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Teen Dies From A MASSIVE MDMA Dose Purchased on Silk Road

As it was published by a few news sources on the UK such as the Daily Mail and Metro:


A teenager died of a drugs overdose in his bedroom as friends listened helplessly online over Skype, an inquest heard.

Patrick McMullen, who hoped to study at Cambridge, had boasted of buying drugs from notorious illicit website Silk Road.

The 17-year-old took 500mg of ecstasy and three LSD tablets while his parents were out for the day.

Then he went online to chat with friends on internet call service Skype.

One of them, Jack Salisbury, told the inquest Patrick had boasted of taking ecstasy and LSD, and taking ketamine that he purchased on Silk Road – where users can obtain anything from drugs to fake passports.


The 17-year-old, who had also spoken of taking ketamine bought from notorious underground website Silk Road, was heard ‘banging around’ and then fell silent.

Obviously its hard to tell so far from this information if the cause of death was a “bad batch” of the MDMA, some pre existing disease, results of over heating, not drinking or some sort of acute  serotonin syndrome  – As we know deaths from MDMA are not a common thing to happen, but what we can say for sure is that 500mg of MDMA (assuming its pure mdma) and 3 Tabs of LSD is a massive dose – and surely a bad behavior originated in lack of education about the substances that he was ingesting.  This of course could have been avoided with prior research, and purity tests – Things that were much more accessible without the stupid ban on drugs – whose disastrous results we can see in many cases such as this one, which were easily avoided if the drug trade was not exclusively in the hands of black market traders, but instead were sold in a controlled and clean manner with proper usage instructions clear warnings – like any medication.

We express our deepest sorrow for another loss cause by the war on drugs.


  1. I don’t think any amount of education would have prevented this. There are always going to be people who push the envelope, no matter what. He decided to see how much he could handle, and he found out. C’est la vie.

  2. Shit happens..

  3. Silk Road wasn’t involved one of the friends knew about SR and said that so nobody would snitch on the local dealer

  4. Did he died ?

  5. Agree that drugs should not be banned but that type of behavior occurs regardless. It is unfortunate but he could ve researched dosing on the net from reliable sources.
    Alcohol OD deaths occur from frat hazing.

  6. 500mg is not a massive dose. Its half a gram. That’s a substantial dose but not a massive one.

    Three tabs of LSD is not a massive dose either even if it was the strongest stuff on Silk Road it would only be a substantial one.

    I suspect he had an underlying medical condition or inherent allergy, 0.5g of molly shouldn’t induce MDMA toxicity.

  7. Everybody dies. This one died with a mixture of pure ‘feel-good’ and the most commonly known mind opener. Aldus Huxley would have PAID to die this way. I would PAY to die this way. The crime is our ignorance, not the free will of another human being surely..

  8. I doubt it was LSD, maybe a 25X-NBOME or a DOX although my money is on 25X-NBOME tho (people have been known to die from sub-mg doses!!), and they’re both sold on LSD blotters. It’s bloody dangerous stuff especially when sniffed in powder form, from my own experience.


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