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BMR Is Shutting Down!

Update:  Apparently ealingly the shutdown is planned only as a “temporary measure”  in order to build the site back again from scratch – and come back stronger in a couple of months.  still this move is quite shocking and im sure there is more than what we can see at this point

Black Market Reloaded Shutdown

After all the worldwide mess around Silk road,  Project Black Flag and the recent Scamming on SheepMarketplace –  Backopy, the owner of the currently oldest black market on the dark web – Black market reloaded posted this on the sites forum (http://fec33nz6mhzd54zj.onion/viewtopic.php?id=15288) :

SR is down, The Black Flag ended up as a scam, Atlantis ended up as a scam and now The Sheep Market follows that dark path. This puts BMR in the edge of the blade, Tor can’t support any site to be too big, Tor is all about community and you just keep anonymous as long as you can blend with the community. BMR can’t be scaled up, Tor isn’t a place for big enterprises, and can’t hold another wave of refugees.
When SR went down I forgave that they spammed my forum and tried to contact the Sheep admin so we could cooperate in a way to balance the load between our sites, I got no reply which made me fear the worse, a suspect now to be confirmed as it seams.

Without competition the wisest thing to do is to shutdown the market, doing it in a timely and orderly manner.
An alternative would be to smash the market into tiny bits that could spread the load between nodes and servers, but that would take a while to do.

For now I’ll ask the Support Team to not enact new sellers while watch closely what will go with Sheep, if things goes bad, I’m sorry to say that, but I’ll have to retire the market at least until some reliable market come along so we can cloak each other. But I don’t see who can that be, the best quality to seek in a market admin is the rare ability to control greed, and that’s not easy at all, but who knows.



Creating a long discussion. Only to announce later about the upcoming Full Shutdown of the site that will occur in a few stages (original post: http://fec33nz6mhzd54zj.onion/viewtopic.php?id=15337):


That’s it, Sheep went down and BMR can’t stand, so I’ll describe here the procedure that will follow.

The shutdown procedure for BMR:

  1. Registrations will be closed (done at 2013-12-01 02:00 UTC)
  2. Deposit addresses will disappear (done at 2013-12-01 13:15 UTC)
  3. One day after 2. people with zero balance or no movements will no longer be able to login. Deposit processor gets shutdown.
  4. One day after 3. people will be unable to further buy
  5. The market will remain for a while until the deals and escrow complete, at least most of them.
  6. Shortly after 5. the system will go to a complete shutdown.


  • Remaining infrastructure, including this forum, will continue to operate.
  • Withdraws may at some point delay a while, this is natural as I’ve to put back coins from the offline vaults back to the market (yes, steal 5 million out of BMR would be totally impossible), and the system requires 6 validations for vault money to become available. Be patient, the coins will not disappear, just take a while.


–  As this is the oldest and the most trusted Black Market – who have been proven to be Reliable during some hard time and did not scam anyone, this comes as a complete shock to everyone and as of now being the strongest indication of the fear and distrust black markets on the darket are experiencing at this time.

We will keep updating this as we will have more information.  We cant wonder how this related to the sheep marketplace going rogue and the public Doxxing of the owner who must scared the shit out of black market owners around the darknet.

1. Did he lost the sense of security in the TOR network?

2. Is this shutdown related to Sheep?

3. Trouble with the Law?

4. Did Backopy just earned what he needed and decided to retire?

5. Will BMR be back under a new market and identity?

6. Will this be the fall the TOR marketplaces will become the rise the I2P marketplaces?

We hope that these questions will be answered and that everyone will stay safe until than. And above all,  we will love to know that BMR was closed in a respected manner without scamming or getting busted.



  1. I think you need to check out what ‘The Doctor’ has been saying at Galaxy. He’s some form of specialist in big data analytics, like an intelligence agent. The security on these sites has been compromised due to analyzing the financial flows in Bitcoin. The BlackBox Market was designed to evade these systems.

    Here is a link to the articles. I just grabbed this from Reddit:

    TOR: Online Purchases And Big Data Analytics: Part 1: Anything You Say Will Be Used Against You… hbjw7wjeoltskhol.onion/blog/view/6171/tor-online-purchases-and-big-data-analytics-part-1-anything-you-say-will-be-used-against-you

    The second blog discusses the use of similar techniques to analyze Bitcoin to follow funds and expose groups.

    TOR: Online Purchases And Big Data Analytics: Part 2: Anonymous Payment Systems hbjw7wjeoltskhol.onion/blog/view/6769/tor-online-purchases-and-big-data-analytics-part-2-anonymous-payment-systems

    The Doctor can be found on Galaxy social network where a group exists for The BlackBox Market. He’s the guy to talk to if anyone needs further help.

    Link to Galaxy group: hbjw7wjeoltskhol.onion/groups/profile/5291/the-blackbox-market

    The BlackBox Market 77yqlxe7pnxhnxvi.onion/

  2. is it back on line?

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