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A Carder’s First Experience

We do not support carding! This is for educational purposes only – and reflect the author’s own experience and views only.

At the time of this story, I was new to carding. Saying that I was “new” is a bit of an understatement. I had never used any Darknet markets, and I had barely any experience with Bitcoin. I had a lot to learn. This was my experience.

There are currently few major carding forums such as – Tor Carding Forums (TCF) and Rescator for example. Since Tor Carding Forums had a fee for registration, I decided to use Rescator. The website requires an account to access any listings or to make purchases, but it does not require any payment for registration.

There are two things that are unique about Rescator: first, it is centralized. As the rumor goes, Rescator was a reputable user from a now-defunct Russian forum. After this forum was infiltrated by law enforcement, he decided to open his own dedicated shop. Many of the recent security breaches, including Target and J.P. Morgan, can be traced back to a small group of people who include Rescator. Second, there is no escrow system. Once you release funds, there is very little you can dispute. The site’s only dispute resolution is in the form of tickets. I had to put a lot of trust in a single person.

There is also some terminology that is pretty exclusively used on carding forums. “Dumps” are the collections of data that are being sold. These are exactly what they sound like – disorganized dumps of all data that was collected. A “base” is a collection of dumps that were all skimmed from the same source. The data from the Target hack would be a base, while the data from the Home Depot hack would be another base. The names of these bases vary, ranging from names like, “Ronald Reagan” to “Beaver Cage”. The amount of data that you can expect to still be usable and valid is called the “validity rate”.

In order to purchase a dump, I had to transfer money into an on-site account. This is where Bitcoin came into the picture. I decided not to tumble my Bitcoins. Many people advocate that you must tumble your Bitcoins. The issue, however, is that tumbling Bitcoins does not make them impossible to trace – it just makes them difficult to trace. This is what we call, “security through obscurity”. I decided that, to be safe, I had to make my Bitcoins impossible to trace. Here was my plan: All Bitcoin transactions are publicly recorded on the blockchain. As long as you are trading on the blockchain, all transactions are connected. Therefore, I had to break the chain of transactions. To do this, I used a normal Bitcoin exchange. I converted my Bitcoin to Litecoin, then back into Bitcoin.


The act of purchasing was fairly straightforward. The website itself was very user-friendly. There was a basic filter that could be used to sort by base, country of origin, type of card, among other criteria. When I decided on the card information I wanted to purchase, I added it to my cart. At this point, in order to release funds and receive the dump, I simply clicked a “purchase” button. From the time a base is released, the validity rate will gradually decrease. After a security breach is discovered, companies and account holders begin to close accounts, and the data quickly becomes useless. Therefore, I chose a recent base: American Sanctions, information collected during the recent Home Depot breach.



This is what I got once I received my order. This, at first, was a bit confusing.

Here’s how card technology works: There are two to three tracks on the magnetic strip of a credit or debit card. Track 3 is sometimes not even present on cards, and most major networks only use tracks 1 and 2.

This is the format for Track 1: account number^Lastname/Firstname^expiration date(YY/MM)::bank key(3 numbers)::discretionary data or security key(in this case it was a CVC code – 3 numbers)::Longitudinal Redundancy Check.

This is the format for Track 2:

account number=expiration date(YY/MM)::service code(3 numbers)::discretionary data or security key (3 numbers)::Longitudinal Redundancy Check

A lot of the information from Track 1 is repeated on Track 2.

Now we can make my example meaningful:

Lets divide Track 1: 4631588xxxxx//<lastname>,<firstname>.//1601//101//163//03100495000000

Our primary account number is: 4631588xxxxx

Our account holder is: <lastname><firstname>

Our Expiration date is: 01/16

Our service code is: 101

Our CVC code is: 163

Once I had organized this information, it became a matter of cashing out the card.

The difficulty of actually using this information is figuring out how to use it anonymously. I decided that once again, I would turn to Bitcoin. There are several things a website asks you for when you use a debit or credit card: the primary account number, the expiration date, and the security (CVC) code. Since all of this was included in the dump, I could use the card online without any problems. I decided to purchase gift cards, which I would then sell for Bitcoins. After doing my Bitcoin > Litecoin > Bitcoin tumbling scheme mentioned earlier, I could deposit these into my wallet. However, I never got that far. My plan would have been successful…had the card holder’s account not been closed.

