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Evolution Marketplace Exit Scam: Biggest Exist Scam Ever?

Evolution market scam

Its been a while since the last time we had to pull this image

Updates will be added to this tag: #Evoscam

Estimated Loss: 40,000+ BTC  (Around 12$ Million)

Well, after posting yesterday about the withdrawal issues its pretty much confirmed now, the admins of Evolution marketplace, the markets thats being regarded as the biggest market currently have been exit scamming and unless proven otherwise, are now gone with everyone’s funds in what appears to be the biggest exist scams in the darknet history since the sheep marketplace scam. There is now to confirm at this time how much money was lost in the process (some unverified claims say around 12$ million) but its pretty safe to assume its many millions of dollars in BTC.

The market is now down and Evolution Staff member NSWGreat posted this on Reddit:

I hate to the bearer of bad news, but I’ve been suspicious the past few days with withdrawals not working and admins usually are more forth coming in explaining to me why they’re slow but they weren’t this time. Just kept giving me time-frames
I have admin access to see parts of the back end, the admins are preparing to exit scam with all the funds. Not a single withdrawal has gone through in almost a week. Automatic withdrawals has been disabled which is only doing on rare occasions

I am so sorry, but Verto and Kimble have fucked us all. I have over $20,000 in escrow myself from sales.

I can’t fucking believe it, absolute scum. I am giving this warning to you all as soon as I possibly could of.

Confronted Kimble and Verto about it, they confirmed it and they’re doing it right now..

EDIT: Servers have gone down, including back up server for staff. I’m sorry for everyone’s loses, I’m gutted and speechless. I feel so betrayed.

The forums are still up at this time (Edit: forums are down now). ScreenShot2015-03-17at6.01.27PM

We will be following and updating as we have new information, but the experience with market exist scams have thought us that there isn’t much to expect, the only thing we can be sure of at this time is that Agora marketplace is about to experience a MASSIVE influx of users.

Just a short reminded of previous exist scams:

Evolution will be taken down from our darknet markets list and moved to the scam markets list, Looking for new market? check out:



  1. Loads of users come to Nucleus instead of Agora, because of the uptime (99.2%) the forum that looks the same as Evo (but is like that for 5 months now – no linking to Evo what.so.ever) and the support thats highly active. Probably Nucleus will be the next nr.2 on DNM and who knows, the next big thing.

    • Yeah you mean that Nucleus will be the next to exist scam

    • subzero!!

      I hope so. It is the most user friendly and has a good design and feel.

    • Agora is the real marketplace. Uptime is not the best. But what is uptime if you have a safe marketplace? Agora is running since Pandora etc. and passed by 3 darknet markets. Silkroad2 /Pandora/Evolution. I choosed agora for 2 years. Evo was like Sheepmarket…

      • Andreas

        Yeah but Agora sucks, and supports scammers on their own. They got some fucking huge as scammers on there, and don’t give a flying fuck.

  2. bastards! where else can i find kalas fullz?

  3. nucleus cant exit scam when there is barely any thing to scam as of now…. if anything , an entrance scam may be imminent…

  4. Come to the Kiss Community they have Tacos!

  5. all what I can say, I’ll spend the rest of my life hunting you, I’ll find and I’ll fucking kill you Kimble and Verto

  6. When I complained last year december, that EVO admins scammed me out of 200BTC (Over $70,000) at the time, everyone called me a liar, and said it was not possible.

    Now they have scammed the rest of you guys of your money.

    I knew Kimbly and Verto were both scammers, and I even posted on this site to warn users, but nobody believed me.

    I also, posted my bitcoin address to show my 200BTC and the disabling of my account by admins after they stole my coins.

    At last it has happened. Anyone that was smart enough to believe me, when I reported that the admins stole my 200BTC should not be surprised by this at all.

    I paid 3 different hacking group 100BTC and promised to pay them another 500BTC if they could dox either Kimbly or Verto.

