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NCA: “We have Taken down 400 Dark Net Sites”

Keep checking the other posts in this chain of event at: Silk Road 2 Bust Tag
The story is ongoing and the posts are being updated as we learn more details


Update: Far from the original number of 414 seized hidden services and lower even than the number 27 provided to the New York Times, the FBI told Forbes that it had seized 27 actual sites but 414 .onion addresses that all go to the same sites. According to Forbes, this is the final list of the seized site, Divided into overlapping categories:

Sites who sells narcotics (i have added 2 markets):

  • Alpaca
  • Black Market
  • Blue Sky
  • Bungee 54
  • Cabbabis UK
  • Cloud Nine
  • Dedope
  •  Farmer1
  • Hydra
  • Pablo Escobar Drugstore
  • Pandora
  • Silk Road 2.0
  • Smokeables
  • Tor Bazaar
  • flugsvamp
  • Topix 2

Sites who sold Fakes / Credit cards:

  • Cloud Nine
  • Fake Real Plastic
  • Hydra
  • Pandora
  • Pay Pal Center
  • Real Cards Team
  • The Green Machine
  • Zero Squad.

Money Counterfeits:

  • Alpaca, Blue Sky
  • Cloud Nine
  • Fast Cash!
  • Hydra
  •  Pablo Escobar Drugstore
  • Sol’s Unified USD Counterfeit’s
  • Super Note Counter
  • The Hidden Market
  • Zero Squad

Fake Identity documents:

  • Alpaca
  • Black Market
  • Fake ID
  • Pablo Escobar Drugstore
  • Pandora, Silk Road 2.0
  • The Hidden Market.

Note: At far as we know, at least some of the listed sites are not really live sites but scam sites.

The Criminal Complaint:


The most recent update about operation Onymous that resulted in the confirmed takedown of: Silk road 2 , Hydra Market, Cloud 9 Market, and the OLD cannabis road forums and market,  The National Crime Agency have posted a statement claiming that during the recent operation which is still ongoing – 400 DeepWeb sites were taken down and multiple people arrested, We could not confirm – manually or otherwise that 400 “known” Tor sites were taken down.  This is the statement:

Coordinated activity by law enforcement in Europe and the US has targeted market places for illegal commodities on the dark web – the ‘hidden’ areas of the internet.

The National Crime Agency, working with police forces across the UK, arrested six people yesterday in strikes coordinated with international partners.  Those arrested include suspected administrators for the online drug market place Silk Road 2.0 and another drug market place, as well as significant vendors of illegal drugs through the dark web.

Simultaneously, partners from the European Cybercrime Centre – acting on intelligence developed by US counterparts – took out technical infrastructure which is key to the hosting of illegal market places on the dark web. In total over 400 dark web sites were taken down.

The six people arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs were a 20-year-old man from Liverpool city centre, a 19-year-old man from New Waltham, Lincolnshire; a 30-year-old man from Cleethorpes; a 29-year-old man from Aberdovey, Wales; a 58-year-old man from Aberdovey, Wales; and a 58-year-old woman from Aberdovey, Wales. All six were interviewed and have been bailed pending further enquiries.

A large amount of computer equipment was seized at all the addresses searched and will now be forensically examined.

The action yesterday by the NCA and partners across Europe and America is part of continuing operations to target the use of online market places to trade in illegal commodities such as class A drugs, firearms and false documents. Anyone who tries to access Silk Road 2.0 will now see a notice highlighting the site has been seized.

Roy McComb, Deputy Director of the National Crime Agency, commented:

“Over the months since the original Silk Road was taken down, we have been working with partners in the US and Europe to locate technical infrastructure, key to the dark web and to investigate individuals suspected of significant involvement in illegal online market places. Those arrested by the NCA in this phase of the operation are suspected of setting up Silk Road 2.0, or of being significant vendors of illegal drugs.

“The operation is ongoing and more arrests can be expected as we continue to investigate those involved in setting up and profiting from these illegal market places. Criminals like to think that the dark web provides a safe, anonymous haven but in reality this is just like any other organised crime network. It may take time and effort to investigate and build a criminal case, but we are determined to identify and prosecute people caught dealing drugs and committing serious crime using the dark web.”

We Will keep following and updating as more info becomes available

Keep checking the other posts in this chain of event at: Silk Road 2 Bust Tag
The story is ongoing and the posts are being updated as we learn more details


  1. TheOreganoRouter.onion.it

    The government is watching everyone now

  2. why were these low-life ARSE-holes allowed to post on the Forum here, eh?!?

