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Interview With a (Mostly?) Legal DarkNet Vendor

As the end of our “interviews season” is approaching – meaning, i am going to stop doing them soon, its too much time consuming and i think we have heard almost everything by now, We can sum up that So far we had the chance to talk with the illegal side of the DNM scene –  Vendors, Market admins, Money launderers and others… But there is also Other type of vendors that is selling normal and mostly (yes, except the carding part…) legal stuff on the deep web and i was always wondering why they would do that and no go and sell those items on the clearnet where there is much more traffic? So we had a chat with one of the top “digital products” sellers on Agora – a vendor named “Fake” a former top seller on BMR with a history on Agora of 300~500 sales and feedback score of  4.75/5



Proof Of id

We wanted to see what she has to say:

Who are you and what do you do? (as in DNM’s)
Hi, i am the top seller “fake” (yes this is my ID:) , i was the largest seller on BMR, and i am the largest on Evo , i am on Agora too. I have a very large number of listings, many are carding and hacking tutorials, but i also deal anonymous visas, fresh verified paypal accounts, electronics, and much more. I am one of the rare women selling on deep web (I think).

Can you tell me a bit about yourself as a vendor? I just saw you are selling mostly electronic products on Agora And have some good ratings
I am a top seller, i like to have 100% satisfied customers, and i offer full refund if they are not , i like to find solutions with them, and i am very reasonable and calm, this is the reason of my success. Many customers are recurring buyers, many follow me since BMR (Black Market Reloaded). I like to find objects or ebooks that could be interesting for the deep web users.

Since most of your products are legal anyway – Why not selling those items on Clearnet?
Deep web take a lot of my time, and i do not need to deal on clearnet , but now im going to open a personal shop on deep web, so if markets goes down , buyers can continue to buy from my on my site. Also, i never said that ALL my products are legal, in some country they can’t be legal. I like deep web because i like bitcoin and privacy, it is an emerging market, and i am ready to ride it.

When Did you star selling?
I started selling when BMR started, i was one of the first seller there, before i was a seller on ebay since 1998 , but now i am only on deep web because paypal banned me .

On which markets people can find you?
Agora and Evolution

Which markets did you vend on in the past?
BMR, SR , Tormarket , Utopia

Did you lose money one Tormarket / Utopia – if so, how much?
I lost around 2k usd on SR , and some little amount on other markets.

What made you want to do an interview, publicity?
Not exactly, but if this happen, why not? I think it will raise my popularity on deep web.

And you say – “Not exactly”  so what do you mean by increasing your popularity?
I am a little egocentric and i like when other people send me a PM telling me that i am great, i am the best and so on, and i like that everyone on the deepweb know my id.

Can you estimate how much do you make vending and which market is the best seller?
When i was on BMR i was always in the top page because i was the big seller, this gave me a lot of visibility and i was doing around 400 usd a day. Now i gain around 200 usd daily from Agora and Evolution Both are good markets for me, probably i deal a little much on Agora , but i prefer Evolution, because it is really a fast and easy to use market, with great support, probably the best ever seen.

Whats your best tip to avoid scamming buyers & Your best tip for buyers to avoid scamming vendors?
I offer full refund if buyer are not satisfied and provide me a reasonable claim. It is hard for a buyer to scam a trusted vendor like me, admins are not stupid.

Did you have any experiences with LE or suspected LE while vending on the markets?
Absolutely not, my deals are barely legal, i do not deal drugs , firearms or other heavy illegal things, anyway, many times i get questions from buyer trying to involve me in heavy illegal activity, i always reject these proposals, and sometimes i doubt they are LE, but i can’t know.

You think that because you sell electronic products you get less attention from LE or maybe more attention since some are carding products?
My electronics are all legal.

What are your top selling products?
My best sellers are verified paypal accounts and carding tutorials

Can you share some interesting experiences you have encountered while vending? (with buyers, market admins, other vendors etc
One buyer was asking me help to cashout his personal offshore bank account with 5m usd. One paranoid buyers ask me for an helmet to prevent LE to spy his thinking.

Anything else you would like to add?
I will say that i am a gentle lady with 2 children’s  to grow alone, i work hard every day , but my wage isn’t much, and i this is the first reason why i entered the deep web businness. Some buyer think that because we are on the deep he can write without respect, i disagree.

There were some more question i wanted to ask Fake, but since it was trough the mail and not IM, and both of us are not native English speakers & it seemed that the time differences between us were quite big, it was too exhausting – so i decided to keep it short this time. I would like to thank Fake for taking the time and answering those questions, if you need more info you can always find him on Agora and Evo under the name “Fake”.


  1. Dont trust this noob, who are old in DMs knows he ever padded his feedback and sell a lot of ebooks, softwares, tutorials, and a lot of shit that you can simply google it and download for free. So, who buy these ebooks and tutorials? Yes, himself. He is a fake and a loser, tons of false feedback more than 80% is false. Top seller, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bullshit kid.

  2. i got some deals with fake, she is a good seller, smoot transaction, good support.
    thx fake!

    DDW: Warning – Shill Comment

  3. is this fake shop? k5zq47j6wd3wdvjq.onion/store/363

    DDW: Warning – Shill Comment

  4. Above are 2 false comments are the proof that fake’s false buyers are himself. Reading this interview you will know easy a kid autopromoting their shit and tons of false feedback and false reviews made by himself. A good tip: keep out of dumbass padding feedback and spamming dark markets with tons of shit.

  5. i know fake from BMR
    she is trusted, feedbaks are real , check it yourself.

  6. k5zq47j6wd3wdvjq.onion/user/listings/425 LOL

    so fake like big bamboo yah?

  7. Fake is just a fucking copy-paster from sites like leak.sx or such. He made good money selling free ebooks to the stupid fucks that eat his shit. He/she is a noob, fucking copy-pasting even guides that are sold on the same site, with the same title, description and price. Don’t trust his “fake” ass, he has 444 ebook listings!!!!! How fucking legit does that sound? He even sells a guide on running Android on PC for 10 DOLLARS!!!


    This is a (mostly) noob-liar vendor.

  8. He is a crazy terun!

  9. He scam me, I ordered counterfeit money,
    they send me a manual, how to fake money =(

  10. never trust this guy, fuck chinese, fuck free copy he will sell for $15 or even $20 , fuck scammer, most of feedback did by himself . fuck fake.

  11. So is selling ebooks legal? I mean the kind of ebooks that tell people how to card and such. I always thought LE would come down very hard on people selling that sort of stuff

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