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Now Its Official: Curtis Clark Green Is Flush / ChronicPain

As we have mentioned before in the Silk Road Tales and Archives and later expanded in our post The Silk Road Saga: Who is “The Employee”? – Part I ,  Now its official – that the Employee from the Maryland indictment is in fact , Curtis Clark Green who was and admin on the silk road site, as it was published today on the Baltimoresun:

“An administrator with wide ranging access to the supposedly secret transactions on the Silk Road online market pleaded guilty to a drug charge Thursday after being caught in a federal sting in January.

Curtis Clark Green, 47, was unmasked as postal inspectors delivered a kilogram of cocaine to his Utah home after Green sent an undercover agent his address.

Green pleaded guilty to a drug charge in federal court in Baltimore and his plea agreement reveals more details about how federal authorities closed in on the operators of the secret Internet site. Green and his attorney declined to comment.

Green, who went by the names Flush and chronicpain on Silk Road, was paid a salary in his position as an administrator. He was also able to access messages between customers and sellers on the site, peer into their financial accounts at the market and provided regular reports to the site’s owner about disputes and possible law enforcement snooping.

To the outside world, Silk Road was set up as a technological fortress, using technology to mask users identities and locations and make payments difficult to trace. But Green’s plea agreement shows how those at the upper levels of the site had wide ranging access to users’ information.

The extent to which Green helped authorities in their investigation, if at all, is sealed in the court record. But the U.S. Attorney’s office said his computer was forensically examined after it was seized.

The sting against Green began to develop last December when the undercover agent approached Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind behind Silk Road, saying he wanted to sell a large quantity of cocaine.

Ulbricht tasked Green with finding a buyer, according to court documents. Green did so but also agreed to act as a middleman, which led the agents to him.

After delivering the cocaine package, authorities swept in and searched Green’s home, seizing $18,000 in cash, a Mac Book and his cell phone, according to court records.

Green, who is not in custody, is scheduled to be sentenced in February.”

Read the rest here…

The Full indictment can be found here in this link: http://www.ice.gov/doclib/news/releases/2013/131107baltimore1.pdf

The indictment itself revealing the picture behind the bust :


Starting no later than November 2012, the defendant worked for the creator and operator of
Silk Road, Ross Uibricht, a/k/a “Dread Pirate Roberts.” (The defendant, however, knew Ulbricht
only by his alias and did not know Uibricht’s true identity). Silk Road was an online,
international marketplace that allowed users to anonymously buy and sell illegal drugs, false
identifications, and other contraband over the Intemet. »U1bricht collected a fee for each
transaction on the website. ‘On Silk Road, the defendant was known by aliases, including “Flush”
and “chronicpain.”

The defendant was paid a salary to serve as an administrator for Silk Road. – His
responsibilities included responding to questions and complaints from buyers and sellers, resetting
passwords, resolving disputes between buyers and sellers. Each week the defendant contributed
to a written report which was prepared by administrators for Ulbricht documenting issues such as
possible fraud by Silk Road sellers and possible law enforcement activity on Silk Road,

The defendant’s access as an administrator allowed him to see messages Silk Road users
sent to each other, to see the details of transaction on Silk Road, and to see the Bitcoin accounts of
Silk Road users and the administrators of Silk Road ‘ (Bitcoin is a digital currency that has no
association with a national government, and was used on Silk Road  because it is difficult to track
and easy to move online.) -The defendant could also view administrative Bitcoin accounts
controlled by Ulbricht.

Starting in or about April 2012, an undercover agent (“UC agent”) with the Drug
Enforcement Agency (“DEA”) began communicating with Ulbricht under the guise of being a
major drug smuggler.  That agent was one of several assigned to a Baltimore-area Organized
Crime and Drug Trafficking Task Force, named “Marco Polo,” focused on crimes committed
through Silk Road.

In December 2012, Ulbricht set out to find a seller of drugs on Silk Road who oould
purchase larger quantities of drugs on Silk Road from the UC agent* Ulbricht directed his
administrators, including the defendant, to assist. *The defendant assisted the UC agent establish
contact with a buyer for substantial quantities of drugs. The buyer was an established seller of
drugs on Silk Road (the “Vendor”). The UC agent and the Vendor than negotiate a deal for one
kilogram of cocaine for approximately $27,000 in Bitcoin. The Vendor told the UC agent that
this deal was intended to be the first of many with the UC agent.

Without the knowledge of either Ulbricht or the UC agent, the defendant agreed to act as a
middle-man for the Vendor. Specifically, the defendant agreed to take delivery of drugs on ‘
behalf of the Veridor. As ti result, the Vendor provided the defendant an address to the UC agent as
the place to which the cocaine was to be delivered.

Ou January 17, 2013, the defendant took delivery of” approximately one kilogram of
cocaine at his residence in Utah. A United States Postal Inspector, working undercover, delivered
the cocaine to the defendants residence. Shortly after the defendant accepted delivery of the
cocaine, federal agents executed an anticipatory Search warrant on his residence. among those
executing the warrant were federal agents assigned to the Marco Polo Task Force ,including agents
with the DEA, Homeland Security Investigators, the United States Postal Inspectors, and the
United States Secret Service.

The agents found the defendant with the package of cocaine, which he had opened.
According to lab analysis, the net weight of the cocaine was 1092 grams.

One comment

  1. Sad, sadder, saddest

    Excerpt from the article above: “The extent to which Green helped authorities in their investigation,
    —> if at all, <— is sealed in the court record."

    I think him n o t being in custody after having been willing to buy a kilogram of cocaine and comparing this to the charges his alleged boss Ulbricht is facing speaks for itself here regarding the "if at all" portion of the sentence. If he wouldn't have helped them, he probably would have even been denied bail.

    This drug war is so stupid. Inconceivable how much money Countries all around the world, led by the US, flush down the drain for this outdated, inefficient laws. Let alone how much trials and investigations only for this probably harmless and non-violent guy costs the tax payers.

    But looks like
    – as long the average Joe is buying the lies from politicians and federal agencies,
    – as long as parents don't see behind the fact, that this so-called War On Drugs endangers their children much more than it's protecting them (it's easier for a High School student to get illegal than legal drugs like alcohol, alone that fact speaks for itself)
    – as long as tax payers don't see that they're paying billions of Dollars per year for laws which do nothing to stop the consumption of the illegal drugs (say Hi to Alcohol prohibition) but only lead to drug-related crime, financial ruin, deaths by overdose on the consumer (due to cut black-market drugs) and $-filled pockets on the supplier site (drug kingpins and conservative politicians are the two groups who oppose legalization the most, even mostly for the same reasons)
    – as long as private companies are allowed to sponsor politicians to enforce their interests – Like private prison corporations, who are welcoming the massive flow of non-violent drug or three-strike offenders as cheap work-slaves
    – all in all, as long as people don't begin to understand that this War on Drugs is damaging to nearly everybody in one way or another (except the mentioned violent cartels by making billions and billions of Cash thanks to the massive black market prices of illegal drugs, conservative politicians trying to win voters by spreading fear and propaganda or certain federal agencies which would become useless should this "war" ever end)
    – as long as those things aren't put to an end, the state will resume to waste billions of Dollars for a lost, damaging and useless cause, consumers will continue to suffer and people like Ulbricht or Green will get punished with astronomical prison sentences, while the real violent criminals – thanks to ridiculously restrictive drug (and ridiculously liberal gun) laws – still get to terrorize whole territories – From neighborhoods to entire countries.

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