Overall, my experience was very positive. At first, I was just happy that I hadn’t gotten scammed; and after banging my head over my desk a few times, I ended up not being too upset over the card’s failure. After all, if I had purchased a card with an option for a refund, I would have been successful. Using the information, while an extensive process, was definitely doable. It worked very much like any market, with many helpful and honest members.. The people involved were not just criminals looking for easy money; they were interested in the technology and were more than willing to help me. The carding community was just as diverse as any community, and I discovered it was just as tight knit.


  1. “The people involved were not just criminals looking for easy money…”

    Yes they are. Otherwise the author is suggesting that if the DW suddenly dried up of all carding, the poeple involved would stick around and shoot the shit about credit card technology.

  2. Whats up,
    First off, thanks for publishing this and putting so much effort into the informational process of carding.

    Second off, there were a few things that could have been mentioned;

    1) Even going around the blockchain DOES not guarantee anonymity, if fact I’d said a tumbler might be the better option in this case of course that would depend on what process you used to transfer. Let me guess you used litecoinlocal and bitcoinlocal?

    2) The card was most likely valid, as long as you didn’t have a vbv it should have through, that is if you remembered to use Socks5, don’t use tor, and don’t BUY GIFT CARDS/other currencies, because gift cards are technically a currency most credit card companies will automatically close a account temporarily if a purchase is made online using their card.

    3) I’m just guessing though since I have no idea what error message you got.

    • shawn myers

      Jooker if you’re still around, I definitely need some of your guidance, if you are willing. It looks like you know your stuff. I’ll send you my info to reach me.

      • Alex Baglione

        joker… you are most appreciated on taking the time to help others especially ones you don’t know…I have been trying to find the best websites to buy cc’s at and what to use them on that is less likely to get denied on and actually go through…to be perfectly blunt if you were me and knowing what you know now…where would you go if you needed to get a cc and what would you focus on looking for so u don’t get ripped off? ANY INFO would be more then greatly appreciated thanks and bless you…(P.S) if you know any info on (msr206 card reader/writer) & or (msr605 card reader writer) I have both but don’t know the step by steps on how to read the “1”, “2”, & “3” tracks that are on the card and what they mean…how to successfully read them and then erase card but most importantly re-write the card!!…find out and or tell me this info and ill (DONATE TO YOU FOR SURE!!!) THANK YOU AGAIN

      • Alex Baglione

        thanks again..

    • Cougar

      You still around to get dumps?

      • Micheal

        When I go to the site to buy the number do I click card and how will I get the info

        • Midwest Gyrl

          You are sent the card info in a format some vendors on sites like Alphabay use a PGP key which is safe. As far as paying with bitcoins which 95% if the time you will for your dumps. Its best to use a tumbler which mixes your bitcoins up with a ton of other people. I would do that a few days prior because sometimes it takes hours.
          Most of these carding sites are straight scams and I have a list and proof that I will be posting for 2017. Always use a legit site like Alphabay because most vendors over escrow which cuts down getting scammed.Because there are so many apps such as Venmo and PayPal that you can do cash out on.

    • DonaldT

      I need guidance finding best cards to buy please

    • Max

      Man I been losing so much money trying to get some real money carding …I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong if it’s the sites I use or my luck …can you give me any info or tools ??

      • Baker

        When u do find out let me know …. I’m in the same boat

      • b0dykiller

        Did you already find out where you can buy. I am now im the same boat as you

      • Mathyo2946

        Every time you go onto a website it captures certain info of you like resolution, windows, browser, etc. Antidetect you can create a custom browser so site will not know it is same PC. Even if you change the ip address but the site shows your timezone, browser, resolution, etc. is the same they will flag any orders you make. Always use fresh socks5 NB!!!! Some legit and most trusted sites to buy CC: rescator.cm (best by far) ggmccloud.com, Alphabay ({no onion links}). Don’t use Tor just nice clean socks5 will be best.
        Socks5 proxy (premsocks.com)
        Use VMware and run Antidetect (reddit.com/r/NucleusMarket/comments/4piww4/antidetect_65_cracked) inside.

    • Spacelee1

      Hey Joker,I need help taking over Gothem,got a min?

    • Nobody

      Hello Noob looking for help

    • Jeremy

      Your comment is a bomb, Joker.
      I like
      Can we talk better? I’ll like to share ideas with you

    • ddkov562

      if we cant use it on gift cards what do we use it on i have tried to buy gift cards or tickets to places and every card becomes dead

  3. What are all of these carders going to do when the shift from magnetic strip to chip occurs next year ?

    I agree that that his Btc to Ltc to Btc method is definitely not ” 100% anonymous ” and that properly using a tumbler can be better.

