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Urgent PSA: Stop Doxxing Yourself!!

With the recent massive influx of traffic on this site, since Evo went down and even more since Agora is down, there is also a massive influx of people doing all they can to doxx themselves (post their own personal details) along with incriminating information like:

  • What they ordered
  • From which vendor
  • From what market
  • Their name
  • Their address
  • Their picture
  • Their social network profiles

Whatever it is, WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW. PLEASE STOP! For the seriously low hanging fruits among you, i will be more specific:

  1. Stop sending us mail with incriminating information about yourself from your personal GMAILS (they are being deleted immediately!)
  2. Stop commenting on the site using your real name and email along with incriminating information (Deleted upon sight!)
  3. Stop commenting on the site with your own pictures in the gravatar along with incriminating information (Deleted upon sight!)
  4. Stop posting market reviews with personal information about yourself (Deleted upon sight!)
  5. Same for the Q&A section (Deleted upon sight!)
  6. Don’t tweet about your DNM activities from your personal twitter account (Ignored)
  7. Don’t send Facebook messages detailing your DNM activities (Deleted upon sight!)
  8. Same for Google Plus or any other digital & social communication channel (All Ignored!)
  9. Don’t go on the forum and post your details – email or whatever (Post and account are deleted)

If you are one of the people who:

  1. Did at least one of the things listed above
  2. Have trouble understanding why you shouldn’t be doing those things

Please find yourself some other online activities.


  1. Totally agreed. Find yourself other activities.

  2. Everyone who is doing business on a darknet market has to meet certain minimum standards or they are a hazard, not just to themselves, but to everyone else.

    Get a netbook that will boot from SD flash. Remove the hard disk. Install TAILS Linux on an SD flash, then slide the write protect tab to lock. If you can’t navigate the places you need to go with this setup you have no business being here in the first place.

    Once you can get around OK with TAILS, the next step is Whonix. Keep the gateway and workstation virtual machines in an encrypted file container and pick a VPN that you can fund with Bitcoin. Cryptostorm is the only one out there that takes Bitcoin and doesn’t require an email address as your identity.

    And get your Bitcoin out of the markets and into an exchange protected by two factor authentication. You can do that on the downlow as well, but DDW will have to post my recent submission so you can see how.

    • mister bickles

      what abt a SSD?
      i heard they’re good….they ‘wipe’ every-thing on re-boot…

      • Peter Mühlson

        SSDs are wiping data?! ehmm… no!

      • No. The best that you can do on an SSD is to force TRIM. You can not securely erase an SSD. Please use your favorite search engine for more information about why that is the case.

        I do not support criminal activity, but not everyone on the darknet is a criminal. If you NEED to remain anonymous and to cover your tracks, then you NEED to use an HDD. Never an SSD. Anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant or they want you to make elementary mistakes.

  3. Good PSA, and while hopefully obvious to most, sad this seems to be happening to such a degree. Many ppl neglect privacy for sake of convenience too much, and won’t be motivated to do differently until they get in deep shit .. :/

    Many newbies & young folks prolly around here who wouldn’t have figured to obtain and use TOR without extensive guidance explaining all step by step in simple terms following a default template recipe for access, the straight-forward single-click browser bundle and all..

    The fact something is a bit tricky to reach and less known is good for many reasons, like how SR1 was in the start.. a fairly small community (compared to todays,and numerous ..), made pretty sure only ppl with a basic minium of knowledge would access, knowledge usually based on experiences assuring they’d know better than to do as these people are, and much more.
    Likewise keeping children and unwise youth out the market more effectively, working as a noob-filter, protecting many people frmo themselves in the process..

    Good of you making this article. Hopefully more will become aware, and get the chance and motivation to learn, before they risk suffer the consequences.

    I don’t like these overly public and increasingly “mainstream” aspects of this all…. will be bad for many reasons, not just the individuals placing themselves in harms way unintentional thru ignorance, and eventually security of us all,too.

    This stuff is too public its getting scary =P

  4. You’d think that if former Vice President Dick Cheney could go on national television and admit to actual war crimes (torture, murder, etc) without consequence, folks could cop to a bit of harmless vice on the DNMs. But that ain’t how it works, is it. Only little crimes are prosecuted, while big crimes are rewarded with a spot on Meet the Press.

  5. and visit deepdotweb through vpn or proxy or tor… simply because deepdotweb.com is using cloudflare that can record all IP addreses that use this or that website. cloudflare is american company and if they don’t cooperate with nsa, they would be shut down, cloudflare is honeypot. if you want to have business in the US, you can’t go against FBI&NSA&CIA.

  6. You guys, I’m still waiting on my 147 kilos of afghan heroin # 4 to arrive from this dude somewhere in Canada. I am outraged because I paid for overnight shipping and it’s been 52 hours now and I’m still waiting for my sweet, sweet brown sugar!

    Agora, why did you have to do this to me? My children are starving now that I can’t sell my research chemicals to strangers in Brazil. Cuz, hey, who cares if anyone’s really tested to see if these chemicals are safe, but if they have even a remote chance of getting me high… sign me up! Whoop!!

  7. Why does DeepDotWeb even have social media accounts? And not just one, but they are on every social media site, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc? All I see to the right of this page is *Follow us on Google+ and Twitter* *Like us on Facebook*, friend us, be our fan, smell the honey, yada yada!

    There are over 2,000 Facebook fans of DDW and several of their profile pictures and names get displayed on this page. Most of them look like they’re still in high school. Stop tempting them!

    • DeepDotWeb

      Using Social media is OK

      Posting incriminating information about yourself all over social media / public sites is NOT OK

      I never imagines that this logic so hard to grasp

      • You think? The data mining capabilities of LE make it trivial to run a heuristic scan of all private FB messages (which they have access to) connected to people “liking” a specific page. How about then linking to USPS photos of mail (every single piece!), then how about linking to fuzzy logic matched photos of known illicit packages? They probably have better things to do, but make no mistake, they CAN do it.

        Give NOTHING away in regard to your connections to dark net markets! NOTHING!

      • DeepDotWeb remove the social media honey pots or we walk.

  8. What about securing your website fucking retarded of webmaster

  9. Another thing never use your real name on social media. Never talk about your street or secret stuff on there. Only use social media to promote your legit stuff, and talk about bullshit.

    people should make a social media site on the darknet. No real pictures or names allowed.

  10. “Get a netbook that will boot from SD flash. Remove the hard disk. Install TAILS Linux on an SD flash, then slide the write protect tab to lock. If you can’t navigate the places you need to go with this setup you have no business being here in the first place.”

    I wish I knew how to do what you just said… but I don’t – supplementary, I use mac. I can’t even figure out how to get my AB account to be 100% secure – it’s 55%, and I don’t understand how to get the 2fa/pgp.

    That being said, denigrating noobs isn’t particularly useful and isn’t going to stop us from using the dark net. I don’t even know where to turn to for help =/.

  11. A vlogger on You Tube with many layers of vindictiveness got a website up and running: nogaslighting dot com.
    She uploads You Tube comments which substantiate trolling, stalking, harassment and gas lighting, esp. gas lighting. That’s her thing.

    Have a look and tell me your thoughts
    I will then get back with the doxxing part of the story.

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