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Silk Road 2 Seized! (Multiple Markets Seized)

This post is being updated constantly as this case unfolds – check back for updates. All new posts will be in this : Silk Road 2 bust Tag

Update 3: Cannabis Road forums seized

Update 2: Multiple Market Takedown: Hydra & Cloud 9 Marketplace Seized

Update: Official: Silk Road 2.0 Admin Charged in Manhattan Federal Court 

If you try to access the Silk Road 2 dark net site (http://silkroad6ownowfk.onion/), and the Silk Road 2 forums (http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/), which replaced the original silk road just last year after it was seized by the FBI, you will now get a seized notice signed by “a joint operation by the FBI, ICE,  Europol and Eurojust.”:

Silk Road 2 Seized

This dark net site closure comes just a few minutes after we reported on drug related busts in Ireland, as well as a statement released by Gardaí mentioning that the Ireland bust was part of an ongoing operation called “Onymous,” which involved the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol. Operation Onymous should conclude within the next 24 hours and is expected to take down several dark net markets and forums.

An international day of action to disrupt global activity on the Darknet and remove certain websites and forums is to conclude within the next 24 hours under the FBI/Europol operation codenamed “Onymous”.

Stay tuned to DeepDotWeb as we cover further developments regarding Operation Onymous. We will be following the operation and providing updates constantly. Currently, there are a few dark net markets down (check out our sidebar); we are trying to figure out if their closures came as a result of Operation Onymous. By checking the Dnstats report, they seem to have been shut down around the same time as Silk Road 2:

  • Hydra 14:52 – Confirmed Seized
  • Cloud 9 15:07 – Confirmed Seized
  • BlueSky 15:07
  • SR2 15:11 – Confirmed Seized
  • Pandora 15:15
  • Alpaca 15:18
  • TheHub forums 16:14 – Ok


Silk Road 2 Forums seized notice:


Keep checking the other posts in this chain of event at: Silk Road 2 Bust Tag—they are being updated constantly.



  1. Assuming everyone used multisig, what is the big deal?

  2. Great article. Small typo “they same to be down from around the same time:”

  3. TheOreganoRouter.onion.it


    • While I might agree with this opinion, I tend to be more in step with what may/may not be happening with these various busts. Namely the outdated legal system that has been in place in the various countries for many years (seems like centuries). Keep in mind the term “Joint task force” so we should modify this statement to “Fuck all those OUTDATED assholes!”
      Just a thought.

  4. I’m so glad those idiots at SilkRoad 2 got shut down.

    • The Crow

      And why are you glad?

      • I struggle to see the positives of such a bust from a drug perspective. People are going to take drugs regardless. Not having access to high quality pure substances just means people will be taking stuff made from shitty local chiefs which have the potential to be life threatening. Due to the accessibility of ingredients and easy cooking process, the amount of meth production/use will now increase. Meth cut with pharm’s will now be sold as everything from speed, MDMA and Ex. People searching for highs may even have their lives now ruined by Meth as now it might be all they can find. You can buy a hitman on the dark web for $6500!!!! Or what about Child pornography!!! These children’s entire lives are going to be ruined! Why not direct your time into this horrible sides of the web?

  5. And they (the law), hope to achieve exactly what…prohibition??
    That worked a treat from what history and if it can be believed Hollywood tell us.

    I’m a bit hazy did booze ever make a come back?

  6. So im guessing all the coins are seized by the Govt off SR2.0?

    • Silk Road 1.0 seized money was poisoned!

      I’m gonna guess, that a majority of the coins found in this sting can be traced to the ones bought off the Silk Road 1.0 seizure bust. How can we check for poisoned Bitcoins?

  7. Your days are numbered you criminals. The police now have your addresses. Enjoy your next couple days of freedom.

    • James, you’re an idiot.

    • What is more criminal? To take something someone has said you can’t take (for their own reasons). Or for someone to impose a ban on you,without the need to justify why they have done it, and why in our ‘free’ society that we’re not allowed to take it.

