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Sheep Marketplace Owner just Got Doxxed?!

Update:  Yes. Its very likely that he has been Doxxed… and hes identity is already known to the FBI – Read the details Here –  Was Originally posted by Gwern (Gwern.net) On Sr2 forums.

Following the sheep marketplace scam – Is the owner of sheep Marketplace just got Doxxed?! – we have copied the post on reddit just a second before it got deleted by reddit staff – the OP was deleted before we copied but the discussion gives all the details.


I think I found coder/owner of SheepMarketplace (self.SheepMarketplace)

submitted ago by rex-usb

[removed]  (was deleted before we copied)

[–]karelb 3 points ago

just a note: I am Czech, Nette is very popular in Czech Republic for some reason (and pretty much unknown in the rest of the world)

edit: I am writing it because the fact that someone uses Nette is not by far the proof of anything.

[–]karelb 1 point ago

Nette + ubuntu + C++ are not proof of anything.

Damn, I am Czech, I use Nette and Ubuntu (and Qt too, but not with C++), I am in bitcoins and I didn’t steal anything (that I know of)

[–]rex-usb[S] 6 points ago

Nette / Ubuntu / C++ / his mail listed as BTC scammer / Hosting on same IP as sheepmarketplace.com

[–]karelb 2 points ago

Hm, allright, that can be something.

Anyway, this seems like it’s him https://www.facebook.com/nadsamec (nadsamec means “über-male” or something like that :))

in the likes, he has… https://www.facebook.com/nadsamec/likes

… something called “Anonymous Trade”.

Wellllll….. yeah, it can be him.

edit: if you want something translated in SMP investigation, write me a message. I am not really invested financially in this, but … for the lulz and all

edit2: yeah, it’s definitely him, based by his google+ friends (meaning: the FB guy is the same as the gmail guy – not sure if it’s the owner of SMP)

[–]s7w7 -1 points ago

Looks his his account is gone now?

[–]gwern 1 point ago

You mean his Facebook? Try logging in. I get it without a problem logged in, but logged out, it’s unavailable.

[–]s7w7 1 point ago

Ahh, that’s it. Got it.

[–]snorkedsnorkedsnorke 1 point ago

log in to see it

damn what a truffle shuffle

[–]karelb 3 points ago

For those not on FB:

him and his profile and some photos:

http://imgur.com/XOQi8cF (his gf apparently makes those – it seems a bit like the Sheep logo, don’t you think?)

his “likes”

http://imgur.com/PgJmnVB (see the Anonymous Trade?)

his gf – maybe pregnant based on one of his statuses, but not sure if it is a joke or not

her website


his Google+


edit: to reiterate – he has bad BTC rep, he knows Nette and C++ and is hosted on the same company, his girlfriend does tiny painted animals that look exactly like Sheep logo, he has “Anonymous Trade” in his likes. None of that is 100% proof, all of that is suspicious

[–]ndris 1 point ago


[–]rate_reducer 2 points ago

heh looks like he’s the one doing the grabbing from his cover photo ;)

[–]BPM-BTC 2 points ago

Nice work!

[–]crazygenius 1 point ago

Time to collect your $40k reward!

[–]ndris 1 point ago

Man. I think it would be just so cool if you are right.

[–]NaItAint 1 point ago

isn’t this old news? pretty sure people made similar connections when everyone moved from SR to Sheep, and it was concluded that this was NOT the owner. but I don’t know that for sure.

either way, this is all (tenuously) circumstantial evidence. and really, conducting some kind of internet witchhunt is a stupid idea. just move on.

[–]gwern 1 point ago

pretty sure people made similar connections when everyone moved from SR to Sheep, and it was concluded that this was NOT the owner.

No one has publicly identified Tomas as the owner before (I checked back in early November). People apparently accepted Sheep’s assurances that it was just ‘fans’ and stopped looking at it.

[–]rickflairthrowaway 1 point ago

But it was said that because of his lack of security that we could in fact find who rented the server.

[–]gabbergandalfssss 1 point ago

shoot this moterfucker and his bitch

[–]HashMaestro 1 point ago


username on sheep: EBOOK101 email on clearnet: [email protected]

Moderators provided info, they got assrammed by the admins too, Let the manhunt begin.

[–]XxLennyFacexX 1 point ago

How is this a good thing? Isnt this endangering someones privacy and making him aware to the authorities?

[–]gwern 1 point ago

The authorities already know about Tomas.

[–]Litecoin_MessiahMessiah[M] 1 point ago

DOXing is against Reddit Rules.


Also add to this package a post that was made by this same individual on a Czech forum: http://forum.nette.org/cs/14879-odecita-se-polozka-v-databazi

“I wrote a project where to subtract money from the account when you purchase items. Everything worked great, but when testing today suddenly stopped deducted money.”

I guess this concludes the thread where Gwern posted about some secret information that he has and will release it in 8 months (read Here)



  1. well, we got his email and have someone brute forcing his login credentials as we speak

  2. Please guys – stop posting hes address and phone on the comments – it will not be published.

  3. Posted on tomas girlfriend facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/eva.bartosova.33):

    English version
    Good morning dear users,

    we were informed before some time our webhosting service is accompanied with illegal marketplace Sheep Marketplace. We are webhosting service and sheepmarketplace.com domain had only fanpage on our servers, not a real marketplace.

    At the moment we have discovered suspicious content on sheepmarketplace.com domain, we turned off this site. This was happened before two months!

    We are very sorry for that, but we realize someone named Karel Bílek (http://facebook.com/syn.bozi or http://karelbilek.com/) is gossiping around internet we are owners of SheepMarketplace. Today we have taken legal actions against this person and we will charge him for this gossip.

    Oficical review on Snekweb.cz (Webhosting) http://snekweb.cz/uvod/

    Best wishes to you and have a nice and quiet holidays.
    Tomáš Jiřikovský and Eva Bartošová

    LIARS!!!!!! **** THE FAT BITCH

  4. Is admin also afraid of his own shadow? You must be as fear has made you lose your mind.

    This guy versus, dozens of people is what it comes down to. One guy versus the greater good. But what are you thinking about? If you and your little website have some sort of liability over what visitors post. You don’t, unless you leave in some backwards country.

    I just find it interesting how people so concerned with laws have never read one in their life. It’s just all imagined nonsense.

  5. Post his contact details in a pastebin then link to it in the comments.

  6. you just got DOXXED BITCH, welcome to the darknet.

  7. She looks good enough to doggystyle until bitcoins starts falling out of her pocket. That fat ass small dick ain’t shit.


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