    One of them sent me a picture, they believe is Kimbly and some information about him.

    The darknet should not have to take this anymore of scamming admins operating darknet market places.

    We should commission the largest BTC bounty on the net and award it to whichever hacker that unmasks them.

    • STjourno

      Want to talk to you about this. [email protected] https://keybase.io/joshtboswell

    • Peanut Gallery

      It’s a pretty pathetic story you have to admit:

      – You had 200 BTC in the market wallet? WHY?

      – You paid a hacker group 300 BTC to help recover 200 BTC… wait, what?

      – You PAID A HACKER GROUP IN BITCOIN. After just being scammed. And you assume that these anonymous hackers are giving you an actual likely photo of the guy you’re after and not, ya know, a picture they pulled randomly off the Internet.

      Boy, I’m sure scammers just LOOOOVE you, you’re one in a million.

    • usqvuq

      i remember seeing your post on the forum actually. there were a couple more like it but no one took them seriously.


      Hi Guys, Am some where in the world at a coastal city. I work with a large Tourist hotel; as a front desk manager. There is a guest of ours that has stayed at the hotel ever since afew weeks after the EVO Saga. He doesn’t leave his hotel room during the day and when going out uses these movie masks, in the evening. They are so real you could not tell they are masks.

      One time our house keeper was doing her morning dailies [Changing sheets and the like] when she looked at his computer work and there was a letter from a colleague named VERTO. They seemed to be in disagreement about share proportions! When he realised she was looking at the computer he jumped to her and slapped her in the face. Then went and complained to the admin that she was not fit to serve him and he would not be guest for another day, if she is not sucked right away! SHE LOST HER JOB.
      He is still guest. Has alot of money I can give you this guy because I am convinced he is KIMBLE.

  7. theywillbekilled

    Kimble and Verto have stollen 12 millions from who? All criminals :)! You are not on ebay here and i will assure you thay kimble and verto will not have a long and peaceful life! Mark my words! It was the biggest mistake of their lives

  8. So what you are saying is carders cannot be trusted?

    If you are not using Multisignature between YOU and BUYER alone. You will always get scammed. Don’t think that any of the other market places will not do the same if they have SITE ESCROW. Probably a tailored Gov operation anyway.

    Look forward to ShadowCash Market or any other Decentralized market with NO SITE ESCROW. Learn to use MULTISIG and take away the temptations of the site.

  9. guys keep calm, if the site wont come back
    online im gonna call my friend who is in the
    los zeta cartel and im pretty sure they will find them.
    also new beheading video will be coming online :)

    • STFU, you can’t even get your own drugs without going online, twat. Of course you don’t know any cartel, thats why you were on a market buying drugs.

    • VORTEXZ94

      HAHA lmao. I hope they do get beheaded I will send out the anon crew to fuck them and kill their relatives.

  10. EVOBounty for whoever doxes, locate, find, or provide any information relating to Evolution former admins.

    The Evolution Darknet Marketplace has committed an exit scam. All the bitcoins donated to this address ”132NNTQe91K4aG6JjTkvtMeATgciUWqp9V” will be awarded to any hacker that successfully doxes either Kimble or Verto former admins of Evolution Darknet Marketplace.

    Let us not allow them get away with this exit scam. Let us all donate bitcoins to the #EVOBounty address and offer it to whoever (hacker or analysis) that successfully doxes Verto or Kimble.

    The closing up of EVO darknet marketplace and theft of over 40,000 bitcoins have affected us all. Once these stolen 40,000 bitcoins floods the market, the price per btc will fall again to record lows.

    On December 2014, Evo admins stole 200BTC from me. I went online informing everyone that the website is a scam. Now it has proven to be true. They have stolen over 40,000BTC (Over $12 milion) from their users, to say the least.

    If we do not try to catch them now, this will continue to happen in all darknet markets. If we do not try to put a stop to these exit scams by darknet marketplace admins, then there will never be any secured darknet market for us.