      Pharmaceutical companies make 45% of their profits via analgesics, especially over the counter ones (paracet: aspirin; ). Marujanu has a better and quicker effect, a lower adverse effect profile – and check this, it’s free, you can grow it yourself. So fuck your ‘criminal’ theory. There’s no right or wrong in the world, just scales and levels of people who are allowed more ‘liberties’ than others.

      • I would say that taking marijuana is one of the most idiotic things a person could do to themselves. A lot of real crimes are committed for the sake of drugs, not to mention the effect it has on the people around the drug user, such as their children and family. Marijuana causes memory loss, concentration problems, paranoia, reckless behavior, and lung damage. Not to mention it makes you lose motivation to do anything even remotely productive. That stuff is illegal for a reason. Laugh your delusional lies all you want, but I’ll be the one laughing when you end up behind bars for trusting some idiot to send pot directly to your house. Drugs are blatantly immoral, illegal, and inconsiderate of others; doing nothing but contribute to antisocial activity. You people can’t find any other way to derive pleasure from life that doesn’t involve taking such toxic mind-numbing substances. Must be pretty sad.

        • James' Mother

          It’s actually pretty awesome.

        • If thats the case – you bible toting ignoramus – then why are more states not only legalizing medicinal pot but recreational toking too ????

        • Just Me Yaknow

          You’re an idiot, James. The medical advantage of herb over prescription drugs for PTSD and acute anxiety is phenomenal. And there are more advantages being discovered as time progresses. Though I would admit it’s not for everyone, it’s there for thoses who need it.

        • Spoken like someone who has not known very many pot users or has any experience with drugs….probably wouldn’t recognize one if they saw one. You know alcohol is vastly more dangerous than pot? Booze kills directly and indirectly in a given year than pot has in its entire history of use, since pot hasn’t killed anyone ever. And yet booze is legal and pot isn’t. Your morality is largely irrational and misinformed by puritanical brainwashing from the reefer madness generation. Yes pot has some risks, but it also has benefits, and there is the mater of personal freedom as well. Try thinking for yourself for a change instead of parroting the puritans.

        • you imbecile! The only reason crime is committed for the sake of drugs is because their illegal…omg, major face palm.

        • I’m presuming you’re religious – considering that morals stem from religious base (what’s wrong or right). Secondly, it’s good you have an opinion, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however it doesn’t make your opinion right. Which here, you are completely wrong. Alcohol causes more memory loss and health problems, smoking causes more health problems and memory loss, and lung damage. Emissions from vehicles and plants cause more harm to our lungs, body, etc. I think you get the picture. No the real issue with cannabis is 1) the pharmaceutical companies rule the world hand in hand with the bankers, that are ring led by the governments of this ‘world order’bullshit; 2) taxation – how do you tax a plant that can be used for smoking, clothing, rope, cosmetics, etc – the list is huge. The answer is you can’t tax it appropriately. Tax it too highly and the suppliers of hemp for clothes/cosmetics will complain (why is cotton, nylon, etc all cheaper on tax, yet we provide a biodegradeable, cheaper product? Tax it too low, then the tobacco companies will all come running saying where the hell is the 400% tax we pay? Tax it lower than drugs, then the pharm companies will go out of business. \

          Once you start to use your brain to think about a situation, than sit on the high throne of glory proclaiming what is “right”(what is right in a society with no God) – then you will really see the motivation behind actions of the state against the únderworld’industry.

          FUrthermore, is it right to just rock up to someones country and tell them that it’s time to remove their leader (with false proof/no proof?)? Is it right to have a war so that you can ship weapons in exchange for drugs under the cover of unopposed movement in and out of countries? Is it right that when whole nations (or majorities) say no, but governments still say yes? Who the hell is to say what I can and can’t do, as long as I don’t affect my neighbour?

