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Interview With AlphaBay Market Admin

As I have mentioned in my previous article about Russian communities and how they perceive the dark net, I will be interviewing the biggest names in the deep web trading to understand more about their growth strategy, security and ultimately creating a big ranking and comparison table that can be used as orientation to users based on marketplace features, fees, products interest, credibility, security (and others).

The reason why I chose AlphaBay as my first pick was that in my previous article , several Russian members were discussing where all of the fraud population went – AlphaBay. In addition, it was rumoured several big-time Russian vendors (of various products & services) were going to open up shops at AlphaBay and be part of possibly the first merge of English fraud community with its Russian counterpart under the roof of this marketplace.

Several russian forum members discussing closure of Evolution and where the carding community has moved, one user explains it moved to AlphaBay

Several russian forum members discussing closure of Evolution and where the carding community has moved, one user explains it moved to AlphaBay

I first want to thank a friend of mine, which I have known for many years, that knew alpha02 and provided me with direct contact information via Jabber (admin consent) that enabled me to conduct this interview. The person I’m interviewing today is the main administrator at AlphaBay – alpha02.

Bear in mind, timestamp was changed and the full jabber of the administrator was hidden and replaced with “alpha02”.

### Interview Start

Joshua G.: hey

alpha02: hi!

Joshua G.: i was given your jabber, you are owner of alphabay?

alpha02: sure i am

Joshua G.: can you provide pgp signed text with the words “verification” so that we can get the interview going!

Joshua G.: ok, confirmed.

Joshua G.: How was AlphaBay & its community affected by the exit scam that Evolution pulled off?

alpha02: A lot of reputable vendors and buyers were shocked that Evolution administration could do such a thing. But everyone knew, the trading must go on no matter what, so there was an influx of ex-Evolution members who after registering with us, are now happy to trade on our marketplace platform while enjoying the wide range of security and organizational features we have to offer.

Joshua G.: What increase have you saw in terms of users, posts and trading volume since Evolution exit scam?

alpha02: In the 3 days following the closure, we had 18,000 new registrations, 7,000 new forum posts, and around $300,000 in trading volume.

Joshua G.: What is your vision for AlphaBay? How do you see your market progress and grow in six to twelve months?

alpha02: We see ourselves at the top spot, since we already have everything it takes.

Joshua G.: What are the features that AlphaBay provides to its users?

alpha02: Multisig transactions (2/3), FE for verified vendors, regular Escrow, vacation mode, shared account access, fraud forums, bidding on auction-style items, search features everywhere, message sticking, and much more.

Joshua G.: What is the current personnel of AlphaBay? How many people are handling disputes?

alpha02: Me and 3 moderators.

Joshua G.: What kind of security is in place to protect buyers and vendors?

alpha02: The money remains in Escrow until the buyer finalizes or a moderator resolved the dispute. For FE orders, vendor have to pay 0.5% per order as guarantee in case of exit scam.

Joshua G.: Can you tell us a little bit more about how FE works on your market? Because it seems to solve core problem for orders with FE.

alpha02: Vendors must put a USD $300 guarantee deposit, and 0.5% per order is taken and put in a guarantee fund in case the vendor decides to exit scam. $300 is not enough because exit scams often span over a few days, therefore the percentage taken on orders is used to mitigate this issue. Vendors need to have at least 100 sales for a value of $5,000 before asking for FE, however we can waive this if the vendor has good experience on another market.

Joshua G.: Do you have any security staff available to answer user questions or respond to critical user findings related to the security of AlphaBay? Has AlphaBay software been tested for security holes?

alpha02: Yes, you can contact “DS” (acronyms only) if you have any questions in regards to security. After coding the marketplace and setting up the server alongside with its security, all software & infrastructure was thoroughly tested by “DS” as well as several other people. We have made sure to have created a stable & fast marketplace web application which has been built with security in mind right from the start. We are proud of the high level of security & strict security procedures we have here at AlphaBay. We would like to assure all of our users (both vendors & buyers) that their security, privacy and anonimity rank first place in our priorities list.

Joshua G.: A user named Couirvoisier was staff when I reviewed your market, now he is off the team. I’ve read several topics and most of the community were complaining of indecent judging of disputes by the ex-moderator. He became famous for his $1 uber accounts, were it all fake?

alpha02: Courvoisier is a good vendor and is selling legit stuff. His business was simply incompatible with moderation functions and could cause conflict of interest, so he will only be selling on the market.

Joshua G.: It seems you truly give power to the community – something rarely seen nowadays on any forum or marketplace. What other things have been done by user request?

alpha02: Without a community, the marketplace would not exist, so the community holds the true power. We implemented multisig, shared account access, and many other features that users requested. We want to have every imaginable possible feature to be the #1 market.

