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The First Ever r/DarkNetMarkets Meetup!

DeepDotWeb is proud to take part in publicizing the first r/DarkNetMarkets Meetup, we will donate 5 tickets to the top commenters on this site & Another 5 tickets to the top commenters in the Reddit thread, Details:

Hello everyone!!! we’re so excited to present the first ever /r/DarkNetMarkets meetup! We’ll be offering free drugs, free booze, and free food. All funded by your favorite moderators and vendors. This will take place June the 9th-11th in Lisbon, Portugal. You are probably asking yourself why Portugal? Drugs are NOT illegal in Portugal!! How awesome is that? so there is nothing illegal about having this meeting!

Due to obvious OPSEC issues a few rules will be put in place:

  • 1. Nobody is allowed to say who they are at the event
  • 2. Masks must be worn at all times, get creative!
  • 3. No outside substances. All products provided have been tested for legitimacy. We want to avoid the need of calling 911
  • 4. To request an invite, your Reddit account needs to be >60 days old. This is to prevent possible LE showing up.

If your reddit account meets the criteria go ahead & visit the site below to register & learn more about the event!


Here is the official flyer! It’s time to get hype:

6UJtiJg[1]As this is the first time running the event we’re expecting some hiccups along the way, but we are seriously looking forward to meeting you awesome people from the community! All feedback is welcome and should be posted in the comments.

Meet your favorite mods & vendors

Market mods and admins, as well as some of your
favorite vendors, will be meeting in LISBON PORTUGAL on June 9-11. Portugal has decriminalized ALL drugs over ten years ago and there is nothing illegal about having this meeting! That’s right, drugs are NOT illegal in Portugal.

Sample vendors wares

We will be talking about how we can make darknet markets work again and the vendors have promised to bring some samples of their wares to the meetup. (Repeat: drugs are NOT illegal in Portugal).

Guest & Speakers

  • There will be many speakers including Chris Tarbell, Jared Deryeghiayan, Shaun Bridges, and Carl Force.
  • Topics will include Proper bitcoin cashout techniques, laundering, and of course OPsec


  • This is all possible thanks to our many great sponsors…
  • DeepDotWeb.com, CryptDesign, Darknet Solutions, Grams Darknet SE, Middle Earth, Best Korea Market, Bailey Jay, Black Bank, Kimble and Verto, and /r/darknetmarkets Mods!


  1. Funny. You had me until I got to guests and speakers.

  2. God I can’t wait to see all the reddit threads made by retards who think this is legit.

  3. Until the guest speakers you had me….

    • Aliquis

      Hahaha, untill GUEST SPEAKERS they had you !?!? That’s even funnier than this April fool’s joke. “Drugs are legal in Portugal” didn’t give you ample food for thought ?!!?

  4. wow, im a tard, very nice

  5. Hello DeepDotWeb.com

    We demand a free ticket to Portugal so that we can participate in the meetup.

    We truly understand the movement of freedom and fully support the legalization of weed.

    Please send a air ticket including the admission to
    PO 8888, White House
    Anon Superior of Carl Force

  6. Sounds awesome, I’ll be there!

    I don’t like traveling too much, and all the way to Portugal, but I’ve heard they got decent beaches there and will make this a combined common holiday.

    I would much prefer good time in advance to allow preparations, I will desire securing reception from the postal services while there – not simply delivery to the hotel, in addition to what the vendors may supply.

    This got me very excited, I can’t wait. Please do not hesitate providing further details when appropriate and as soon as possible, as I would appreciate being allowed early preparations.

    Though I’ll mostly be wearing my Guy Fawkes mask if I turn out to be of the lucky able to attend, can’t wait to see many you great bunch of people there, and would be certain to entertain with some secrets of my own I am sure will be educational, as OPSEC is my specialty.

    This made my day. I’m starting preparations to ascertain my attendance right away.
    – again, I will need planning beyond the scope of the main adventures planned, among other securing some mail boxes for a supply and variation of methamphetamine (mainly) while there.

    C U ALL

    Your sincerely,
    Mark. (Many vendors will know me from my handle already, im kmark85 on the main markets:)

  7. 1. April, Ha Ha Ha

  8. R/Darknetmarkets meetup have misinterpreted the Portuguese law and have misled you, either from their lack of ability to understand the law, or because they want you to be arrested on site.

    Portugal passed this policy in 2000, and it came into effect in 2001. It is legal to carry small user quantities of drugs, but anymore and you will be subject to their law in the same way you would any other country.


    Anyone who attends this meetup is asking to be in trouble. I don’t even understand how deepdotweb can be supporting this. Shame on you!

  9. Just spotted this:


    This is all possible thanks to our many great sponsors…
    DeepDotWeb.com, CryptDesign, Darknet Solutions, Grams Darknet SE, Middle Earth, Best Korea Market, Bailey Jay, Black Bank, Kimble and Verto, and /r/darknetmarkets Mods!

    Hahahaha being sponsored by Kimble and Verto. Funny joke guys, you had me there for a sec lol!

    Have a very happy and high April Fools day everyone!

  10. Jeffrey Lebowski

    If I were a seller, I would not go there to be recognized …

  11. great news, I hope that the necessary measures are taken against LE

  12. DN’s meetup, at least for fraud is every year at Odessa/Ibiza.

    No respectable member will go to fuckin’ lisbon.

  13. loool – I got the next: login to agora is possible and the market is fast *lmfao*

  14. Ah ah ah ah! Lol…at least portuguese people will know instantly its a april fool Joke!! Not illegal!!! Lol

  15. Jupiter laughing

    HAHAHAHA Well you got ME for sure!
    Since I have never been to Portugal and do not know their local law :D
    Kimble and Verto sponsoring this event made me laugh out lout :D :D
    This was the best April’s fool joke I have ever heard.
    BUT even better – reading comments from people who really believed it and are all angry over it. I am pretty sure they won’t be able to sleep at night Hahaha. Good one, Deep Dot Web!

  16. I’m changing my handle to “top commentators”.

  17. Oh no! I’ve got a murder/ rape seminar on the same date..

  18. Hope LE takes the bait lol

  19. HaHa! Awesome!! Perfect idea! I would have taken it all the way for my own enjoyment and not given it away by listing the guest speakers and sponsors. Then I would have followed the thread and laughed every day at what I gave birth to. Can you imagine what people would have been posting in the applications and on the subreddit for this “event?” Very well done though DDW!

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