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Market Is Currently Up Or Down? Check Our Sidebar!

Remember the service we have reported about last week? Dnstats – DarkNetMarkets Uptime Monitor a service providing an overview of the marketplaces uptime status, so you can know at anytime if:

1.Market “x” down now?

2. Market “x” back up yet?

3. Is it down for everyone or just me?

4. Which marketplaces tend to be down more than others?  (being attacked? busy?)

5. For us – its a n easy way to check and clean dead markets from our marketplace list.

Wellת now there is no need to look any further. thanks to the Dnstat creator, we have implemented a widget on the sidebar – showing at any given time the markets Uptime status and updating every 15 minutes. so no need to refresh the market every 2 minutes to know if its back, here it is:

uptimeHopefully it will be implemented soon into the marketplce list so it will be clear at any given time which market is up and which is down. we will be adding / removing markets from this list as they will be added / removed from Dnstat.

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