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5 Reasons You Should Use The Deep Web And Ditch Your Dealer

With a rapidly changing world, technology has improved almost all sectors of life,but the drug trade has remain backwards. Decades ago, the drug trade was much less violent and there was a friendly atmosphere, but with the rise of the War On Drugs and the militarization of the police, only people who were willing to deal with dishing and taking violence, stayed. This lead to a more violent and unfriendly atmosphere.

Now, there is the deep web, a virtual black market, where drugs and all kinds of commerce flow freely. On the deep web, there are many barriers in place that protect users from the police and follow users, creating a safer and friendlier atmosphere. It has totally transformed the drug trade. Resembling  e-commerce giant, E-bay, more, than a drug cartel. Here are 5 reasons you should ditch your local dealer and use the deep web.


Buying from a local dealer is usually a gamble. There is no where you could go and see what previous costumers of him, thought about his dope. You don’t know if he cuts the dope with some other drug. Of course, when you are face to face with him, he doesn’t allow you anytime to ask about the product or inspect it. Instead, the delivery is short and rushed, leaving you crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Unlike the street, in the cyber world of the deep web, you can message the dealer and have a conversation about the product before you buy. There is also, tons of reviews about many of the products. Giving you insight into the quality of the product and experiences of people who have taken it. Drugs on the deep web, usually go higher than the street, and that is because of the quality of the drugs.

Not only are drugs of a higher quality on the deep web, but the review system, very similar to E-bay’s, incentives the dealers to provide better service. Dealers, like their products, are publicly reviewed, making the dealers with the best review rise to the top. This very helpful for making sure, the dealer isn’t cop in disguise or if he knows how to package the drugs properly, so they stay undetected during shipping.


The virtual and anonymous nature of the deep web allows there to be much more separation between the parties involved. As a result, there is greater safety and a lot less trust needed. Instead, of having to worry about whether this dealer, you are going to meet in some dark alley is going to rob or not, this dealer doesn’t even know your name. Not only does he not know your name, but both of you never meet in real life. There is no possibility for him to rob, report to the cops, etc.


There is also, greater safety for dealers. Dealers war against each other with guns and small gangs, but on the deep web, this impossible. The same cyber defenses that protect users, also protect dealers. Instead, of doing drive buys, some dealers, with a malicious intent, write fake reviews of rival dealer’s products. Though, it is a nuisance at times, it is absolutely amazing that this is how bad actors try to mess with other actors, instead of killing them. It clearly illustrates the difference between the deep web and the physical drug trade.

Don’t forget the biggest danger of all, the cops. The cops at this point are a militarized force and there is countless reports of cops shooting innocent civilians and getting away with it. The same cyber defenses that protect you from them dealers and other users, also hold up instigate the cops. There are too many people running red lights and buying weed in the physical world for them to go after you. The cost of tracking and arresting a pot head on the deep web is much higher, than arresting one buying in the physical world, making cops less likely to go after deep web users.


Rather that have to drive to a dark place with few people around, drugs bought on the deep web are shipped to your front door. There is no need to get in a car and waste gas, because all you need to do is to click a couple of times. Through skillful packing, dealers are able to ship the product and arrived undetected. It was a luxury that in the pass, that only the rich knew but now the option is for all.


The deep web is truly a drug bazaar. There are so many different kinds of drugs you can find on the deep web. Some that you didn’t even know existed. Local dealers, have to be careful with what they buy, because drugs they receive have traveled long distances. They keep their section limited and to what they know will sale in their local area. It is doesn’t make sense for them to sell rare and unique drugs when the population of users in their area is very small.


Since the deep web exists on the dark side of the internet, it is global marketplace. Dealers can sell their product to the whole world. There might be only one person in each city, around the world, that uses a specific drug. That makes selling it as a local dealer impossible, but if you can sell to the world, it becomes profitable.


A community, is not something people associate with the drug trade. As the saying goes, there is no honor among thieves, but drug users and dealers aren’t thieves. Removed from the stressful pressure of the police state, the deep web has developed a strong community. Users help each other with questions about products, dealers, etc. It is a community of mutual value, where they help each other.

The physical world leaves you in the dark and alone when it comes to drugs. Since there is no barriers protecting people involved in the physical drug trade, people have to be a lot more careful. If everyone formed a community and started helping each other, it would attract too attention, and they would get caught. Without this community, drug dealers and users suffer. People who have a curiosity about drugs, have no one to go to ask about about them. Instead, they go in blind, and when dealing with powerful substances, the result isn’t usually the best.

