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Pandora Market BTC Prices Hacked or Broken

Update: Problem Is fixed now, Btc value is back to normal!

Well, here’s to our weekly pandora glitch post,  just a heads up for anyone who places an order before you lose all your BTC value, it has brought to our attention (trough some mail) that the btc calculation on the market is broken and its now being presented at 85$ per 1BTC when the real value is around the 700$ per 1BTC, this problem seems to be affecting only the USD value of BTC while the EUR / GBP value is correct:


Later we found this post on reddit:

“BTC RATES CURRENTLY DISPLAYED AT $85 USD for me I always new the BTC price on Pandora was scary low and i had a personal thought that if you owned a marketplace and you adjusted the btc rate by just a few dollars then you could theoretically siphon money out of every transaction at will sort of how Barclays bankers were adjusting the value of their stock prices at will. high lvl shit. Now it seems this has been taken to the extreme. My 16$ went to 2$. Im glad i didnt put this 2 stacks on here”

We obviously have no idea if that’s some hack, glitch or just something was broken / not updated on time, but we thought you should know about that.

Here are some more examples for this problem:

btc3 btc4

Just thought you should know – so make sure its fixed before you lose any money over there, we believe that the admins will fix that soon enough.


  1. Just to let you know, Alice the admin made a post on the forums stating that it was due to a 3rd party site.

    I’ve made a screenshot of the forum post and uploaded it here :


    Whilst it has been fixed, Alice is already onto coding new features to prevent this from happening in the future.

  2. Shit I paid for something hours after Alice finally fixed it, it was no big lost though, it was when Alice had the bitcoin rate one hundred dollars under the average price, even when compared to Agora.

  3. Lost over 1btc . uploaded, next day it was gone. when are you going to inform people its a big con?


    scammed and pissed off

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