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Multiple Market Takedown: Hydra & Cloud 9 Marketplace Seized

All new posts regarding this ongoing case will be in this Silk Road 2 bust Tag

Along with the Seized Silk Road 2 market – Another 2 Markets were confirmed as seized – Hydra & Cloud 9 Marketplaces:


Cloud 9 admin, missy76  seems to free,  as she logged into Reddit and posted a message confirming that one of her servers got seized:


  • Hydra 14:52 – Confirmed Seized
  • Cloud 9 15:07 – Confirmed Seized
  • BlueSky 15:07
  • SR2 15:11 – Confirmed Seized
  • Pandora 15:15
  • Alpaca 15:18
  • TheHub forums 16:14 – Ok


Who Will be next?



  1. Looks like there was a fox in the henhouse at SR2 and probably other markets. Reading the complaint it mentions HSI-UC that had infiltrated SR2 admin. Probably one of the mods from SR1. Seems he/she was well connected in other markets.

  2. Is Bungee private shop seized also ? I could access it yesterday, some knows ?

  3. I can’t believe SR 2 was run by another muppet….why stay in the USA when you are a) making that much money and b) you can live somewhere which has no extradition treaty with the US. No wonder he got caught it’s not the tech that’s at fault, it’s the people – he will fold in a second and tell everything he knows.

  4. Blue Sky is still unreachable. It times out. Last time I tried to access it, my CPU got pinned at 100% and I just rebuilt this machine with a quad core i5 overclocked to 4.2GHz. That’s the first time that that has happened on this box.

    It may have been one of the routers in the line. I had heard rumors that the feds were going to try to create their own network of Tor nodes within the Tor network.

    When you literally have unlimited resources, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

  5. sigh….

    mike you sound like a real friggin pro dude

    the feds have already done this earlier this year and the tor network isolated the malicious nodes and kicked them them the fcuk outta here.

    no doubt they will try again though

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