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Pymultisigtools v.02alpha – bip0032 Support & Windows Binary

Following the previous release by owockEznan one of the talented developers that made the TMP plugin:

Now there is a new version:

I have released a new version of my p2sh transaction signing utility. Now you can generate keys based on a bip0032 wallet structure, it will save your settings automatically sign any transaction that has one of those keys in it.

Your keys and settings are protected with nacl and your password, which uses a 64 bit salt along with pbkdf2 to derive your key.

I have also put in extra testing on the Windows binary installer. I have tested it against a fresh from the disc copy of Windows 7. It should install with no issues. Also I have included a compiled binary tarball for Tails. Just untar the it somewhere and run the pymultisigtool.py file.

Download the Windows binary or the Tails tarball at https://github.com/Zah6ooheew/pymultisigtools/releases/

You can also leave any issues you want on the issue tracker on github.

Reddit thread:  http://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/269vm2/pymultisigtools_v02alpha_bip0032_support_and/

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