    It is time to put a stop to this once and for all. Let us donate as much BTC as we can to catch these two scumbags. All donations made to this bitcoin address “132NNTQe91K4aG6JjTkvtMeATgciUWqp9V” will be given to the hacker(s) that doxes, reveals, or locates Kimble/Verto.
    If you value the free darknet marketplace, donate to “132NNTQe91K4aG6============”.

    Am sure if the BTC amount is high enough, all hacking groups around the world will help us to find and locate these crooks. #EVOBounty.

    • UkraineDoNotPlay

      Ukraine underground is already on move.
      We lost ~100 BTC each. People with heavy equipment.
      Verto, Kimble both Russian, our own enemies.
      You wish to supply then donate:
      ’19PYT4{no addresses}
      Will provide proof if caught/doxx.

    • VORTEXZ94

      you think a bunch of clever cunning criminals are gonna donate to a random address after a massive scam?

      Think again smart guy.

      • Stinkyfart


      • clever criminals? now that is funny, why would anyone with half a brain send money away and expect drugs to come in the post? These sites have all ended in scams or arrests, except BMR.

        • sopa

          and the silk road… and the second silk road… and agora…

          • Wad

            I wish the non informed stirrers would stop talking about Agora as if they know something.

            Agora is back up now and all coins are safe unless you have been reported as a scammer and they might seize your account until sorted.
            If they get no answers or if they get proof the account has been scamming then they will seize the account and keep any funds.

            Many of those who make the most noise are full of shit and just trying to stir shit.



        • Not a sucker

          Lol I got more than half a brain and I get plenty of Drugs in the mail. Are you retarded? Have you spent anymore than a coule minutes reading about darknet markets? If you did then you know that you can get any drug you want in the mail reliably. So what if all the makrets are destined to be scams or get taken down by LE, it hasn’t really affected my ability to get any drug I want int he mail.

    • you name me

      Indeed world is a small place. Please contact Urgent:
      about info on KIMBLE

  11. Fuck U VERTO&KIMBLE!!!!
    $12 Million ? CONGRATS BITCHES!


  12. if we find them and kill them, also kill ALL family
    members they have. email me when some1 knows their name:)

  13. Thank you, you´re FUCKING ADMINS – you destroyed one of the best places on earth. ON EVERY MARKET U CAN JUST WAIT FOR THE BIG BANG BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL SCAM NOW – THANKS !!!

    MOTHERFUCKERS, i will create my OWN SHOP NOW ! :D

  14. ytcfvygqhkbsjdfqskjdhf

    I will NOT trust any more sites now when it’s not multisig only. Yes, multisig only ! I know it will be hard for people to learn how to use it and for all the vendors to adopt it but WE ALL KNOW IT’S FOR THE BEST. Upvote me if you agree :)

  15. Hey guys,
    i buy at the last time a lot of products at evelution. I am a noob at the darknet. I have to say. The BTC on the evelution wallet are lost? and there is no way to become back? what is with orders with the status shippt 3 days ago. will the come to me or is this away to? oh my god. so much money. I spend a lot of btc in hash, speed and cocain. can we or i everything do? what is the futer of evolution. Please give repeat! Thanks

    • Bert

      sorry man – your cash is gone. It is a shame. They created something so wonderful, so technically sophisticated, simple to use and effective – and fucked us all. I hope the will burn in hell. and agora will have to hire staff.

  16. If anyone has working email to popa please email me to [email protected]

  17. Hello to all dissapointed clients of Evolution marketplace.
    Try check mine marketplace – it is using multisig and I will be have listing available there soon in week max. two (because unfortunately I am currently out of stock, but there is also others vendors).
    And also feel free to ask any question.

