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Swiss Man Arrested For Running a Known Scam Site

A bit late since it took time to get the proper translation – Lematin.ch reported a few days ago that the Swiss police executed an arrest warrant against a Swiss computer expert, at the request of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, thus taking the expert into custody.topelement

The Swiss computer expert is allegedly the administrator of a dark net site that sells weapons, illicit drugs, and false documents. The site, named “Black Market” (dgoega4kbhnp53o7.onion), which was a known scam site on the Tor network, was created by this alleged admin and offered mostly weapons for sale. Two weeks ago, the site was shut down during Operation Onymous.

The site had listings for AK47 assault rifles plated with 24 karat gold, a kilo of cocaine with a purity of 94%, an Australian identity card, fake 50 euro notes, and a driver’s license from California, United States of America.

The administrator’s arrest took place on the morning of November 6th, 2014, during Operation Onymous.

Investigations Opened in the United States and Switzerland

The arrested man confessed to authorities that he was indeed the site’s administrator, according to Yves Nicolet, a Swiss prosecutor. While interrogated, the man claimed that the dark net market was actually a scam operation; it collected money from buyers, but never delivered any products. This claim has been confirmed many times in the past. This Question is just one of several instances where the fraudulent nature of “Black Market” has been revealed in the various Dark Net market discussion areas. The prosecution, however, stated that the investigation is ongoing and it is not yet determined if the suspect was telling the truth about his connection to the dark net market.

In addition to the ongoing US investigation, Swiss authorities are pursuing prosecution against the suspect for proposing the sale of illegal products. “The fact that this happens on the internet does not diminish the seriousness of the criminal offense prosecuted ex officio,” says Yves Nicolet. “The suspect faces a custodial sentence.”

Authorities have not released the name of the “Black Market” administrator.


  1. Could he actually be charged with anything because of the fact that no items where actually given out and he never actually sold anything

    • Fraud? I assume they will probably try and take his money away but not aggressively go after him for a long jail sentence.

      • Poor by choice

        No they don’ t.
        Like DPR from Silkroad, he has still his bitcoins.
        And does spend them too while doing live in jail.

        The site was famous and all the alphabet suites were after him.

        So I took a look too at the biggest wallet with bitcoins, the second largest, the third and fourth, all had the same ip-address.
        What all those alfabet suites could not do in 2 years, I did in two minutes. Thinking to myself, it can’ t be William Ross Ulbricht, AKA Dread Pirate Roberts.
        If he was their man, they would have catched him, as he was far to easy to be found. I mean two minutes, for me, can’ t be 2 years for these agency’ s multi billion dollar budgets.
        Even on Bitcointalk was stated, that the 117.000 bitcoins were deposited on a Silkroad bitcoin account.
        Defently a silkroad account, was stated.
        And you just don’ t do million dollar deals online.
        Be delivered by the mailman…
        A few key’ s maybe, but nothing worth millions.
        And still a Silkroad account.
        Confused by the only two minutes, I could not be right.
        But I was.
        When he was cought I saw Stockton and hit myself on my head.

        I tried to get a new password, so I could steal his billions.
        But the gmail cracker was removed from youtube, due to it’ s “”dangerous content””. If DPR was so stupid, he has to have used his own gmail account. The News media told he was Altoid from Bitcointalk, and there he left his gmail, where a second password can be send to, if you had forgotten your original password, to retrieve the bitcoins from his account.
        I mean, he is doing live in jail, so would not need those billions of dollars anymore.
        But doing live in a jail in New York, does not stand in his way to use his bitcoins.
        So he has access to internet in prison.

        Then again the man was sick.
        He hired people to torture and kill his software writer who wrote the site silkroad for him.
        And behind his nickname Altoid, was written to be “”extreme cautious””
        if you would like to approach the man.

        How on earth can you torture a man before you kill him.
        The man who made you rich.
        A strange way of saying thank you.

        So the Free Ross add is not for me, let him rot in jail!
        I should have sold him out to the alphabet suites.

        …end of story in a nutshell.

  2. How can you arrest someone for putting up a fake site?
    Unless it is threatening someone or there is a injured party (who was scammed) supporting a charge/complaint then their can by nature be NO crime. No injured party, no violation of law. Seems to be a sensationalist “Tor=bad” we arrest mentality.

    • Because he stole money from people. If I sell you a kilo of creatine powder for 30,000 dollars under the pretense it was cocaine then I can be arrested. I’m glad they arrested the scamming piece of shit.

    • Poor by choice

      IF he is doing live , because I suspect he is not.
      At least his wallets are still being used.
      Is it normal to spend 300.000 dollar, while in jail?
      And that 300.000 dollar is just one transfer.
      I guess it is a psy-op, to strike fear.

      Indeed no damage was done, so it does makes one wonder…,
      if he is doing time at all.

      If you have money, you can put anything in your prison cell, like a expensive Persian carpet and a super hifi installation.

      You can even have your own prison, with your own personal prison guards, to guard the walls to prevent from anyone coming in…

      Rich people can buy a weekend out for 25.000 dollar, if you have the right prison-warden.

      In my country the the military secret service was involved an investigation in such an operation of a corrupt warden.
      Two criminals payed 200.000 euro a month to get the weekends free.
      And that was only the money paid to the warden.
      The police and civilian secret service were paid hush-money to keep silent too, or so it could be, as they were informed and did nothing to stop it.
      How does one prove someone is paid bribes?

      They were picked up by their chauffeur in a Rolls Royce of one of the boys.

  3. Site is still online under another onion adress with exactly same layout:


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