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Infographics: You Have The Right To Stay Out Of Prison!

I saw this today on SR2 Forum posted by someone, the stuff about this inforgraphics should be known to everyone, but its good information anyway so we decided to re post it, link to the original creator at the bottom:

Source: Online-Paralegal-Programs.com


  1. Excellent, everyone should have this.
    People too often are intimidated by police and forget these basic rights in the heat of the moment.

    great post.

  2. Awesome post i sent it out to all my friends

  3. Chrisanthi Likousi

    Very useful article, I’ve been approached by police many times because I’m a street photographer and random people report me for taking photos of them in public, which is legal but the police responds to such reports nevertheless, and I’ve been asked thrice by police to stop taking pictures in “their” neighbourhood, even though I told them my fine art gallery event was specifically about the daily street life of people living in “their” neighbourhood”.

  4. All you need to do is watch an episode of Cops and see how many people consent to a vehicle and / or body search when they have something illegal. People don’t think straight when they are scared and the fight or flight response has kicked in.

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