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BlueSky Marketplace Scam Attempt Warning

UpdateApparently the blue sky marketplace admins suggested it was a misunderstanding. and OP was updated so the issue was solved. Reddit post of the admins:


Op confirming the mistake:



The story was – NOTE that this is confirmed as misunderstanding:

A Vendor just posted today a detailed report, explaining how to blue sky marketplace owners tried running imposter accounts of known vendors in order to scam buyers into trusting their old vendors, the owners even had the nerve to post the PGP signed message that the vendor sent support – right on the vendor profile page, that was also copied from SR1 (original thread here: http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=12591.0;topicseen) :

bluesky scam

===End Quote===

The message:

Ok every one,

I will give the entire run down detail for detail…

We got a message from a buyer here on the forums, asking us whether or not we are set up on this new BS place blueskymarket. We where given a link to this imposter profile.  We did not have an account there, so we made one so we can see what this scammer is trying to pull.

We made our account (seller account) name TheRealOG_. We see this imposter profile (that was copied and pasted from our SR profile, word for word) with the user name “ogs”. Clearly this was not us, so we open a support ticket with ‘support’ (LOL) stating the situation, and providing our signed message we explained that this ‘ogs’ is an imposter and to ban the account. At least one buyer of ours did the same, and i assume they got the same treatment we did. I come back now a short time later to see if ‘support’ had responded. Essentially what they did was close the support ticket. Then change the imposter account handle from ‘ogs’ to our ‘TheRealOG_’. Then they pasted our pgp signed message into the profile of the imposter account.

They are attempting to make our account there look like the imposter account. Now given the way this is going down, when i say they, it is apparent that ‘they’ are one in the same or on the same team at the very least (support/admins/mods/market owner/operator/OG_ impersonator).

It is now 100% obvious that it is the market owners/operators that are the ones attempting to impersonate us here at OG_ , and pull a massive scam using our hard earned reputation.

We are in a small way quite flattered that we have gained such clout as a vendor in such a short time that we have been targeted by these pathetic little people. Never the less, we will not just sit back and let them go on to try and tarnish our good name.

Now that we have explained what these idiots are attempting to do, we urge every one who reads this to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT MARKET.

Please every one, stay as far from blue sky market as you possibly can. Tell every one that you know and care about to do the same.

What message does it send that the owner/operator of the site is not only a scamming cunt rag, but they are stooping so low as to single out and impersonate an individual vendor as the cherry atop the scam-sundae.

If any one has any questions or inquiries of any sort, please do not hesitate to message us.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the REAL OG_ ( we never in a million years would have thought we would be having to defend our reputation against such fuckery, heh).

Stay safe people, stay diligent

===End Quote===

The vendor also posted the support ticket that was closed by the admins:


This warning adds up to previous warnings about Blue Sky Marketplace spamming forums – and some other account issues – the marketplace does not have a forum so we could not get any more responses about this matter. Read this information and decide for yourself if you should trust such marketplace with your funds.


  1. I don’t think the site itself is fucked. I think there are just a few shitheel vendors fucking people over. Norcal Connection was a selective scammer. But on the other side of the coin, yagami is reportedly a damn fine acid vendor.

  2. Don’t Deposit Coins in BlueSky Marketplace unless u are ready to spend them because withdraws are not being processed it seems……If anyone has any other info about this please share

  3. Really Don’t Put Ur Coins In Blue Sky they are not releasing deposits it seems ……. up to 12 hours my ass

  4. hey there guys, I am wondering, whats going on with blue sky? less than 14 hours ago I had tried to make three small deposits like .005 was first. received .0000. tried again with .01. also .0000. and I do those crappy free ubtc surveys that paid in the same time frame and that should of been .000100btc. as well .00000. I reported this to the admins. last night. now the site seems either to be undergoing either service repairs. or its become another SHEEP….. god I hope its not going to be like sheep. I’ve had nothing but great vendors there. I dont want it to grow much more because I believe in it.

    sr & sr2 is too famous to not get attacked everyday. by regular people who are thieves AND by the law enforcement. what I want is a small community of honest vendors and honest buyers. I for one have no problem giving my coins to the vendor before I get my package. as long as that vendor is willing to COMMUNICATE with me throughout the entire process. if three days go by and I’ve sent 4 PM’s, we’ve got a problem.

    another thing I saw on here. some vendor from either sr2 or bsm (unsure) is attempting to blackmail bsm for 5btc, because he has like 15 costumers private information from shipping and is going to decrypt it and publish it if his demands are not met. if you guys can find him and take him down lol that’d be awesome. we dont need vendors taking sides with the police.

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