          Now I’m not saying that the barriers should be raised, and crime let to run rife, but I’m saying that we are a controlled species. We are not free, we are fooled into believeing it. We live a lie everyday, believeing we need to go to work, we need to input into society, then …. we need to get taxationally raped for all our efforts – in order to prevent us from knowing/revolting, we must have our wits subdued enough that that point is out of the distance of our concious.

          You are the one behind bars, not anyone else!

          • MM Mitch

            WOW, that is great. Honestly I like the entire piece.
            IMHO I kinda think/wonder what is more harmful, the prescription medicine that has more harmful side effects than your disease or a natural herb that has been in use for centuries for the relief of ailments?
            I also wonder about the “criminality” of such use. If you don’t get caught,did you really break the law?

    • Your days are numbered you criminals

      yr WRONG, champ!

      its the government’s days that are numbered!

      they’re pretty much FINISHED…..every-where….just a matter of time before we’re rid of these psycho-pathic mongrels!

      if the case against Ross Ulbricht collapses (which it well may!)….they’re FUCKED!!….good riddance to bad rubbish….

      oh….BTW….i don’t believe they ‘cracked’ any PGP encryption or, even, Tor……i’m even “suss” that they put pressure on VPNs…..i think they got these busts the way cops always do…..through informers/”snitches”….cops are too bloody lazy to do any *real* detective work…….

      • Prince

        It’s true – people are now realising that (post economic crisis) the governments and bankers are running a system of control. Imagine if any of us falsified the ammount of assets we held in order to sell them on? I think id be in jail for a long time – 4-10 yrs for fraud. But what happened? Resignations and severance packages – with our fucking money!

        Further more, the time is upon is where we dictate our commercial interactions – BITCOIN is taking us back to a barter like system. No interest or whatever, it’s value is dictated by the need of itself and it’s dealing commodities.

        Everyone should get on Tor ASAP – blanket the cover on us! Viva la freedom.

        3rdly – not all PGP is created equally. You need high bit and you need to use most modern and legit software. Never upload to public servers! Gnpug for Mac. It’s they way! Usbs only! No physical hard data. Run your os off ext drive if possible. Burn logs. Run total incognito software! Military grade wiping of drives! Gunterman!!!!

        All this day has done = increased street value and ammount of dealing = more need for police services on the streets = more money and more crime. Crazy if you think!

      • Jimbo,

        I love that name. That is my team’s coache’s name. Florida State Seminoles, soon to win the NCAA championship again!

        But yeah, they did not bust PGP, or TOr. The Feds run SR and they have run SR from the start. But Snitches and informers and idiots gave all of the rest away. Cops need to just eat donuts and screw other peoples women. I hope they all get VD.

      • Herb Verderver

        Jimbo, your period key appears to be sticking. And you are delusional.

      • MM Mitch

        all together too true! It is the Governments that are failing, however the citizenry is allowing this to happen. I wish I was as good a writer (journalist) as most here, but alas, I am not near to all of your quality (with the exception of “MOE”)and ability.
        Good luck to all who are participatory members to the free market system which makes the world a better place.

    • franknfurter

      “Stop right there criminal scum, lose your bitcoins and serve your sentence, Your illegal websites are now forfeit”

      would have been much funnier.

    • Robert Greene

      james, i hope youre trolling because if not, fuck you you fucking pussy there are no morals this is power and youre weak to believe in a virtuous government and morality in drug use. get fucked. power to the people.

    • Your stupid if you think the police care about junkies . Go back to school you are dumber then a 6th grader

  8. Fuck the united states goverment! Fucking fuckers.

  9. Alpaca Enthusiast

    Those sons-of-bitches LE!

  10. I just started teh silk road 3 send me over 9,000 bitcoinz

  11. James is a dumbass

    James your a retard, and fuck LE

  12. You’re ok if you mixed and didn’t use a VPN! If you did use VPN/didn’t mix – you’re details are with them!

    • zoomchick

      I am curious. Why do you say that about VPN? I always assumed it would add an extra layer of protection.

