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Operation Hydrabad: 5 Arrested in New Zealand

As it was published in a Press Release from New Zealand Police:


A joint Manawatü Police and Customs operation has resulted in the arrest of five people in relation to the importation of nearly half a million dollars worth of the Class A drug methamphetamine.

Operation Hydrabad commenced on 1 September, 2014 when the first of several packages containing MDMA and methamphetamine was intercepted by Customs. A total of 432 grams of methamphetamine was seized in the operation.

In September a Palmerston North man, aged 29, was arrested after he imported 931 tabs of psychoactive substances and a small quantity of cannabis. He is due to be sentenced in the Palmerston North Court on 4 December, 2014.

The following month, three Manawatü women, two aged 33 and the other 46, were arrested and are facing charges of importing methamphetamine after two parcels containing a total of 204 grams of methamphetamine was intercepted by Customs in Auckland.

Yesterday morning (1 December, 2014) Customs, the Manawatü Organised Crime Unit, and Levin CIB officers executed two search warrants, one at Levin and one at Waitarere.

As a result of the warrants a 30-year-old Levin man is facing a raft of charges after parcels containing a total of 228 grams of methamphetamine, 25 tabs of LSD, and 558 MDMA pills (MDMA pills worth approximately $28,000) were intercepted by Customs. Approximately $14,000 in cash was also located by a Customs detector dog at the Waitarere property and seized by police officers.

He has been charged with importing a Class A drug — methamphetamine, importing Class B drug — MDMA, importing Class A drug — LSD, and will appear in the Palmerston North District Court today.

Detective Sergeant Dave Thompson of the Manawatü CIB says: “When you deal in illicit drugs you risk everything, and the consequences could see you spend many years behind bars as well as the seizure and forfeiture of any property obtained through the proceeds of crime.”

“Working alongside Customs and our other partner agencies we will continue to strike at the core of organised criminal networks and prevent harm from being caused in our communities.”




    • IM FROM NZ

      Here in NZ those prices are about right. Drugs such as MDMA, Methamphetmaine are rare-enough that dealers charge 2,3,4 times more than other parts of the world.

  2. fuck those police cunt whores.

  3. The only ones making the problem worse is LE Drugs are a commodity just like anything else is people will never stop using drugs. It’s foolish to shut things like this down when they offer those users a higher quality and standard. Than the dude on the corner slinging. And anyone who can charge 50$ per ex pill must live in fucking fairy land.

  4. I’m one of the arrested. I’m about to enter my 3rd month of my 12 month home detention sentence. I was charged with importing 930~ tabs, 5.4g meth (this is what crushed me) and 10g or so of cannabis.

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