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Black Market Reloaded Hacked – Around $200,000 Stolen

Like we didnt had enough with all the recent Sheep Scam Mess & the upcoming Black Market Reloaded Shutdown, Now it appears that just before the shutdown – BMR was hacked by a user called “EinTopfVollGold” and and unknown amount of Bitcoins were stolen from the site (Estimated around 200 Bitcoins),  The hack was reported on the BMR forums by Backopy the Admin:


Holy shit! Somehow an user managed to hack on the market. He was withdrawing flat and funding his account out of thin air.
Luckily, and because no big amount of bitcoins is ever held at the server, I was able to stop the loss behind a critical point.

2013-12-06 00:33 UTC     Withdraw to 19MoryfTK9wAhBUjweTETBs6iGfnbznL2h (With fees: 25.61067 BTC)     26.13384 BTC           No
2013-12-06 00:32 UTC     Withdraw to 1LZdQKzAcjF17nLAAojSBXzzmQnLSiRtUH (With fees: 32.91602 BTC)     33.58828 BTC           No
2013-12-06 00:31 UTC     Withdraw to 14be1UKXTq7TVeKgtHPAjvVHdqiphyejoq (With fees: 25.15495 BTC)     25.66882 BTC           No
2013-12-06 00:05 UTC     Withdraw to 1KsqyKAS4QjsEeDKEyzFrS9HHZ7pwY6Zss (With fees: 16.26636 BTC)     16.59883 BTC           No

This user had absolutely no deposits, no sales, no transfers, no nothing. I’m yet to understand how he managed to do this.

I believe this is it, the market has an exploitable hole somewhere. sad

I’ll continue with the full shutdown, the market can’t keep open under this circumstances


Unlike the Scammers from sheep Marketplace,  Backopy, once again demonstrated responsibility and promised to cover the lost funds for anyone who may lost some because of the hack:

coverThis type of competence is a rare ingredient among the markets since the demise of the old Silk Road. And there is no doubt that we should take our hat off for Backopy’s integrity.

It seems that this hack is now under control and that Although Backopy is a bit shocked due to the weird hack that allowed the hack to “fund his account without depositing anything, then was withdrawing it. No record is found on he did it.”

This last chain of events in the Darknet markets are not doing any good to the trust people are having in the current form of the TOR based black markets.

You can keep yourself informed at the official thread on black market reloaded forums: https://fec33nz6mhzd54zj.onion/viewtopic.php?id=16231

You can find in the thread Some interesting information there regarding the bitcoins wallet of the hacker  – seems that he have large sum of bitcoins, probably from other hacks, also theres been some theory that all the recent Darknet troubles is related to the FBI’s effort to put an end to the marketplaces that keep popping around (we can hardly keep up).  also, we cant help wondering if its related by any chance to the sheep scammers & stolen accounts originated from the sheep marketplace.

As always, many question and only a few answers, We will keep following to if there any developments, hopefully we will have just a quiet couple of days.

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