  18. I’m a former Level 5 vendor at Evo and later an admin. Verto has been playing ball with the Feds for sometime now (see my post here reddit dot com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/2uva60/evolution_market_renamed_le_market/)

    He had been keeping the pigs at bay by offering them some arrests and stuff. He got them to believe he was bettering the market and getting in more honey into the pot before he turned it over. The feds let him grow.

    He kept the authorities from attacking him by making some of the feds become admins. BlueHigshSky for example. They even made arrests of uninformed buyers and sellers. But all petty stuff no big names.

    But he double crossed the pigs too and has made off with the loot.

    He’s done the best possible thing cause with the feds breathing down his necks, he knew he wasn’t going to last to long.

    Frankly what he’s done is a better thing to do than what Sabu did.

    Verto’s no God with technology. He’s just a carder who got together a good team, kept a cool head and didn;t waste time showing off. He hardly knows how to clean his coins and he can do nothing more than use some standard carding community ways to encash the coins. If anybody cares, inquires in carding circles, looks for growing and moving money and follows the coins, they’ll get to him sooner than later.

    • DeepDotWeb

      And this is based on what info / proof exactly…?

    • Oh jeez, now youre trying to say we should thank Kimble and crew ?? What a croc.

      If that was even partly true, the person involved would not just run. If they already have the cops after them, no sane person would add the crims as well.

      They could still have run with some money and still left the rest in escrow for the peeps.

      A simple post on the front page saying LE was sniffing around and in 25hrs the market would be going down would give most peeps the chance to exit safely.

      This was a simple greedy grab for money with confidence they cant be traced. I do hope someone dox’s them for real.

      Karma is a bitch fellas. I hope i get to hear about it when it comes for Verto and Kimble.

      I wouldnt want to be them for 100Mill. Stupid greedy fools

  19. I cant belive it, but whats with orders that marked as “shiped”? Are they sill coming?

  20. When will people learn, don’t hand over money till the drugs are in your hand. This crap won’t ever work, send money and expecting something back is a fools game, now the idiots been scammed AGAIN, how many markets are going to scam millions before people learn?
    If you can’t get i yourself, don’t rely on criminals to be good guys and get it for you.

  21. Deepdot seems to have performed a soviet-style rewriting of history, and has eleminated the British Tor Vendor’s Associations marketplace warning which triggered all this, posted at 11:15 GMT that day.

    We voted unanimously to call them out at 10AM, having information from two evo moderators (neither British nor American). Our vendors on EVO agreed to write off their escrow and ship all orders (one wrote off 43 btc). They were given an hour to retrieve all the info to complete the orders and say goodbye to evolution for the last time, and Agora were contacted and warned to expect an influx. Aa a final act, Evo vendors noted their deposit addresses, made small deposits, and the details were given to SheepRoadReloaded2 and Blacktracker.

    At 11:15AM, BTVA published its marketplace warning.

    Evolution’s desperate owners countered with a tribute post. Being carding fraudsters, it concentrated on our members drug dealing and was heavy on the meth jokes. It was already too late, we were pointing at the evidence, and the usual american trolls were looking at our finger and saying how British the finger is, instead of looking where it was pointing.

    Evo was abandoned 10 days early, saving users and vendors millions of dollars. A new marketplace called “ironclad” was hastily launched to try to hoover up the displaced Evo vendors before they joined Agora. It should have launched a week before Evo was scuttled, its timing 3 hours after BTVA’s marketplace warning fatally holed it below the waterline. It won’t survive.

    A third Evolution moderator, a British heroin addict, hastily changed allegiance when he knew the gig was up, and put Evo to the sword with his secret insider knowledge that he was part of a scam.

    Please don’t credit him with this. He would still be scamming for another 10 days if two of his european compatriots hadn’t come to the BTVA with information, because we were the only vendors they felt they could trust to be uncorrupted, and who would have the balls to finish off the owners of a darknet marketplace. We’ve got form for it.

    We have noting but respect for Deepdot, because is summation of events o Reddit is usually spot-on. But a lot happenned yesterday.