      • Because using a VPN traces you back to a specific IP address of the provider service. Using Tor doesn’t hide that you’re using it. What it does is encrypt all you send. Now if you know about man in the middle, and you happen to have your browser misconfigured. Traffic can be routed via the man in middle and you’re susceptible to (of many things) an ip trace. This leads to someone knocking on your VPN providers door, asking who was browsing what and when, or set up a monitoring system. Now a large number of vpnps say they don’t store or log. But if the shit hits the fan (for them), then they’re not going to jail for someone else. I think that to date anonine is a company operating out of which doesn’t store data (however if you dig a bit, you’ll find they’re a company from the uk – head offices) but there was a report of the guy in London busted by HMA handing over data (what the report says). Now after all this you might think, it’s tor though I’m still anonymous. Yes, you’re anonymous once you exit the VPN server, but between you and the VPN you’re not anonymous, or your data is open to interpretation).

        • what abt the Swiss VPNs?

          i think they have a very strict privacy policy…and would require very substantial evidence indeed to violate it?

          • I’m pretty sure if Interpol is involved (or euro pol) the FBI, and whoever else, then no one is going to prevent them from accessing the data. Don’t believe in what someone says they will do it for you. Look at it this way – would your best friend take a bullet for you, if the situation arose? Probs not, therefore if your friend won’t take a bullet, do you think any organisation will?

            You also have to ask yourself, what does ‘substantial’ stand for? It could mean accessing the dark web over two times? It’s all bullshit, what happened is people shifted from tor to more covert ways of coms, now more people are becoming anonymous, they don’t like it, so start this stuff (1st the ‘illegal’ sites. 2nd, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it illegal to browse anonymously – for the safety of some scapegoat hated group/type of people) – esp paedoa – they will always get everyone hung jo against em

          • i guess that means you’d hafta find a VPN in some country like, say, Russia, China or Iran that would just tell the US “authorities” to go FUCK yr-self!!

          • lallygog

            VPN’s are only good for evading commercial tracking of your internet browsing habits. Meaning- they are good to minimize data mining that corporations / private industries are interested in gathering on you. They are absolutely useless in evading government and LE monitoring.

          • clockpop

            vpns may not store or log but if federales come knocking on the door I don’t believe it would be hard at all to get them to start monitoring at anytime. im sure they wouldn’t want the ralles to go in tearing all their sh%t up, stripping everything down. This could be something thats already happened. Its a tuff thing to digest. what if you realized you had the power? would you use it?

        • So you dummy a vpn is 1000 times better then using tor!!! you are dumb if you don’t use a vpn no exceptions!!!!!!!

    • Hi, as new user i’d like to know what this “mixing” is, would be very kind if u tell me =)

      • Prince

        mixing is where you input your coins into a large collection of coins. BitcoinFog is an example (although I’m dubious as to the legitimacy of any of these services right now – I’m seriously considering moving to DarkCoin – it seems the only true anonymous way forward). What happens is you set up an account, you transfer funds to your account in the mixing service (usually for a fee – the more you transefer, the lower the fee – read each sites terms) – then what happens is you will have destination deposit addressess that you don’t want people to trace your deposit from. So you tell the mixer – shift to these deposit accounts, over a certain period of time, and when to start. They will then (supposedly) use other coins in the mixxing ‘pot’to fill your deposit address.

        Why is this needed? When you buy bitcoins, your ID is ‘stamped’to the chain – so you can be identified (unless you have some as payment from someone else, and you didn’t ship it to your blcokchain wallet) – therefore your coins can identifiy you. If you can exchange your coins for someone elses, and use them in the transaction, then although you put the other name in the spotlight, the authorities can’t do anything – why? because when they investigate the ÍD’linked to the coins, there will be complete mismatch of data as to times, dates, locations, internet access.

        You must always mix in order to be anonymous – but you must have a trust worthy mixing service at the same time.

        I’d look into Darkcoin and Dark wallet – there’s an article on this site about it and links to the wallet. :D

        Hop[e this helped!

