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Homeland Security: Statement On The Launch Of The Silk Road 2.0

Today, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released the following statement on the launch of the Silk Road 2.0:

“This new website – launched barely a month after Federal agents shut down the original Silk Road — underscores the inescapable reality that technology is dynamic and ever-evolving and that government policy needs to adapt accordingly. Rather than play ‘whack-a-mole’ with the latest website,  currency, or other method criminals are using in an effort to evade the law, we need to develop thoughtful, nimble and sensible federal policies that protect the public without stifling innovation and economic growth. Our committee intends to have that conversation – among others – at our hearing this month on virtual currency.”

Chairman Carper and Dr. Coburn’s committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs began a formal inquiry into virtual currencies in April 2013. In August 2013 Chairman Carper and Dr. Coburn wrote to the Departments of Treasury, Homeland Security, and Justice, as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodities Futures Trading Commission, and the Federal Reserve.

Read the Statment on the Source Site


This statement is different from what you would usually hear, does it indicate that we are going to see some changes in the US Goverment approach? Probably yes – but not for the better,

When you read the sub text of this message there are few obvious interpretations :

  1. Bitcoin Regulations
  2. Getting Stricter on mail inspection (including legistlation?)
  3. Stricter Legislation on drug supply being done / Facilitated using the internet or mail.

One thing that we are sure of is that the “whack-a-mole” Game is not going to end either way, until the war on drugs will come to an end.



  1. The best thing you can do is ( and it “grieves” me to have to SAY this ) is stay far away from the Deep Web. The NSA, the FBI, the CIA, The police, the DEA, Homeland Security, ICE, Interpol, the ICAC,and just about every “other” law enforcement agency on the planet has launched an all out “assault” on the Deep Web!!! Those “java exploits” ( which have been SHOWERING through the Dark Web like RAIN since the exploitation of Freedom Hosting!) are only a very “small” tip of one very gigantic, secret, highly advanced “ICEBERG” of forensic and surveillance technologies now being used to SCAN the Dark (Deep) Web!!! About a THOUSAND people around the globe are now being arrested on a monthly basis!!!! Now “Black Market Reloaded” has been taken down along with many, MANY others!!! “Sheep Marketplace” is now sweating bullets as it’s “neighboring” businesses have mostly been replaced with “HomeLand Security”, and “Department of Justice” banners!!! Does this mean the END of the beautiful Deep Dark Web? Regrettably, I’m afraid, as things look at the present, .. YES. There is simply no effective “defense” against this new, invisible, ultra-secret cyber-surveilence! ( And “NO” I don’t think that the new I-phone 6 will work when it comes to evading these new police technologies!)The Dark Web now mostly consists of walled-off old corridors, fenced off streets, police and Homeland Security banners, surveillance cameras, closed carnivals, abandoned malt shops, drive-up restaurants, boarded up motels, empty pizza parlors, and bright mercury security lights, now brightly illuminating the once dark (confidential) avenues, streets, and discreet alleyways. In short, everybody started “gettin’ the hell out of Dodge” way back when freedom Hosting got taken down!!! Then, when Silk Road got whacked, even MORE people “got out the hell out of Dodge!” And they’ve been leaving “in droves” ever since!!! Nobody wants to “be seen” standing on the corner of “Kilo Avenue” and “SickDaddy Street!*** Even the “good-clean-fun-crowd” got scared off!!! Now, the name of the game is ( “I’m Chris Hansen,..” ) and ( shame, shame, EVERYBODY KNOWS your name!!)With the exception of a few cowardly shop owners and folks hiding in their basements, “Dark Web City” is AT LEAST 70% abandoned! The only vehicles left on the roads are either abandoned,parked ones that no one has had the courage to go back and retreive, or POLICE cars, belonging to ICE, Homeland Security, the ICAC, the DEA, the NSA, etc,..!!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT to use the Dark Web! The party’s OVER. It’s GONE now. There’s nothing to see there now, but the sad remains of “what HAD been”, the sweet lingering smells of corn-dogs and cotton candy, and the distant echo of the music now silent. There’s nothing much to see. The neon signs are all out. And the FEDS are quickly “shutting down” the remaining businesses and shops. ( Except for those few that they decide to transform into “honey-pots!”)
    Next, I expect our puritanical authorities to get a LAW passed that will make the Dark Web “ILLEGAL!!” I think it’s just a “matter of TIME” now before that actually does happen! But by then, sadly, the world will no longer be “missing” the Deep Web. Like an old abandoned catacombs, it will be sitting there mostly walled-off, it’s insides brightly lit by security lights, and guarded by tens of thousands of different types of COPS! The “honey pot” sites will probably continue to remain in place, but, .. well.. And nobody believes that you can still “get away” with anything on the Dark Web! And hardly anyone’s FOOLISH enough to try anything “brave” in there. And now, the TOR search engine has been “merged” with StartPage!!! Though StartPage is a confidential search engine that does have encryption and proxy services, it will NOT let you do ANTHING “illegal!” There is no TOR search engine that is “not” adjoined to StartPage or StartPage’s twin sister Ixquick! This was probably a “condition” placed on the TOR administration by the authorities! Besides, the way things are NOW, StartPage and Ixquick will only be “SAVING” your foolish ass from lots of JAIL TIME!!!
    Now, there may be a “replacement web” of some sort, should the Dark Web be “outlawed” by the Supreme Court in the near future. But it will probably be no different than Yahoo, Bing, Google, or any of the other “properly regulated” ( and “censored” )search engines. R.I.P. Deep Web. We will MISS you.

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