    Joker you say Tor may have been his demise ? Is that because the CC companies flag any Tor transaction ? Isn’t a Socks 5 via clearnet still a risk even going VPN –> to socks 5 ? You have to trust that the socks 5 isn’t compromised and the VPN. Also you have to boot your local IP before going VPN ?

    I’m no carder or thief but curious about the crypto methods.

  4. and what the hell does the author mean by saying he would have been successful had he bought a refund ?

    • Nick Xander

      Refund is for the card that has been blocked by the user of the card .
      The refund will be initiated by the cc website owners if your cc has been blocked or not valid. You just have to initiate a ticket in their system.That`s It.

  5. lulz the carders might be motivated by money, but they’re none too bright. it takes very little technological know-how to buy a CC, as opposed to, oh I don’t know, saaaaay……breach a system with MORE than an sqli.

  6. Please stop posting these stupid articles. You don’t know what you’re doing and your article content is very inaccurate.

  7. lol

    muppets yo supposed to use dumps on your on cards for instoring yo!

  8. Joker is my 2nd most person who has kept me fed very fucking well this is not a game and bring real consequences not many last long, if you can analyze and see what others dont stop go to school and run…. plz much love joker

    • i recently used rescator to buy a cc dump however i have not been able to figure out how to add money to my balance on rescator. i used virvox.com to add USD to my generated bitcoin address and wallet using my credit card info, then used my digital USD’s to buy Lindens then used those to buy BTC i then used the bitcoin address given from the instructions on rescator which was generated through a merchent website named pinpays. i then waited 48 hours like rescator.cm instructed for my balance to be updated. however it has now been 72 hours and i have a 0 balance on rescator.cm. i tracked the bitcoin address i sent my Bitcoins to on blockchain.info and the money has been sent to two different bitcoin addresses each splitting the balance. my question is what is happening with my money and will i be able to use it.

    • rescator.

  9. Lol just get an encoder and make sure you buy a dump on the newest base.

  10. Also forgot to mention use hack forums.net to get someone to trade PayPal to btc for you.

  11. What is the best carding forum now

  12. Idk i used rescator and got all my info but nothing worked in my area and also all the phone numbers n zip codes were the same on all dumps so yeah after my 4th info was bought I was like forget this all the info is the same only different is the actual number – cvc and exp but all billing info was damn near the same

  13. rescator shop whack the ripp off and there shit doesnt work

  14. What a waste of time article.

  15. Carders fucking suck.

  16. I’m facing the same problem,I bought a master card at rescator and then after the payment to receive the card I didn’t see the date of birth of the holder,heck the card is valid but I can’t use it for purchase

  17. rescator.cm is not good because the r giving bad ccards . at time of replacement they r not replacing.

  18. How much u got for each valid cc?

  19. Pls what’s the best shop for buying a good high balance cc?

    • Midwest Gyrl

      Go to Alphabay they have the best Vendors there. I have purchased from several with no problem and most offer escrow. Rescator is a scam now, they use to be ok but times have changed and they are on my scam list for 2017

  20. I’m trying to buy dumps

  21. Regular carder

    hello guys, the best place to purchase high balance cc’s is on alphabay and the vendor goes by the name RedSon. Your welcome!

  22. regular carder got it right, many how toos on alphabay too. You can can even find free ones , order , recieve link , download PDF’s , usually instant and read….


      I do not know about you but I do not like alphabay, are crooks and thieves after loading the account I bought and gave me 2 shitty cards, and the other two who were super guaranteed after 4 days are still to come, but it does not end there, this morning i’m going to check if had come as a surprise, and i find that i can not go, because i was disconnected for safety reasons, clear before you scrub the money and after they throw you out.

      • Midwest Gyrl

        Wow! I have never had a problem with any vendor on ALphabay. Yes I have gotten several bad ones in a dump and they were replaced but that’s pretty normal. After being out of the carding game for a few years coming back and getting scammed 3 times by so called legit hackers, the vendors I’ve dealt with on Alphabay have treated me very well.

  23. alphabay market

  24. Somebody Can Help Me with a Shop? im starting i´m from Mexico

  25. The tutorials on carding is trash they tell you to get a VPN and socks in same city as cc but first off tor won’t even let you card any site and if I use same state socks its not working in tor wtf I’m getting frustrated they should just sell dumps in form of card already ready to use fuck it I’ll go pay a crackhead to cash out at arms lol but can anyone help thanks

    • Midwest Gyrl

      Your not even suppose to use TOR when cashing out so that’s one of your problems right there.

