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New Multisig Marketplace: Hydra market

>> HYDRA Market Was Seized During Operation Onymous – Learn More about Operation Onymous Here <<

As part of our efforts to support marketplaces that are offering multisig transactions, like we did before with TMP, Blackbank market & Drugslist (before the other issues) we are happy to post about this new market offering multisig transactions, and by this lowering the risk for both users and vendors, this is the instructions for using their multisig transaction system as it appears on their site, with the images included.

This is the hydra marketplace url: http://hydrampvvnunildl.onion/register/ktgvv60br5et
(this is a referral only market – the link above includes a ref link)


Bitcoin/Litecoin multisig transactions on HYDRA
  • Customer deposits coins into HYDRA account, if vendor also set up their pubkey and address, customer can make purchase with multisig escrow.
  • Don’t need to enter your pubkey/address on every purchase (You can use it like PGP).
  • Hydra automatically will generate our own public key, charge fee, create a multisig address and send fund to this address
  • You can track multisig transactions on btclook.com
  • 2 of 3 Private keys required to access the funds (e.g. Customer + Hydra -> refund, Vendor + Hydra -> finalize, Vendor + Customer -> finalize/refund/etc).
  • When customer will have finalize multisig order, we sign it with our key and send message to vendor with transaction details.
  • Nobody will be able to steal your money ever.
Create your Public and Private Key with your bitcoin/litecoin client
Open your bitcoin/litecoin clients debug console and type the following commands:getaccountaddress HYDRA_KEYCopy the address from output and add to next command.validateaddress [PASTE_THE_PREVIOUSLY_GENERATED_ADDRESS]It will return with address details. You’ll find your public under “pubkey” section.Get your private key.dumpprivkey [PASTE_THE_PREVIOUSLY_GENERATED_ADDRESS]
Create your Public and Private Key online
You will need to use Javascript, clearnet site.brainwallet.orgSave your newly generated Private and Public key.
Set up your HYDRA account to use multisig
Bitcoin address: Bitcoin refund address if you’re customer and payment address if you’re vendorBitcoin pubkey: We’ll use this key to lock the fundsLitecoin address: Litecoin refund address if you’re customer and payment address if you’re vendorLitcoin pubkey: We’ll use this key to lock the funds

Guide in screenshots:

msguide_page_001 msguide_page_002 msguide_page_003 msguide_page_004 msguide_page_005


  1. This market won’t last. The admins seem like they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

  2. Dont need to use desktop client, you can generate keys & sign your multisig transactions on coinb.in/multisig

    • Milkatron

      Chrome throws up the following when clicking your link:

      “Your connection is not private

      Attackers might be trying to steal your information from coinb.in (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards).

  3. Power in Numbers

    There’s power in numbers, and in advancing technology (even if they had misspelled “synthetics” under cannabis earlier, what – with the current melee state of these sites – would be more disturbing than there *not* being sites popping up like mutant whack-a-moles?

    Seems technically pretty good. The initially auto-generated PINs are rather odd.

  4. Apparently this is the way towards this place. Like all seeds things take time to grow.

  5. Multisig does not prevent scam, and is it too complicated. A waste of time.

  6. Hydra is one more market using open source not ready for production software. The risks are high. It seems the only new market with its own system and production ready is the Pigeon. It seems the market was released these days. pigeonkcmw5h44lq.onion

  7. Hey Deep Dot Web! My bitcoin-native escrow site is up!

    It is based on the Silk Road site in terms of the interface. It is extremely easy to use the escrow, and the customers do not need to understand it.

    Vendors: anyone who can show me they are an established vendor on an existing site I will activate for free for the next week or two. Click the Support button on the Messages page with any questions as to how to use the site. You’ll love it.

  8. I used it for 3 orders so far 1 each from 3 different countries. Was fast and easy !!!! the questions I asked the admin was answered fully in 2 days…… I would consider that at least check it out. Everyone is so on edge with all the stealing going on.

  9. >Hydra automatically will generate our own public key, charge fee, create a multisig address and send fund to this address

    So hydra charges it’s fee beforehand? They get paid before the vendor does?

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