i could say that most seems 90% +  legit, i would feel pretty safe to try out this vendor.
are there any other checks possible that i missed? (might add a few more later)

======End of quote========

Hope this helps – if you see any interesting thread on the old Silkroad Forum (https://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/) Please send to me as i think it will not be up for long and its a good idea to preserve the information.

One comment

  1. Few problems with this

    * makes it hard to start vending
    * can still be faked easily

    Few good parts:

    * first part, except the price, it could be lower than normal because of other reasons…. but having a picture of the product + reagent test results + lab test results and a good description that’s good

    * second part, detailed policies. information pgp key, stuff like that = good
    * how long has he been a vendor and number of transactions is a bit more iffy, all good vendor had to start at one point, a lot of the ratio of transactions to how long he has been a vendor is much better, a new vendor is unlikely to have countless high value transactions since even if he is good, people still don’t know that
    * weird requirements? maybe… I mean with markets scamming so much finalize early isn’t that strange at least on it’s own
    * what’s safe shipping really depends on the origin and destination country..
    * non arrival… is it really unresonable for a vendor to not reship a huge untracked order that supposedly never arrived to a new member?


    * finalize early idk.. if everything else looks legit it really comes down to who do you trust more, the market place or the vendor + smaller vendors need money faster than those with a lot of it saved
    * feedback/non arrivals/how the vendor solved the issue…. check the customer too a lot of non arrivals of large untracked vendors means it’s much more likely the customer is scamming not the vendor
    * quality issues…. what kind of of quality issues? Someone saying you sold me inactive shit and not responding to the vendors questitons… I mean just because you didn’t get the effects you wanted… it cut be bad product or it could be a stupid customer (take mdma for days in a row and even very pure mdma will feeel week, or SSRIs plust many drugs (besides if you are on SSRIs get off them, they don’ t and thank me later)


    Not much to add other than don’t expect a long reply from large and busy vendors.


    Agree, but keep in mind that a new vendor will not have a thread as long unless he has a bunch of accs and writes in his own thread

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