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Is Vendor “weaponsguy” On Agora Is ATF/FBI?

We won’t normally post something like that, but in this case we think that the evidence should be presented to the users so they could decide for themselves.

Following the case of Hyannis Man who was Charged With Bitcoin Purchase of Firearm and Silencer on ‘Darknet’  and upon further digging into the details of the criminal complaint of the defendant (posted in the previous link) made by /u/gwern who posted a summary of his findings on Reddit – showing “weaponsguy” account on Agora as an account with high likelihood of being the honeypot vendor account who sold the gun to Justin Moreira, the post is brought to you here (Source & discussion):

The prior probability is very low, and rereading it, there’s clear indications that it was not a vendor shop like Armory but definitely one of the DNMs – see pg5-6 where Moreira complains about site uptime, deciding it’s probably not an exit scam, and complains having so much money tied up in escrow and telling the seller that he can get onto the site if he wanted to. Makes a lot of sense if, eg, they were talking on Agora.

EDIT: actually, I think it was probably Agora, and the flipped seller account may be ‘weaponsguy’. Several reasons:

  1. Agora confirms that Moreira’s user-account jd497 is already registered there
  2. the above complaint, worrying about an exit scam and alluding to major downtime of the market, makes perfect sense if it’s Agora, but almost no sense for Evolution (which was noted for immaculate uptime and speed)
  3. I can find no plausible matches on the Evolution market or forum for jd497, Walthers, PPKs, etc
  4. besides the Walther, other items mentioned as available from the seller include silencers and AR-15s; ‘weaponsguy’ sells both, and specifically sellers a silencer compatible with at least one kind of Walther
  5. ‘weaponsguy’ discusses on his profile how he came back from ‘vacation’ very recently, in November 2014 (no date in the complaint is before January 2015) and his feedback jumps ‘233 days ago’ to ‘133 days ago’; this fits a past pattern with flipped sellers (specifically, Dark_Mart on Evolution had exactly this pattern, of going on vacation and months later returning to active duty). They mention a very interesting problem:

    We are back off vacation mode!!! We just had to straighten some very old bad feedback out. The buyer sent a message to administrators verifying that we sent package.

    Would said buyer have been busted and was now cooperating with LE to restore the good name of a flipped seller?

  6. ‘weaponsguy’ boasts about how he is the only Agora weapons seller who doesn’t require FE but does escrow; Moreira complains about all the money stuck in escrow
  7. ‘weaponsguy’ ships from the US; as the complaint indicates, and the USPS tracking page shows, the fake gun shipment was from the USA (Montana, specifically)
  8. ‘weaponsguy’ has a custom order for “JD” (p/hJwPA42kez) for 9.76638799btc, which must be recent; while 9.7btc is bigger than the quoted deposited 8.75btc, this seems like an interesting coincidence, and it’s worth noting that the exact order of jd497 kept changing (the final one seems to be a PPK/S and Ciener silencer, pg6), so the difference may be due to exchange rate fluctuations, extra expense of the final weapon, or jd497 simply already had ~1btc deposited.

Still looking for a smoking gun of selling a Walther PK380… My mirrors are not turning up anything definitive, so it may have been a private listing or done informally over PMs since ‘weaponsguy’ implies in his listings that he can get all sorts of things for particular buyers. Still, I don’t have to rely on guesswork here; since ‘weaponsguy’ is an active seller, the Agora admins have even more need to identify the LE account and I can simply ask them whether ‘jd497’ purchased from ‘weaponsguy’ recently in March – if he did, that clinches it and is proof that ‘weaponsguy’ is an ATF/FBI-controlled honeypot and also that my interpretation (weaponsguy flipped in late 2014) is probably right.

(The USPS tracking number, 9114901123086964548791, is still valid and shows the order from Montana, but I can’t find anything about where in the USA ‘weaponsguy’ ships from, and in any case, a UC’s shipment location has no necessary connection with where the original weaponsguy shipped from.)

…One Thing to add for point #8 is that the current exchange rate for the BTC amount of Agora’s listing p/hJwPA42kez  is exactly 2500$  – Same as the total amount of money paid by “jd497” / Justin Moreira according to page 4 on the criminal complaint.

The Criminal Complaint:


  1. holy shit …i was talkin to this dude not long ago, its a mine field on DW!

    • Honestly, if you’re talking to a seller of gun or poisons (ricin, cyanide, abrin etc), you should be assuming even odds that they either are or will be LE. The rate of flipped accounts and busts is ridiculously high given how they do next to no sales.

      (And note that even if you don’t buy the identification of ‘weaponsguy’, that just means that the flipped seller is someone else! Because the complaint for Moreira is crystal-clear about there being an undercover account.)

      • GwernGotBalls

        Damn, Gwern! Kudos I guess for walking this line. I sincerely hope your house is in order and that you have paid every cent of taxes since the day you were born. lol

        If I were an investigative journalist I would not, in a million years, flutter the feathers you do. Be safe!

        A friend

  2. Deepweb isn’t the Disneyland, although both words start with letter D.

  3. Agora has already restricted this user. Good job! Let’s try our best to keep LE off the dark net!

  4. fbi_ridiculous

    That’s so much effort to catch one weapon buyer when there is probably few hundred per months, that fbi is so ridiculous…

  5. heeverydaymailman

    Words cannot express how much hatred i have for LE. This is our game. This is our world. Those agents involved will face the fury of deepweb. Strength in numbers. They’re testing our weaknesses. Friends, family, partners, let us respond appropriately.

  6. Theres alot of them every where on the markets, i heard a story about a dude caught buying from amicofriz, and weeks later i heard storys like that from others buyers.

  7. oh my god!!! wtf is goin on there?
    thats no myth thats a witness protocol of a judas.

    it sounds/reads a lil’ “curious”, doesn’t it?

  8. This Americans Gaytards sucks.
    Drop a Bomb over America and hope that all this naive idiots Die!!

  9. I’m not a cop! You must believe me. Please send me your address, telephone and SSN and your nicknames in dw. I will send free weapons for first 10 customers who contact me.

    • crazzeyhorse

      Why would you want to buy weapons online like this? Go to any gun show and start networking minus the long hair.
      The best silencer is a pillow or a potatoe. Besides weapons are bad vibes and mostly useless.

  10. Is there any trusted gun vendor around then ? hard to believe

  11. i dont understand why people in the usa would ever buy a gun from the darkweb in the first place its easy as hell to get one legally in almost all the states. even if he was a felon it still wouldnt be that hard to get one from a private sale. i only use the darkweb for drugs ?

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