With the deep web, there is plenty of people that are than happy to help you. There is even a Spanish doctor who can send your dope to and he will test it. Looking for the purity, safety, and quality. You don’t have that in the physical drug trade.


If you are interested in using the deep web, make sure to stay updated by reading DeepDotWeb.com, regularly and explore our archives., which have a wealth of information. A good place to start is this markets list or the markets chart.


  1. Of course, when you are face to face with him, he doesn’t allow you anytime to ask about the product or inspect it.
    I got this far when I realized the problem isn’t the ‘dealer’ its the weak ass idiot being pushed around by one.
    These guys shouldn’t be treated like they are doing you a favour, they’re not, its the other way round and soon as you get that into your head and make sure a ‘dealer’ knows he’s lucky to be getting your money, the sooner you will have a bit of respect and not be rushed.
    Far too many people look up to these guys and treat then like kings, fuck that if its not big enough or doesn’t look and/or smell right don’t take it. Its that simple.
    As for buying crap, scam me once and you never see a cent again. sell me decent stuff or at least be honest with me and you can make a nice few quid, don’t and you’ll be soon stuck for business coz I’ll let the world know.
    I’m far too long at this to late some guy push me around and then walk away with my money.
    One of the biggest reasons I don’t take ‘hard drugs’ any more, I just smoke some weed and I hate waiting more than 15 minutes for it never mind a few days, but if I have extra cash I’ll go buy some nice hash.

    • * one of the biggest reasons-I don’t use dark net markets, it should have said.

    • Big kyle

      True that! Especially when people “need” drugs like H or else u face withdrawals dealers know this and treat people like shit. Leading them on, making them wait around in a dark parking lot til they feel like showing up.once in a while my h dealer talks all high and mighty w me and I stop and think, motherfuxker I been paying u $700+/ week for the last yr and u wanna talk to me like I’m some punk kid? Every time I start reminding him about that he gives in. People need to get some pride and when someone treats them bad, go somewhere else to give your money to!

      • Oh isn’t that the truth. I just went through withdrawals when the bastards up and went to Mexico on a two month vacation , never letting anyone know. I ended up buying root beer candy, and getting ripped off. Finally a friend hooked me up with her friend , and it was fine, at 100 a gram. Plus I had to drive and wait in a parking lot til he decided to show up . My husband finally had enough and he said you got to get off this shit . So I did . I kicked it with the help of pills and methadone . Now I get a call from them, saying “I’m back.” I told them that their friend DIED when they were gone . and that I went through hell . Oh, and do you need anything ? HELL NO . I don’t need anything . Do I want it , YES. Do I NEED it , NO . So I”m trying to learn how to navigate this darkweb. So if I ever am so dumb to get strung out again, I won’t have to go through that. I started because of bad pain . Fire your dealer, great idea .

    • 420everyday

      LOL – not laughing at you, but the post s funny because it ends with “if I have some cash I’ll buy some hash – and literally the whole time I was reading your comment I was thinking “this dude is stoned while he’s writing this,,, or something!” LOLOLOL nice wErk!!!

  2. I hope the author’s 1st language isn’t English. That is the only acceptable excuse for the grammar.
    I’m all for dark markets. They can be a great tool that minimizes much of the risk inherent in more orthodox drug transactions. They also offer a wide array to choose from.
    Don’t falsely glamorize them with hyperbole though. They aren’t some risk free drug eutopia. Likewise, not all drug deals outside of the deep web entail dark alleys, gangs, cartels, guns, cops and getting ripped off.
    There are plenty of people getting ripped off on the dark web. Scamming vendors can ensnare victims with false feedback, low advertised prices and false promises. Buyers can and do attempt to blackmale vendors. No one can count on being 100% anonymous or beyond the grasp of LE. Any market can go down at any time along with your coin.
    With that said, if one takes the time to learn proper opsec involved with bitcoin and Tor access, then the potential benefits of the dark web become available. People also need to research vendors and / or buyers thoroughly. They need to learn to ID anamolies.
    There has been an influx of newbies to the world of dark markets jumping in too quickly. They will regret their indiscretions.

  3. This was horriably written.

  4. IRL the law keeps you honest.

    You are only an anonymous phone call away from jail.

