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How The Silk Road Case Affects Us All

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“And for those who think sitting on the sidelines in Ulbricht is a popcorn opportunity, this is still the birth of the future of law as applied to our digital future. Watch it as a spectator at your peril.”



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  1. We all know the operation against sr2 was a snitch and conmen operation. No supercomputer and no NASA involved. And we all know that Evolution is closely cooperating with LE especially the German BKA, Verto is just a greedy carder conmen, that is all. And we know that Verto and his admis hated SR2 becasyue of that “hippieshit”, since they are just ruthless fraudsters. And we also know that mysteriously agora got the same problems sr2 had before the raid: deposit and withdrawel problems. And suddenly the same vendor group shows up in agora that mysteriously migrated from Evolution. I would ru from both honeypots as fast as I could.

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