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Infographic – A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Drugs Using Silk Road 2.0

Found this nice infographics posted by the user thirtysix36 on the Silk Road sub Reddit – here,  As he said:

Hey all. First time visitor. A couple of friends were asking about how to use Silk Road, and of course they had two million questions because it can be a pretty in-depth process. Maybe you are in the same situation.

So, I decided to make an infographic. It covers the entire process step-by-step, its easy to understand, and it is pretty much everything I have learned in the last year from about 50 transactions on SR1.0, 2.0 and Sheep. There’s a lot of good nuggets of information here that can really only be learned from experience.


Spread it around. Hope it helps you and your friends. :)

I saw another dude post his online guide recently. Spread his shit around too! The more information the better!

Well, Its our pleasure to spread this around a bit more as we also believe that the more information available, the better!

Buying Drugs on Silk Road 2.0


  1. I heard that Defcon is refunding all of the stolen bitcoins from Feb 2014. What do you think? Still think it was a scam?

  2. This post is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for, steps 9 & 10 have been near impossible to find. Thanks!

  3. Do you need a pgp key yourself? Or is it ok if you don’t have one?

  4. You said to never sign for a package multiple times but in the beginning you said that getting a box at the ups store works too however I always have to sign for stuff when I go there. Is that an exception or no?

  5. Headless Horseman

    While the OP obviously had good intention in creating this Guide, there is some bad advice in it which could jeapordize one’s anonymity such as buying Bitcoins using Paypal, not tumbling any bought coins through an onion mixing service like Bitcoinfog and stupidly using iGolder to PGP encrypt your personal info considering it creates keys with a version string of : BCPG C# v1.6.1.0.
    This version of PGP generates by default a PGP key pair of 1024-bits, with NO encryption sub-key. These keys are unsafe and obsolete by todays standards and have been for years. That’s not to mention the user is relying on a 3rd party to encrypt their information for them, a job a user should only trust themselves to do. Using iGolder requires the user to enter their information in plain text on a 3rd party server before it’s encrypted, another thing users should never be encouraged to do.
    I’m sorry, but while it may seem like a good starting point for some, it unfortunately contains some bad advice which could one day come back to haunt the user. You can never be too careful in my book!

  6. Awsome write up and great advise.

    Well done chap!

  7. Wtf is the “clipboard” on step 10.1? Can someone give me a hint cuz i’m confused. Lol

  8. Is there any alternative for the private mailbox? Like having your name written on the package so that other people in the house wont open it. Would it work?

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