  5. mate im from the uk england and id like to know the best company possible for quickess in giving tracking number soon as paid also the best payment method as im new to here,,,,, also i cant see where to open an account

  6. I would like to point out that the statement about your name is false. They do get your name. They do see your address.And they can report you to the police.

  7. How boring. I think this deep web shit would leave me lonely as fuck. Wheres the adventure. Wheres the fun without any risk. That would be a good solution to get people to just die or just quit. The latter isnt a bad plan

  8. I am an elderly drug-and-booze-free Viet warrior with crippling injuries from years of chronic pain. I got ripped off on my first try using the dark net. My small Alaska town gives me no access to Bitcoin. Small town docs won’t prescribe pain meds due to social anti-drug and DEA drug-war legal pressure. At my age all I want is a little comfort to grow old gracefully. I feel I am being held hostage by the draconian drug policies of the country whose liberty I spent my youth defending. I am open to any idea to help me recapture SOME quality of life.

    • In the same boat, Dog of War. Have MS, need a hip replacement & waiting out the Medicare doughnut hole. I’ve got nowhere to turn to for pain relief. The doctors just assume you’re drug seeking if you are honest with them. I don’t know anybody and don’t want to get ripped off online either.

      • MunichMotorsports

        Have you tried Kratom? It’s a legal opioid produced in the leaves of the Kratom tree in the rain forests of south east Asia. You can order it online, just search Google. You’ll wanna buy Bali or Red Vein strains as they’re the best for pain relief. It’s almost better than Vicodan.

        • weed oil, high grade weed oil.

        • Stay away from Kratom. My husband used it for 2 years trying to wean off of Norco’s. He has herniated discs.
          Kratom severely constipates you, he tried high solulable fiber, and slim tea with some relief. But in the end, wound up with a ruptured appendix, infection, and Kratom still in his system (stopped taking it 4 weeks prior to episode). Hospitalized for 2 weeks, his intestines went into shock from surgery, and his total gi tracked temporarily shut down. Kratom has decent pain relief, but the powder form, brutal on your insides. BEWARE.

    • Try smoking weed I know it will help you and restore some of your endurance. It will also help a lot with pain I promise ..

    • I recommend kratom or poppy seeds for pain you can order them legally too. Obviously pot would be a good choice too if you can get a dealer.

    • Use pemf device garauntee it will take away your pain

  9. What about shipping it? Isn’t it dangerous?

  10. I am new and I want to order from the the dark web, but what do you do about where to ship your product? how is that handled? it seems like a real bad idea to ship to my home address but i have no clue

  11. Um. I just really curious and wanna look but I’m on a phone so I can’t?

  12. The article tells you how safe it is and then you got 2 links to other articles about 2 convicted for drug trafficking. It’s like saying that you wrote pure bs to me.

  13. Not sure if I’m just an idiot, but how does one go about going into the dark web? I’m very interested and have been wanting to check it out for a while, but I have no clue how to get on the dark web? I am not that computer savvy but I am smart….. is it a website? Or is it a while whole different operating system? If I have just the basic computer running Windows 10 OS, what would i need to get onto the “darkweb”…???

  14. Andres Puccini

    There is a really good step by step guide to source from the dark web in the facilitator.rocks

  15. lol….this is really unexpected…and controversialm to what ive heard but thyen again SWIM doesn’t really hang with geeks. Computer Geeks don’t really do so well on the street typicfally…….. so I’m wondering if Swim wanted to fill his legit scrips for benzo’s, and pain management needs online.Can it be done? Is there a legitimate source for legitimate meds available online? Swim hates dealing with the pharmacy’s the feds, the docs, the invasive testing exsorbitant costs, and idiotic regulations….however SWIM knows how things go in this realm and feels like breaking customary rules of engagement would be foolish at Best. Long Story Short…You don’t send paper to some place you don’t know and get what you want. That’s just not how it works. So If this has to be done to get scrips…where the heck does swim send it? and if there I a legit spot. I’d like to pay when my meds arrive and ive tested them. Id pity the fool who brought me counterfeit with no money up fron….but not nearly as bad as the dummy who sent cssh out and got counterfeit in return….that’s fucked up….. but how do we do this fellas???Pretty Pretty Please???!! I am a grateful child of God and his holiness will shine on the eenlightened soul that saves me from the perils of of the hell that gov. pharma id trying to inflicyt on SWIMS innocent soul. Thank all of you kind sir’s…Always beware of the Landshark…..and never be the droid their looking for. May the force be strong with you

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