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Darkleaks: Black Market for Secrets

 As it was originally published on medium.com:

Sell and buy information anonymously

Darkleaks is a decentralised blackmarket where you can sell information. It has a mechanism for trustless authentication of documents that are being sold through a novel cryptographic mechanism. The authentication is fair, provably fair. Before paying for the file, a random selection of segments are released chosen by the block chain demonstrating the file’s contents match the leaker’s claim.

The software uses Bitcoin’s block chain to encrypt files which are released when payment is claimed by the leaker. Files are split into segments and encrypted. These segments are unlocked only when the leaker reveals the key by claiming his Bitcoins.

There is no identity, no central operator and no interaction between leaker and buyers. We encourage everyone to download Darkleaks now and start building. The code can be found here.


Unstoppable Leaks

We give the world a new scheme for selling information of any type, form or kind. This is a gift for you to stop corruption and challenge power.

Darkleaks is the best tool to trade any kind of media, information, video, data and documents that have value.

  • Hollywood movies
  • Trade secrets
  • Government secrets
  • Proprietary source code
  • Industrial designs like medicine or defence
  • Zero day exploits
  • Stolen databases
  • Proof of tax evasion
  • Military intelligence
  • Celebrity sex pictures
  • Corruption

Developer Information

Command line tools

To get started, install python-obelisk and libbitcoin.

git clone https://github.com/darkwallet/darkleaks/

Follow the instructions in the README.

Python API

The python/ subdirectory contains the Python bindings.

import darkleaks

source_filename = …

number_chunks = 20

release_chunks = 12

block_hash = …

darkleaks.start(source_filename, “output_segments”, number_chunks)

proofs = darkleaks.prove(source_filename, number_chunks, block_hash, release_chunks)

secret_keys = darkleaks.secrets(source_filename, number_chunks)

See the example.py for more info.

How does it work?

When the leaker selects a document, it is broken up into segments. Each of the segments is hashed, and a Bitcoin address is generated using the hash as the secret key. From this public key, a new key is generated to encrypt the segments. The encrypted segments are released for public download with the list of Bitcoin addresses.


To prove the authenticity of the document, the system uses a trustless provably fair mechanism. When announcing the leak, the leaker chooses a date and number of the chunks to be released. Based on the Bitcoin block hash at that time, some provably fair random numbers are chosen to select segments to be unlocked. This allows the community to verify the veracity of the file and decide whether they want to pay for the remaining encrypted segments.

The buyers then send Bitcoins to these addresses. When the leaker decides to claim the Bitcoins from the private key, due to how Bitcoin is designed he must release the public key which allows the buyers to decrypt the document.

Because the leaker cannot pre-choose which segments are released, the buyers can verify the addresses are correct, and the segments can be decrypted. This makes for an authenticatable and trustless mechanism for selling information on the decentralised black market.

So what’s next?

Don’t be afraid. Come join the revolution and reclaim your freedom.

Article Source: https://medium.com/@ZozanCudi/darkleaks-information-blackmarket-1ee5ac28c892


  1. Doug from Early Warning

    Could someone please tell me what incentive there is for a buyer to say they got the product so the money in escrow can be released to the seller? I have wondered about that for a while. For example if someone buys cannabis with bitcoin on a darkweb site why should he (other than honesty) notify the site that he received it so the seller gets paid?

    • That question is off topic, but I could ask the same about a drug dealer on a street corner, a kid in a suburban high school bathroom, heck if you wanted to take the logic to its end, why would anyone pay for anything ever anywhere? For an easy example,, I could go into a supermarket and spend time browsing the aisles all the while I am consuming the products (and eventually as a cultural thing, it then is causing this action to become more common across the country than not). All the while I’m eating a couple bananas some peaches, a small salad i made at the salad bar, some meat from a hot prepared food item. THEN I go to pay but I am only about to pay for and leave with only buying a Drumstick Ice Cream Cone for $1.50. TWO things –> ONE – YOU PAY BECAUSE IT IS A SOURCE OF SOMETHING YOU WANT/NEED/DESIRE AND AS A DECENT MEMBER OF SOCIETY YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WANNA RETURN REPEATEDLY TO THIS SOURCE.
      (( not to mention if you never release escrow, it will do it automatically in like 14 days or something… to try and rip off someone and go thru the whole DISPUTE process, you may not even come out victoriously not to mention you can say goodbye to ever doing business with anyone ever again. Ppl will know you even if you change your account and name and eveything… there is A GREAT DEAL OF INFORMATION THAT COMES OUT OF A NATIONWIDE GROUP THAT ALL POST TO A CERTAIN MESSAGE BOARD AND HAVE THREADS ABOUT PEOPLE THOUGHT TO BE SCAMMERS AND THEN TONS OF PPL ALL GIVE THEIR EXPERIENCES AND WHAT NOT, AND THE PICTURE COMES TOGETHER QUICKLY.) So, thought id just say what was in my head. Lol.

  2. Well Doug – integrity would be the main answer to your question. Additionally there is no incentive to not release the escrow. You as the buyer of Cannabis will not receive the escrow. Such markets have an auto function that releases the escrow after a given period of time if the buyer does not release or dispute it.
    But that has absolutely nothing to do with this article.

    This Darkleaks is set up as an entirely different system than what you are referring to. It is decentralised – no escrow. It sounds like a variation of P2P technolgy ? The use of the Blockchain sounds interesting but I don’t like that you have to download software. What about security / anonymity ? We all know that you should never download via Tor. How safe is a person selling or purchasing NSA, KGB or Spanish Inquisition secrets ?

  3. where can i find a seller, i don’t want to crowdfundig-it. it’s a one-shot leak, what can i do?

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