    • BTVA

      ..if you’re wondering why it always seems to be broke-ass British vendors doing all this thankless work, and why the two whistleblowers came to us instead of a powerful US-based vendor:-

      That’s a good fucking question. Why is that?

      Maybe its because not one american vendor has ever lifted a finger to help during a marketplace exit scam. They have totally failed to organize in any way, shape or form. I doubt anything would be organized even if you locked them all in a brewery together.

      When something major occurs on the darknet, their customers just stand around making witty comments to hide their embarrassment at their own lack of gumption and serial failure to respond during every crisis. They seem to be resigned to their fate as rape-holes for every darknet bad guy. Their postman scares them so much that they have to have letters explained to them, so its not a shock to see them stunned into inaction when a robber runs by, instead of sticking a leg out.

      We considered removing the “B” and just being “TVA”, but we can do without the lumbering dead weight of american vendors when we have to think on our feet.

      America:- you need to put on your big boy trousers and remember that you’re the leader of the free world. At least start punching your weight. If two vendors get together, the rest will come.

    • Wad

      Are you saying you knew about the exit scam before it happened ?

      What vendors apart from your own did you notify ?
      Sounds like youre bitter you couldnt profit more from it yourself with the Ironclad reference.

      Apart from the normal pommy jealously, why the yank bashing? You think its just yanks that sit on their arse and watch shit fall. It is a worldwide problem.

      I fail to understand your reason for even posting except to tell us you knew about it before it went down. You told no one except your own closed group and then come here and act all high and mighty ??

      Stupid whining pom. Shut the fuck up and leave the yanky bashing for someone who actually does help others not just their own.

      I seriously cant believe you posted as if youve helped out in some way.
      I think people can certainly blame you and your group for expediting the collapse in the end.
      You threaten to expose the admins and seem surprised they ran and didnt stay up another few days ?
      If they had stayed live for another 24-48hrs, i wouldnt have lost more, it would be less.

      You have nothing to be proud of that i can see nor anything that gives you the right to randomly bash areas.

      Keep a stiff upper lip old man and enjoy your tea and the drizzly depressing weather. Also the indians and pakistanis you now share every corner with
      London smelt bad 20+ years ago, it must be overwhelming now.

      My grandfather was a pom and proud of it. I dont tell anyone in person that anymore.

      He would be ashamed of what they call Britain today.

  22. I have information about vert

  23. I have some infromation about Verto, if someone is interested give me a heads up.
    I lost around 100btc , if someone did loose big, please give me email, we can do something about this, i have a feeling that nothing is over yet.

  24. yourmumgetsrapedtodeath

    “Joe” from the comment might be one of them.

    • I wish, if I had anything at all to do with it I wouldn’t be hanging around. I just find it funny that these safe markets are continually scamming people but they still come back.
      The only thing I use these markets for is entertainment and every single one has provided it in spades.

      • Wad

        Another LE stirring shit. Enjoy your entertainment.

        The profits are so large for some, that is why they come back.
        It is cheaper for buyers and generally better quality. Simple shit sherlock, a totally pointless remark from you shows you are just spreading FUD

        You might have missed the whole point of the darkweb while watching the soap operas it creates.

  25. 50 BTC Verto Kimble phone 24h
    1K{scam bullshit}

  26. traced him and now on my way with 20 other guys full armed.
    will arrive in max 30mins:) if some1 else wants his position right now email me at {scam bullshit}

  27. 50 BTC Verto Kimble telefon 24h
    no scam no bullshit
    {scam bullshit}

  28. owner of this site (deepdotweb.com) is one of them

    DDW Edit: Sure we are, since we don’t let you use our site to scam BTC out of people who lost money, we must be one of them.

    • Thanks DDW for saying that and being part of it.
      I wouldnt trust any random making promises and wanting donations.

