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Black market Reloaded Forum Seized In Iran

Put the Silk Road Drama Aside For a minute, it seems that the Black market reloaded forums – the only remains from Black market reloaded the marketplace who was shut down near the end of 2013, was seized by the Iranian police (i had no idea you can host a website in Iran):


bmrseizedIts pretty easy to assume its a fallout related to the arrest that occurred on Tuesday regarding utopia marketplace  As it was already stated that the same admins were running BMR and Utopia. The forum was the thing that was still active since BMR was shut down by the admin backopy 2 months ago. As far as we know, the admin of black market reloaded Backopy was NOT arrested so far – as he was still active on the forum after the Utopia arrests even earlier today and had posted a topic about the SR2.0 closure.


  1. Holy fuck I’m totally freaking…. Any of my BMR friends and utopia friends wanna et me know wtf is going on :(

  2. Thank you!!! I tried there I have no tor access till tommorrow, that’s why I’m here .com. Your site is amazing BTW.

  3. Iran.

  4. I PRAY backopy is ok! He is my fuckiing hero!

  5. Iran kiss in ass West Europe which want to bombard them and steal their oil resources, Iran should send more and more heroin to the west. Nobody sold any drugs to Iranians, BMR operated mostly in western world. and this was even just forum, not market. comic and tragic behavior of Iran.

  6. Let us in peace!

  7. Will it be possible to get the link to the hub forums, i am trying to get in touch with my Bmr friends as well.

  8. Magy under the list of updated marketplaces on the right side…..

    MUST READ. There is a sub forum link under each market you will see just choose one of the markets hub forum link and go there ;)

  9. so i dont get it BMR forum working or no ? link please

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