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Silk Road reloaded: Tor/i2p distro client released!

Ok im drunk as hell after 1/2 bottle of whiskey but i have to update that silk road reloaded just released a package to be installed to access the site:

you can download the pack at this url: http://oukryuqqc7ffenin.onion.to/files/d2e0e6d82c0f7c0759c5ee6c08f63540.zip

the instructions are as followed:

0. Verify the .sig with my pub key available on http://reddit.com/r/silkroadreloaded (I strongly recommend this as it will ensure the authenticity of it coming from me.  If you are unfamiliar with gpg/pgp search “beginner’s opengpg guide” on your favorite anonymous search engine I like duckduckgo.com and startpage.com in that order.

1. Burn to CD OR use unetbootin(available here -> http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net ) to install to USB.

2. Wait for bootup, i2p network takes approximately 2-6 minutes to get completely synced, wait before going to any .i2p address.

3. Tor is usually available in under a minute.

4. If you have vmware/virtualbox you can also install it to your virtualdrive, if you have a spare real machine you can also install it this way using “TC_install” from the main menu.

5. If you need to check/manage/change/configure i2p you can do so easily here ->

6. Autoproxy is installed and firefox should be set to absolute minimal config for the most anonymous, least problems.  Autoproxy is switching automatically between proxies for you.  It can be changed as needed.  If you plan on surfing non .onion/.i2p you should be surfing anonymously.

Comments? Questions? Issues? Complaints? Post them on the /r/silkroadreloaded.


silk road reloaded Reddit url is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/silkroadreloaded

Come on guys we are waiting for you!

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  1. anonfiles.com/file/ab3cae9924cba101e6477164a0951115

    Updated distro released!! Easier to use than tails, tighter security, integrated PGP all under 200MB! (self.SilkRoadReloaded)

    Gnu Privacy Assistant built-in
    Tor and I2P with Privoxy auto-load immediately upon bootup
    Wifi support
    Can run from USB or CDROM
    Can be installed to harddrive
    Can run in VirtualBox or VMWare

    Recommended minimum hardware is at least a Pentium 4 with 1 GB of available ram. Harddrive is unnecessary but, can be used by simply installing to if desired. Based completely on TinyCore 5.4, and can be customized further as needed by following directions for it.

    If you’re using Windows you can use Rawrite to put the ISO on a USB stick. If you’re using Linux simply use dd, i.e. dd if=imagename.iso of=/dev/sd?(letter of USB device here).

    After booting wait approximately 5-6 minutes (depends on your computer’s resources/speed) for all the networks to sync.

    If you’re on wifi, setup your device by clicking on the icon on the toolbar and follow the prompts (super simple). If your wifi isn’t detected you probably won’t see any access points, if that’s the case let me know what you have and I’ll see if I help fix it (also check the TinyCore forums).

    Most if not all ethernet connectivity is problem free, connect a cable if all else fails.

    Check the bookmarks for convenience in accessing sites.

    You can find more information at /r/silkroadreloaded


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