      @niqquhzbelike You ask for donations then try and say there are no coins for you to take anyway ?? Peeps obviously will donate from new funds or wherever.
      Without DDW or similar onboard to support you, not many will take the risk

  29. ” Sure we are, since we don’t let you use our site to scam BTC out of people who lost money” jeah how can I scam btc from people who dont have any?

  30. I’m looking for the user 1990 forum of Evolution, are 416618 if you read this message please contact me at email: [email protected]

  31. pffff focking bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lost 30BTC !!!!!!! fucking mawf#ckerSSSSSS

    i need a new place where the best pp accounts are with trustworthy vendors!!! and with allot of pp accounts

  32. Ill keep posting this.I have some infromation about Verto, if someone is interested give me a heads up. Im from Baltic States ( northern europe ), would be glad to see some on from Germany and US whos interested in getting the lost money back.
    I lost around 100btc , if someone did loose big, please give me email, we can do something about this, i have a feeling that nothing is over yet.
    I have some information about verto, dont have any about the other scumbag now.

  33. Why British does not use their own market and currency ?
    Also you could allocate part of transaction fees to feed a bounty reward community basket in case of scam.

  34. Thank you guys for your money. You will never locate us coz we are professionals, all vendors in EVO were low skill fags giving us a lot of coins. We will create another market soon to rape you again.

    Thanks so much, kiddies. Very easy!

    With love,

    • ALL vendors in (sic) Evo were low-skill fags?? Ahahahahaha! You Admin WERE (most of) the vendors! And you’re absolutely right, you are all fags! Ever wonder why certaHin vendors made it to the top ranks so quickly? Think about it…

      Those guys will spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders. Hiding. And sooner or later they WILL get what’s coming to them. You reap what you sew peeps.

  35. Time to stop bitching about AGORA. Looks like there will be no other site with the same integrity as SR1. Too bad, I had just started using EVO and had all good experiences with every vendor.

    Looks like peer to peer markets like Majestic Garden are the way if you do not want to give away BTC to scam markets. I understand the desire for violence but really folks, don’t stoop down to become the scum the dirtbags are.

  36. I guess in the end all markets will end up be performing a great scam over its user, the police is arresting their greatest and famous vendors, other markets are closing redirecting more traffic to the ones that are still working, so thats much, much, much work to afford, when you can just erase some CPUs and online backups and live a long life with tons of washed money. I hope I’m wrong because im a frequent buyer in agora.
    Hint: I never opt for greatest sellers, they almost always have the high prices and are in a higher risk of getting arrested, so I always choose the one with no more than 300+ deals and at least 4,6/5 rating. And of course I keep myself updated in DDW. XD.

    Nice work guys.

  37. Evolution was a place for dumbasses script kiddies and all types os scammers. Is very funny to see those lots of dumbasses crying like virgin bitches.

    Go away motherfuckers. All were fucked hard and it is very funny.


  38. im trying to connect in nucleus for a while and it becomes very slow and down sometimes .
    it will take a lot of patience before something like evo …

  39. Guys Evolution v2.0 will be out soon, don’t worry, we are working on it ;). We are sorry that all you lost your btcs but we are working on that, verto and kimble scammed us too and we are working here to provide a perfect multisignature market. Thank you for your patience, on evo v2.0 all new staff.

  40. Someone petition anonymous for help, i lost money too, a cpl hundred, i was in the middle of a deal. i highly doubt theyll be in the USA. unless they have relatives here, collateral damage.

  41. Evo was not so bad i have make good deal there, but now i have lost 13 € fuk : )

  42. Hello,

    I’m looking for the mail address of richard “ice man” KUKLINSKI of evo does any one have it ?

    mail me about it plz

  43. Find Verto fundraiser up and running. Got hackers on the line tracing steps of Verto and Kimble. BTC address: 1NSc34rZ3f4nKsjpEP52bptohwUDxohaaR

  44. When oh when will we learn to not give our money to websites the internet!

    Should use Nxt Marketplace next time. True peer to peer exchange with no central authority that can run away with all customers funds.

    google it.

