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Reports: Tormarket Scam In Progress?

As if the the Silk Road Drama wasn’t enough for today,  we can confirm that from about 8 hours ago Tormarket forum and the Tormarket site went down,

We really wanted to report something about this case - but this is the only info

We really wanted to report something about this case – but this is the only info

Hours later we have started getting reports by mail and from reddit telling us that people checking their wallets / escrow addresses of tormarket are finding out that their money was emptied out of the account, at least in the tormarket case, unlike with ths sheep case, the owner did not prolong the suffering too much, but just ran away and tool down everything at the same time,  we cant help from wondering if it was planned all along or they just got scared from all these recent SR events. either  way,  we will keep following and reporting once we have some more confirmed information.

These are some of the mails we have received (personal details removed):

From: Nathan <nathan——@gmail.com

Subject: Tor Market ScamMessage Body:
Not sure if you’ve heard. But tor market accounts are being emptied while the site is down, there is talk throughout the internet. Just making sure you know this.
From: james——@gmail.com <james—–@gmail.com>
Subject: james—–@gmail.comMessage Body:
Jjust letting you guys know there are reports that tomarket has run off with members coins

Some of the reports on reddit:

Money Gone From the escrow

Money Gone From the escrow

This sure starting to look like sheep all over again

This sure starting to look like sheep all over again


Since the Tormarket Forum itself went down, the discussion continued on a Silk Road 2.0 Forum Thread:

This sure doesn’t look very encouraging for the Tormarket Situation,  as usual,  we will try to follow this as well and report once (anf if) we will have any solid information, so far it looks like the Sheep Sequel.


  1. As we’ve seen, a tumbling service works less the larger the amount put through it.

    Nobody except the owner of tormarket can withdraw bitcoin right now. If you have a deposit address on the site, send 0.000666 btc to it,and see where it goes to on blockchain.info.

  2. Anyone know whether this can also be a hack or a DDoS? Is it too early to start hitting the panic buttons?

  3. I dont get it why people even use tormarket.. Sheep scammed everyone and link to tormarket? Ofc there must be something wrong.
    Everyone already know that sheep and tor is the same.. Run and then scam and run.
    Everyone who use tormarket really deserved to get scammed because he must be stupid..
    If you are really looking for a marketplace u can trust then roadsilk is the right for you.
    Im so happy that ive decided to go to roadsilk and not tormarket.
    Hope ull get your bitcoins back


  4. The user (ebook101) that hacked Sheep email was [email protected]. There was a user in TM named profesorhouse. Do you think it’s a coincidence? I don’t. Read more about it at: https://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=11480.0

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