  13. Hub forums still seem to be down. What’s with the ‘OK’ status next to it?

    • DeepDotWeb

      Its up, just having high traffic at this time i assume (was able to log in multiple times)

      And not seized for sure.

      Edit- Was able to log in after this comment

  14. This is a very sad day…I’ve just started to enjoy that…

    • J D M

      There are sites open. Agora, Evolution and others. Check it out! Be careful and heed warning. Order quickly from trusted vendors and FE. Ask them for other contact info via PGP. Then hope it all works out!

  15. New Darkweb Marketplace: New Rome
    With the fall of Silkroad 2 and Cloud9 and Hydra, we will now introduce our new marketplace
    [#]Encrypted Messaging System with both 2048-bit RSA and AES-256 encryption
    [#]Option to add another 2048-bit RSA for auto-PGP messages
    [#]Have a multisig wallet and no account wallet to ensure no hackers or admins will steal your bitcoins
    [#]Two factor authentication
    [#]No one can view IP, even if root
    [#]Networked across every continent, must take down all servers to shut down site
    [#]Automatic deletion of encrypted messages after 30 days
    [#]Military grade encryption of virtually everything on our site
    [#]Many more that should remain private for security concerns
    Welcome to New Rome, Follow Us Into Prosperity.
    Noster Novus Principium
    Forever Yours,
    Romulus and Remus

  16. What a bunch of bullshit. FUCK the government. This is a slap in the face after amendment 2 was not passed in Florida. They cannot stop us on the darknet, more sites will open in the future.

    • Only one worth buying from is agora now. Everyone still distrusts evolution as a honeypot and its always been a total joke. If agora goes thats it. 2 many new markets set up and gone scam this year if agora is seized thats the only legit one left.

  17. A Hunnit keyzzz.. up in tha ATTIC, no time to plot, no time to plant it, SO DONT PANIC

  18. Seriously feel bad for all those who lost money again, but to be honest great that this site got seized. They fucked us and dint want to work it out so they just banned us.

  19. You guys know if Bungee private shop is still runing?

  20. Blake “redneck” Bethall down.

    Another one bites the dust. Next one, please.


  21. So does that mean We shouldn’t count on Tor anymore?

  22. is it possible they are simply looking at all ip addresses (256*256*256*256) and looking for the the website to appear?

  23. wtf. it’s like the whole deep web is dead. i cant find anyone there . not just after the sr2 bust but for weeks befor..what is going on

  24. i cant believe there are assholes out there thatSTILL D ONT SEE that the 50 year long war on drugs is worse than a complete failure. its turned regular,honest hard working americans into criminals, broke up families and cost us trillions. and James you stupid shit, its not the drugs that are the problem,its the laws. you have been conditioned, from an early age to believe that all drugs are evil. “the fruit of the devil’. an adult should be able to make his or her own choices. not have people with totally opposing viewpoints govern his or her life behind his or her door.look at all the money spent prosecuting and taking care of prisoners that have harmed NOONE! no defendant!!! crimes against the peace and dignity of whatever state your in!!! thrown in jail because they had a blinker out and an overzealous cop searched them and finds a joint, or a gram of coke or some personal use amount of anything. and then,BANG, a mom or dad who has held a job, took their kids to church and sports for years,never missing a day is branded a felon. life ruined, never to be the same. all because people like JAMES are brainwashed. your probably a christian too JAMES. those are usually the first ones to want to FRY people.

  25. In fact you know what – the whole reason that the governments are trying to take this all down – is because the banks are getting screwed over. Cartels no longer need to bribe their way through accounts – we should all flock to btc or darkcoin!

  26. I’m so glad I used PGP. Otherwise the government could come to my house and arrest me for buying weed and drugs. Give me an fing break. GPG don’t do nothing. All addresses are save once they get control of the site. Glad I never wasted any time trying to figure that program out.

    When will this assault on the criminal drug users begin? We all are going to prison now.

  27. fbi = morons.

    Hey guys, are you stupid or what?

  28. I want to register with this site to comment on post how do i go about it

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