      • Northwestern gyrl

        Hello there need help with the whole thing kinda sick of the bull shyt and hours of research for different answers similar answers all sorts of bs but anyways can u hmu?? Cuz I don’t wanna try it and it’s all epic fail lame consequence


  27. Hello guys i’m kinda new to the carding ish and i’ll really like to learn if anybody is willing to help kindly let me know

  28. Rescator.cm = HUGE SCAM
    Valid rate will be ZERO and guarantee NO refund whatsoever, most even come up “invalid account/no such account” code from other unrelated 3rd party checkers. Rescator checker will always return “00 VALID” code

  29. that is classified Intel

    The CVC/CCV is not included in dump data.
    In your article you stated that it is after the exp date. Sorry to break the bad news but that 3 digit number has never been on the magnetic stripe of a card. It is created with an algorithm which both visa and Mastercard change the crypto-keys to every 24hrs. In laimence terms, aquireing that 3 digit code is impossible.

  30. Hi I’m really new to this can some help me out would be much appreciated

  31. Am new hear,someone should help me about how to card

  32. Hi, I’m a little confused about the part on how to buy giftcards -> btc -> ltc.
    Where can I purchase giftcards from, and then to sell it in return for btc etc etc.

    Apart from TOR browser, do you think it’s enough to execute this plan? Or is it safer to go an internet cafe?

    • Midwest Gyrl

      Walmart ecards
      Again do not use TOR when cashing out your cards that will get your card blocked immediately. Make sure you use a fresh Sock5 for every cash out you do.

      • hi, midwest gyrl i m new in this business can you please point me in the rigth direccion sugesting me forums i need to know about cardind and western union thanks a lot.

  33. Cards cant be cloned anymore since chip and pin came into play.anyone selling cards with pin number is actually a scammer.

  34. Just wondering after purchasing a dump, how many times I should use that card?
    Some suggests use only 2 times. Is this true?

    • Midwest Gyrl

      Use it until it is blocked

      • dejavu

        Midwest Gyrl I’m a relative first timer i know the basics of carding but just wondering say i were to use the card to buy sth online how do i protect my self with the delivery location. Do i use proxies and would such items be tracked even though they are shipped out already.

  35. can anyone help to enlighten me in decoding track one and track two dumps and how to use in purchasing anything online. i have a good sock5 and also use Virtual manager.

  36. I am having trouble registering on alphabay. I’ve done all the steps, (tor,onion,etc.) I enter my username, pass, pin and then when I go to the captcha it will not go through. It keeps saying re enter the correct captcha. I know it is case sensitive and all that but seriously can someone please help me. Much appreciated

    • Midwest Gyrl

      Alphabay is very sensitive sometimes, try requesting a new caption and see if that works

      • geldmaak

        hi Midwest GYRL

        You seem pretty clued up on the subject of carding. Is it true that you can by dump + pin to just go to a atm and draw the money or is that just a ripper dream to catch you

  37. Is AlphaBays CC Autoshop reliable? What do the percentages mean?

  38. Northwest gyrl

    Aagghh *smh*

  39. Can somebody please help me out!?

  40. I’m trying to access carders paradise and I can’t get back onto the site is there anyone who can help, I would really appreciate it I have a lot of orders to finish.

  41. has anybody bought dump with pin included that they can use at atm?

  42. Everyone here who wants to get into carding and learn how to properly do it: there are plenty of comprehensive guides you can buy on Alphabay for about 10 bucks which also includes free VPNs,Antidetect browser, Socks5 etc etc.

  43. carding forums 2016

  44. Thanks for the info at LEADER

  45. Please how do I check a card’s balance?

  46. Can someone provide me with a legit Market where I can buy card info ? Please only respond when you are in the card game, God shit has changed since Alpha isn’t online anymore.

  47. Hi people!
    I accualy wonder about getting Dump or getting a Visa pre-payed card! as pre-payed card are less risk, buts in the other had it also make its risky in case you get the product from a wrong market!
    so the question is where can i find maybe a safe listed market?

    thank’s everyone.

  48. Is there a differece between the available dumps and ‘Bins’? I have some bins available but kindda confused on how to use it effectively
    i need some clarifiation

  49. i have card informations of many people but don’t know how to use them. 😐

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