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Helix Updates: Integrated Markets Can Now Helix Your BTC

Some more new and exciting features from the Creator of Grams search engine,  this is the announcement post as he sent us:

I would first like to thank Deepdot for letting me announce some of Grams’ newest Helix features on this awesome site.

I have been working hard to make Helix the best and easiest to use Bitcoin Cleaner for the dark markets. This meant giving the user lots of options to suite each individual user’s needs. Some the feature are notnew and have been running on Grams for a couple weeks. I never officially announced them though, until now.

Evolution Compatibility

A lot of bitcoin tumblers aren’t compatible with the Evolution marketplace since each transaction triggers a new load address. I added an option in helix to allow the user to have Helix only send one transaction. This will avoid coin loss when sending to Evolution and shared wallets. You still get the same clean coins. If you are sending to Evolution Make Sure to check the Evolution check box on the Helix withdrawal page.
Grams Helix Evo

Additionally you can use Helix Light which is also compatible with Evolution.

Helix Light

URL: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix/light
GramsFlow URL: https://gramsflow.com/helixlight

Helix Light is the simplest Helix. The defining feature is you don’t need a Grams’ account. Helix Light cuts out all the options and gets you clean coins fast and simple. It is as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Submit the Bitcoin address you would like the bitcoins sent to after they are
  2. You send one transaction to Helix Bitcoin address you are
  3. Helix Light will send one transaction back to your return address with your clean coins. It is evolution and shared wallet compatible and is the fastest way to Helix. Of course you will be given a status checker link to track the progress of your Helix the whole way. It usually takes about 10 minutes after your sent transaction is confirmed.

Helix Market

Helix Market integration is our newest Helix and the one I am most excited about. This method also does not require you to have a Grams’ account. It is integrated right in to your markets. When you go to withdraw your bitcoins from the market you just select Helix withdraw and then PGP encrypt your bitcoin address with he Helix PGP key on the page. The market will send the coins to Helix and then Helix sends the clean coins to your withdraw address (minus the 3% fee). You will be given a Status Checking link from the market to track the status of your Helix withdrawal on Grams.  This is the fastest and most private way to withdraw clean coins from a market.  Helix Market Integration is very private. Since Grams doesn’t know the user who withdrew the coins and the market doesn’t know the withdrawal address. This double blind system insures your privacy. Cloud 9 is the only market right now to offer this feature since they worked day and night this past week with me to perfect the system. The system we have set up makes it so easy and secure I am sure other markets will be adding it soon.

I know this is a lot of info and options we added so I have made chart and info page to help users figure out which option works best for them.

Helix market

I also made some changes to the inner working of helix. I raised the max amount per helix to 6 BTC and lowered the required confirmation needed to two. This will allow bigger Helixes faster.

I hope you all use Helix to its full potential and stay safe out there.



  1. Always thought the 3% was a little steep, but I have to admit it’s a bloody great service. Helix Light, no account, coins in, then straight out to Evo? Yeah, I’m in.

  2. All this sounds great but to me but before all of you go trusting the Helix, remember this is something Law Enforcement would cook up. It would enable them to track and trace all the incoming and outgoing helix transactions. Effectively unmasking all those pesky vendors. This may not be the case. But it just has a smell to it.. I could see LE hiring TheJester and a few others to do this.

  3. Hello I’m a scammer

  4. Sounds very suspicious and to good to be true. Where are all these new coins coming from that you have this much of a high supply? Why are you charging 0.01 BTC to prevent review fraud?

    BitFog is a scam site but I think Bit blender is still decent. This shit sounds just too good to be true. DO NOT LIKE that feel.

  5. I sent them 0.0366, got back 0.03573767, shows total received: 0.07233767, but wallet balance is 0.3573767. so what kind of investment when is minus?

  6. i have just sent some bitcoins to helix an it says waiting for two confirmations, how do i confirm?


    Did the exact same mistake as alexandrue15. Went to {phishing site} . Changed my mind from using Bitcoin fog to HElix, BAD MISTAKE!!!!

    The fake Helix Light link is: {i used phishing link}

    DONT USE HELIX!!!! ITS A FUCKING SCAM!!! And if there is a REAL Helix website. If its so easy to scam out, without any possibility to secure if its fake or not, equals DONT USE IT!!


    • I also was scammed I lost $1000. I went to the real helix website and spent five bucks still haven’t seen anything yet. Can anyone tell me an actual Tumblr that works? I know that there are a lot of scammers out there but there has to be some good people out there too. Please? or can someone walk me through how to tumble?

  8. Is this why the site hasn’t been loading for over a week now? I can’t get on the site at all…

  9. {scam site removed} is scam site! Cheated on me 0.4 btc
    I found true service url link on Reddit
    {phishing site removed}

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