  45. “Vert” & “Kimble” : EXPECT US!

  46. go get them oldbobo…damn rippers, lost over 1200 btc. iam pissed.

  47. eastern777igor

    Hello kimble and verto……if your reading this or any of your buddies are,

    my message is i want my money back, last warning…remember these names assholes “Semion Mogilevich and Gizya” and what they can do to you….

    last chance.
    deposit my money into :1M6q7BPQ89FJNX9DnUyQ6zAURmGYkwU6B3



    • Lol!!!! Lol. Loooool!! Patetic kid trying to threat me with bullshit. Lol! Rember, you don’t have any contact in mafia, faggot! You only have a PC, milk, television, a bitch ass-opened mom and no more bitcoins from your shit products.

      You lose, motherfucker. Scammer now got scammed. We win.
      Thanks for all your coins bastard, I will use it very well in my long and funny rich life.

      Bye bye mafian boy! Lol, Lol Lol LoL, lol PATETIC FAGG

      • Igor

        I did not got scammed by you but since you are rich now could you spare a few BTC? like a thousand maybe? Would be awesome!!

        Just deposit them here :19p————————6r1JLwf

        Thanks dude ;)

      • BOMBER7

        You didn’t get a single bit of a single coin from me, bitch. The use of “LOL” is a clear display of low intellect & thick wankers always slip up, it only being the genius that becomes the megastar of crime. You have probably already slipped up & if not you will. If you have someone you love they will probably be targeted first, to make you suffer, then it’ll be your turn. We used to spend an entire week dismantling wankers, if we let them live they were broken men. I’m not after you but I know the types that are, they are like me & I’d gang rape & acid burn your families women, gang rape, torture & slaughter your families men, blind & cripple the children. That is what you are dealing with, enjoy =)))

        • Kimble

          LOL! You are watching too much game of thrones your dumbass faggot! You are a kiddie in PC crying like a bitch.

          Thanks a lot for all money!!!!!

          I’m enjoying the best vacation of my life. I never imagined it would be so wonderful to travel in my own sailboat for so warm and crystal clear waters, good food, good drink, incredible parties.

          Thanks guys.

  48. Bolgar from Evolution Market

    Dont add me if you cant answer to the following questions:

    What was your name on evolution market (fucking scammers) ?
    What did you buyed from me in the past (with proof) ?
    What was your wallet adress ?

    When you send me friend request dont forget to submit this otherwise i will block you!

    If you dont know me, i dont want to know you, this is only for my old buyers from Evo.

    ICQ: 651232834

  49. so what happens now

  50. -__- so sick of this BS

    First off, why the fuck can’t we keep a market going for more than a few years at a time??

    Also, I’m looking for UnknownSeller. If anyone happens to know how to get ahold of them, please lmk. I have their PGP still and want to get ahold of them about a recent purchase.

  51. Someone’s government is involved in this. May have been government all along who knows. There is no way these market places can run without government having a part in it. My best guess is evo stopped cooperating. All this is only possible because our governments allow it, like all of us they can change there mind at will.

  52. So if we don’t know who Kimble and Verto are.. theres a possibility they could be admins for other popular market places?? Is this correct or are there ways of knowing??

  53. It’s incredible that many guys expect professional thieves and card fraudster/hackers conmen running these centralised marketplaces (with all the FBI/worlds legal resources on their asses 24.7) to be gentlemanly and business-like.. You don’t seem to get it, this is criminal enterprise, and you’re dealing with criminals! EXPECT to get ripped off at any time. If it’s not MAYBE, its a question of WHEN. Keep your exposure in these markets absolutel MINIMUMAL then they can’t rob you of much! It’s time the entire marketplace moved to a completely decentralised model. I was saying after SR1 takedown and I’m saying it again ow after successfive takedowns and exit scams. Centralised markets are sitting duck targets or too temping with escrow for criminals to do exit scams.