  3. Put things in perspective.

    I just watched this all being discussed on British television news. They may have taken down over 400 darknet sites but overall, only a small percentage of those sites were drug related. Many were child porn sites according to what I just watched. It is also claimed that approx. 1 million pounds worth of bitcoin has been seized during today’s raids. Yes, the DM community and more importantly, those arrested, have suffered a great loss as a result of today’s LE operation but it’s clear to me that again, it was more a case of simply inexcusable OPSEC by those arrested rather than LE exploiting some newly discovered vulnerabilities or attack vectors to unearth the required information needed to doxx a target. I mean, Defcon was accessing the SR2 server using an old clearnet browser (Google Chrome which hadn’t been updated for many months to the latest version) on his Mac, not to mention his use of a Google email address in his own name which he used to email the SR2 server hosts over the clearnet when his servers were down (apparently because LE were imaging them at the time). I mean, when you read through the complaint, his litany or errors make those made by Ross look almost inconsequential. He may be skilled in some areas relating to computers but clearly, he was way out of his depth and all show. That’s something he will now regret for the rest of his life. I’ve always said that we as a community should never under estimate the skills, abilities, resources or determination of LE and what they are prepared to do to achieve a result. Under estimate them at your own peril. They are a powerful organisation who deserve some respect and should never be taken for granted. This is a perfect example of why all communication with others over Tor should be encrypted, no exceptions. Frankly. I don’t understand the reluctance by some people to make it standard practice on the deep web.


  5. This entire government operation is a complete and utter waste of time and money. They haven’t closed down any major sites, and I can assure you that it is easier than ever for me, or anyone else, to buy drugs on the deep web. Sad, pathetic and illogical move on their part. My online drug shopping is still unaffected by the feds failed efforts.

  6. Lmao they got lucky with silk road haveing a mole from the beginning and the owner being cocky that’s why they shut down all these sites but the other major ones

  7. just read a 33 year old in Dublin Ireland arrested too. the article said he had over 1M euro if bitcoin on several computers belonging to him, Im on my phone so cant post a link but is in the herald an Irish new paper.

  8. while there are more than likely many more than 400 hidden services across tor, I doubt they’ve taken down 400 hidden services which SPECIFICALLY serve as markets, let alone are there 400 darkweb markets, out of all the darkweb sites. On top of that, some of the main ones are still up, so……….I don’t trust their “statistics.”

    • you think its possible that they could have made most of it up?

      also, McCoomb said that they investigated them like any other “organised crime” operation ….what does that mean?……to me: it means informants/snitches…..so they may not have got that much info’ from the Dark Web per se any-way…..

    • They did make it up, same thing on drug busts they lie about how many grams they found at the scene of the crime

      Same thing goes for dead bodies

  9. just saw pinkmeth is gone with the same banner so thats one place with no press they got.

  10. Obviously the SR2 guy used bad OPSEC, despite what happened to Ross. Even these guys in Ireland – why leave all that coin on computers ? Either put it in cold storage or on USB drives with Tails and stash them.

    I still think more is going on because too many sites went down. Maybe the cyberpigs just setup a shitload of Tor nodes creating a man in the middle attack ? Maybe they used the bitcoin over Tor exploit and followed the trails ?

    • According to the police he was connected to Silkroad at the time of the raid. He also had a fully encrypted hard drive OPEN with hundreds of buyers address’ on one of those computers. €1m in bitcoin so he had to be selling to a good amount of people to have so much built up, according to the news he was selling to mostly oversea’s buyers in Europe and US.
      I wonder how long before they go knocking on doors?

  11. If they knock on your door then you say you don’t know what they are talking about ? Maybe my psycho, ex gf tried to get me in trouble by shipping drugs to my house, Ociffer Friendly. Better yet, don’t answer your door.

  12. Captain Underpants

    pinkmeth.onion is down. sobb … ohhh the horror … now where am I gonna get my college coed revenge porn fix. sniff … sniff …

  13. It aint over. Nothing happend. affected about 1% of the market on darkweb. pgp encryption will solve every problem if used properly. People just got lax and LE got Lucky, Same shit different day.

  14. Funny. The government decides to work on darknet sites and watch everyone else. I am not for darknet, but I do believe the government needs to chill out a bit. They are over doing literally everything. I bet, the gov will see this as a sign of rebellion, and they probably already know my ip address, and will track me down. Chillax. I am not anarchist, but our government needs to recognize that we are humans, and we do not need another person with a different set of morals ruling above us with an iron fist. They are no better than the lowest of the human race. They hold themselves to a higher standard simply because they landed a good job and are great at getting personal information and watching us with drones. Thanks America. I say to you, chill a little bit. The government thinks they own us, but are we really back in the 1800s? We are the slaves, being constricted and taken down left and right, while the high paid hypocrites are running everything and telling us what to do, and if we don’t do that thing, be prepared to have no more personal life, if you had one to being with.

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