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Sheep Marketplace, Is that you Again?! – Cantina Marketplace

Update 2: The market is not Sheep! Read this: Cantina Marketplace PWND: Admin Password was: “Password1″ ?!

Update: We have reached out to the admins to get their comment on this matter. This is their reply, Does it make you feel safer now? (they also replied in the comments):


The main story:

Ok Ok, I dont know if its a a joke or for real, but i just came across this new marketplace that looks EXACTLY like sheep marketplace, its called Cantina Marketplace:


Cantina Marketplace

This is how Sheep Marketplace looked like just before it was taken down by its scammer owners:


Sheep marketplace – just before it went down

The new market even made a cool new video advertisement on YouTube like the  Atlantis market (another market who went down with many of the users BTC) had before they went down:

Several claims were published on the forums that the guys from the new market Apparently are offering ‘select’ vendors free vendor accounts, which are normally $500 according to the PM they are sending the vendors:

I am contacting you on behalf of the Cantina Marketplace.
Your great reputation has caught my eye and we would be very pleased if you joined us. Therefore I welcome you with a vendor account, going for 500$, free of charge.

Being one of only a few merchants we are offering this to gives you a great opportunity to become a top rated vendor early on and before anyone else.

If you are interested please make sure to check in regularly in the next few weeks as we are launching an extensive advertising campaign aimed at bringing many buyers into the marketplace.

For information on some of the improvements we offer you can watch the video at (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2srkfXtNSQ&feature=youtu.be)

Assuming that you would like to join us please register a vendor account with the name you are using here, send a message to “Admin” and I will fund your account the amount needed to become a vendor.

We will not publicize the marketplace to the public for the next 48 hours, please check in for sales after that time.
URL: http://vsudl2g3em6qhcw4.onion

Best regards,

Cantina Marketplace

For those of you who needs a reminder – Sheep marketplace was the biggest darknet scam ever, stealing over $40M in bitcoins from its users. we wont jump into conclusion about this new one, but who would design a site that looks EXACTLY like the biggest scam site that ever was? i just can decide if we should add this market to our list at this point….

Use at your own risk – Cantina marketplace url: http://vsudl2g3em6qhcw4.onion


  1. Atlantis was not a scam. They let people retrieve their bitcoins. I got all my 10.56 BTC back.

    • You got it maybe, many other didn’t, shall we call it, selective scam?

      Please don’t post under names of Admins / Mods unless you are going to sign your post with PGP.

  2. Suspicious indeed. The writing is bad, like Sheep. And if you check the HTML source, they clearly are using Nette (look at the ids), and a check of headers shows they’re leaking OS information:

    $ torify curl -I http://vsudl2g3em6qhcw4.onion/login.php
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Server: nginx/1.2.1
    Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 16:41:31 GMT
    Content-Type: text/html
    Connection: keep-alive
    X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.4-14+deb7u7

    ‘5.4.4-14+deb7u7’ is the version supplied in Debian Wheezy: http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/amd64/php5-dbg Ubuntu & Debian are two peas in a pod as far as running a server goes.

    I don’t see any comments in the HTML source, but those were deleted from Sheep after the Czech was pointed out, so that’s no surprise if they are reusing the Sheep codebase.

    What is a bit surprising is that all the URLs are structured differently. On Cantina, they look like ‘php?id=junk’ while on Sheep it was more like ‘items/name’. And on Sheep, all the user-related actions like looking at your balance or shopping cart were hidden under /manage/, but on Cantina, they’re top-level and separate.

    • admin

      Hmmm, Thanks for the info Gwern,

      Ok, Code comments and Urls structures are very minor changes, i would expect that.

      Did you have the OS information of sheep?

      Its so suspicious and yet at the same time its so brazen to use the same design that its hard to believe :)

      • admin

        Also see this:


        (just different rewrite rules of urls – but same structure)


        Look at the options at the account page, 100% same:

        Account information
        My Sales
        My Withdraws
        My Deposits
        My BTC Addresses
        Settings and other
        Add item

        Your Sales
        Account history
        Settings and other
        Account information
        Emergency BTC address
        Reset pin
        Listed items
        Add item
        Add digital item

        I mean . WOW.

      • Sheep was running Ubuntu (a Debian derivative).

    • > On Cantina, they look like ‘php?id=junk’ while on Sheep it was more like ‘items/name’.

      items/name is just the mod_rewrite and URL clean version of php?id=junk – it might look like a big difference but the only change is that the php?id=junk version isn’t using the clean url rewrite feature. Under the hood the sheep marketplace URLs would have been similar


      this sheep looK alike STAY AWAY there wanting you to put in your user name its to make tham look a bit better and they can come in as anybody that on this site am a new be my heads is so messed up i have been trying to go getting on silk rd 2 with the URL link pt for vs any help would would be great or is back 2 the street thanks gibstar

  3. Hello!

    Im part of the Cantina Marketplace staff.

    We made our website to accomodate those used to the sheep interface.

    No we are not a scam.

    Our marketplace is experiencing some bugs, and will not be released to public for another few days. Stay tuned!

  4. Go away sheep, we are tired of your bull $hit. We have moved on now leave us. We won’t forget your lies so we suggest you dissapear.

  5. I just registered as a vendor. My account balance is -0.5 btc.
    NEGATIVE balance Lool….. fuck you sheep idiot scammers.

  6. Also this Marketplace has been Determined to be a Scam, check the comments
    on the DNM subreddit:


    The owner of Cantina planned to create another sheep scam. Too bad we’re not all retarded.

  7. They deleted all comments, disabled further comments, and faked a couple hundred likes on their YouTube ad.

    The market is a desert anyway. People are not falling for it.

    • And this is even before we mention the fact that they were hacked by at least 3 different people who dumped their entire DB. now working on a new post about that :)

  8. Maybe your right, maybe they are the same people.. Orr they are using the same open source Scrypt “Bitwasp” “http://bit-wasp.org/” (http://test.bit-wasp.org/index.php/login Login to test it out, these are the usernames and passwords for each account type: admin/admin, buyer/buyer, vendor/vendor).. lol

  9. The clue was in the name “Sheep Marketplace”

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