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How Much Did A Scammer Steal From SR2 Members?

Someone mailed us today a great infographics (sort of) showing a calculation of how much was stolen from silk road 2 members by a scam vendor – the calculation was done by adding up all the bad feedback from silk road and posting some proofs using forum posts made by this vendor and all adds up to around  $20,000

Later we saw that this was posted on reddit as well on this thread so you can join the discussion here:


We have no idea about the full story behind this vendor and the scam he was running but this looks like a great piece of evidence about how much and how easy it is for scammers to flourish without being banned on some markets, and we hate this, so posting this is our humble contribution. (click on image to enlarge in a new window)


One comment


    SILK ROAD is being run by a bunch of scammers. DEFCON and crew are rip off artists. Herby the weed vendor is probably part of their scam team.
    Why anyone would still use that market is beyond me.
    And if you think DEfcon is going to pay back the “stolen” funds..your even dumber than you look.
    AVOID SILK ROAD unless you like getting scammed.
    Hopefully this market dies soon, and its admins found with bullet holes in their thieving heads.

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