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Cannbis Road Forums Seized

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No doubt that the 6th of November 2014 will be remembered as one the darkest days in the Dark Net Markets history (the irony)  This is the 4th Darknet site to be taken down today – along with Silk road 2 , Hydra Market, Cloud 9 Market, Cannabis road was a defunct market since it was hacked few months ago, but the forums remained active (at least the onion domain):


Its very hard to tell what is going on and how comes so many sites – that as far as we know, have no connection with each other are getting seized. We will keep following and updating as more info becomes available.

Keep checking the other posts in this chain of event at: Silk Road 2 Bust Tag

They are being updated constantly.


  1. Yes, I noticed that too. What’s weird is that Panacea seems to be fine, and CR3 itself is not up with a seizure notice. So why did they squat on this old forum?

    It’s a completely weird assortment of targets if they’ve found a weakness in Tor, but none of the markets had any real connection with each other that I knew of, so it shouldn’t be related to flipping staff. Could there have been multiple DNMs running on SR2’s foreign hosting company and the requests for imaging turned them *all* up?

    • DeepDotWeb

      My guess is that they were all using the same hosting company in Netherlands or something like that – which was a honeypot of some sort… something along these lines. This is beyond crazy.

      If they found some weakness they should start by taking down ALL the pedo sites.

  2. So does that mean all orders placed on or before 6th November will not be fulfilled? What happens now?

  3. I mean sites like Cloud 9. What happens with orders placed before today?

    • Well, that’s up to the specific vendor. If someone were to buy something and they already shipped it, it will still probably come. If the vendor hadn’t shipped it, he will probably opt to just not send it to save money. I’d imagine anyway.

  4. Is this why BSM is not working because its under seizure?

    • BargainBob

      The URL doesn’t show a seizure page like the others. They may have just shutdown the DNS vs. seize the server. In that case hopefully a new URL will be posted soon. But from what I can tell, there are no confirmed reports BSM is seized.

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