  54. WrongPriorities

    You guys are thinking small picture. Look at the big picture. You’re mad that two fellow stole several million dollars. Banksters on Wall Street stole several trillion. Focus your outrage on something that would actually change society for the better. Want to kill Verto and Kimbo? Go kill the CEO of Bank of America instead.

    • Verto and Kimble directly affected me.
      One also hopes that most decent human beings are not individuals who would blatantly steal from other individuals who can least afford it.
      Steal from government or corporate entities, they pay insurance and will always be compensated.

      Bank of America scam, Mortgage scam that resulted in the GFC did bugger all personally to me.
      It actually reduced the greenback against the Aussie and we were parity for a while there.
      Our PM at the time gave us all $900, we had a fat time in Aussie that year.

      Bank of America CEO ? Seriously lol

  55. This is a great opportunity for LE to get real time data from the post office. Once the markets are back up the post office will be full of drugs AND DOGS. A lot of busts will follow this downtime.

  56. sheep marketplace fatbstrd got pwnd and your turn will come. and we wont kill you, we make u to a lolita doll and then send u to jail getting raped by bbc’s =) and after that we go for all of your whole family and turn them into lolita dolls too and sell them = $$ and u got what u deserve.

  57. A COUPLE WEEKS AGO I GT MASSIVLY SCAMMED BY THE FAKE MARKET GREENROAD. ITS THE FIRST TIME GETTING RIPPED OFF ON THE DARKNET MARKETPLACE. AND AMMWARNING PEOPLE AGAISNT THIS ONE. normally i am extremly careful, but i got careless i guess. and am in th proccess of trying to recover any funds i can. dont let this happen to you. any donations to help me get back on my feet are welcome. happy shopping people and be careful. 18stR4tihEXnh76Vcx8QVY3WyUKmcfuS9s donations more then welcome.

  58. Nucleus, Middle Earth, Outlaw, Abraxas etc. are all run by zionist agent VERTO and his bunch. Beware! They are reporting some people to LE and are involved into ost evil crime. BEWARE!

  59. Hi Guys, Am some where in the world at a coastal city. I work with a large Tourist hotel. There is a guest of ours that has stayed at the hotel ever since afew weeks after the EVO Saga. He doesn’t leave his hotel room during the day and when going out uses these movie masks, in the evening.

    One time our house keeper was doing her morning dailies [Changing sheets and the like] when she looked at his computer work and there was a letter from a colleague named VERTO. They seemed to be in disagreement about share proportions! When he realised she was looking at the computer he jumped to her and slapped her in the face. Then went and complained to the admin that she was not fit to serve him and he would not be guest for another day, if she is not sucked right away! SHE LOST HER JOB.
    He is still guest. Has alot of money I can give you this guy because I am convinced he is KIMBLE.

  60. I know where these guys are, They are running a site on google called paysafecard-exchange(dot)biz I know this is them as any criminal knows you can never get enough even if you made the one big score, This is fact, They are running that site. Any hackers out there need to focus there skillz on getting these fuckers, That site is them and i put my life on it. So anyone who can hack get hacking these guys they robbed everyone on that site and now they are up and running another site.

  61. Some smart ass mofos man. 12 Million dollars goddamn. I doubt they’ll be found anytime soon, since they obviously know the dangers and risks of working on the dark net. I’m sure 12 Million dollars is more than enough to provide them security for a long ass time.

  62. What? Are you people surprised that an unethical market does an unethical move? This sort of stuff is anonymous and on Tor and thus is unregulated.

  63. phiniusmcklintock

    i heard a rmour that just makes seen ! remember when agora went down and came back just so we could empty our wallets and finalize deals ?? well maybe it was more like L/E took it down and offered mods reduced sentence if L/E could oversee all transactions (including postal addressess for that period ) makes sense good vendors are vanishing hey !!!

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