Joshua G.: You seem to implement all the right features needed by both vendors and users. How and did you mitigate the recent attacks on the Tor network where all dark net markets where down?

alpha02: We tried using alternate addresses, but there was not much we could do. The sales were terrible during those 4 days.

Joshua G.: Why did you decide to start such a community?

alpha02: I knew that I had a lot of people behind me because of my TCF expertize, so I thought it could be a good source of income, and also permit users to continue trading in case something happened to Evo (which happened).

Joshua G.: Are you not afraid of getting busted?

alpha02: I am not. I am absolutely certain that my opsec is secure, and I live in an offshore country where I am safe.

Joshua G.: Will the dark net community be seeing more projects of yours?

alpha02: I plan on expanding AlphaBay to offer more services, but that’s still to be determined.

Joshua G.: There were several rumours that Russian vendors will be offering their products on AlphaBay, is this true?

alpha02: Currently, I can’t give out much information. But what I can tell you is that we are trying to work with our Russian colleagues to enable each of us to enrich our base of vendors and buyers, which will lead to more opportunities for buyers and certainly increase the profits of Russian vendors while weeding out the ones that resell their information 3 or 4 times the amount they are purchasing it for.

Joshua G.: Do you agree with the dark net community claiming all carders and fraudsters are fakes?

alpha02: By fakes, you mean rippers? Yes, there are some rippers here and there as there are in any business – drugs, weapons, counterfeit items… but thanks to features like multi-signature and FE with deposit guarantee, buyers can be safe during transaction and make trading a hassle-free experience! As far as carders/fraudsters go, we do have honour and try to practice good business. Unfortunately, because of news around Evolution exit scam which enforced the public opinion, that because Verto and Kimble were carders, all carders are bad, sometimes people think of us the same without checking the facts first. No need to explain how we are different – come and see for yourself all of the security features we have at AlphaBay – multi-signature transactions, PGP 2FA, FE with deposit guarantee as well as functions not implemented anywhere else – auto-fill orders (perfect for fraud vendors), shared access feature that allows a team to work together. We are running a marketplace platform that offers ease of use, flexibility and high level of security for more than half a year.

Joshua G.: Personally, I’m excited about what you are going to bring next to the scene and how AlphaBay will continue to compete against places like Agora, Nucleus, BlackBank. Thanks for the interview & good luck.

### Interview End

I hope you have enjoyed reading the interview as much as I did doing it. Certainly, AlphaBay is an interesting market to watch and see how it will develop not only infrastructure-wise but as one big community too. Speaking of big communities, will other markets be implementing new features to respond to what the administration at AlphaBay has recently introduced? Stay tuned for next interviews that will reveal the answer to such questions and much more.

Yours truly,
Joshua G.


  1. I don’t think the “” is supposed to be there haha

    Otherwise great interview i will be switching to alphabay very soon seems my kind of place. expect me :D

  2. Alphabay look a great MarketPlace.
    From what i see actually i think on the top 3 of the best marketplaces.
    Cashout almost instantly and Alpha02 answering very fast to tickets.
    I have personaly moved my business there after the evolution exit.
    For protecting everybody against Scammers on Alphabay, maybe can be good idea to request Fees for vendor registration like on most of the marketplaces.
    Also, because us, Vendors, we have lost all our good feedbacks and reputation from Evolution, would be good to be able to get back the same Level as on evolution or at least some ‘reputable vendor status” by providing signature key and link to Grams.
    I am not sure also to understand the interest to allow to post 0 $ price listings….Just helping the scammers to build fake profils faster and for Free informations, there is already possibility to post topics on forum.

    Thanks Deedotweb for this Interview and thanks Alpha02 for your great Marketplace, keep going !…

  3. High level of security lol all transactions while “anonymous” are 50/50 the best you can do on this bitch is pay and hope. One doesn’t need 1000s of reassurances of shit either your gonna vend or your gonna scam . Arguing otherwise means your either part of the crew, a fed or a fuckin retard.

    • Jooly

      What da fuck are u sayin man? Alphabay is best security look Agora what happen? – hacked hahah. They say security for us important – hahahah funny shit ! Agora sucks balls now slow, always down and still get hacked fuck them, next downtime and they will exit scam with fuckin’ nucleus and blackbank … alphabay always up and not get hacked even ONCE, there is ripper there too but wat can u do bout’ it??

      • PORK

        Your an idiot why is agora more likely to exit scam than alpha bay? You don’t know who the owners of any DNM are or their motives.

  4. very nice stuff lokoing forward to new things bruvs

  5. very interesting insight into alphabay seems best place to be!

  6. agoraisgoingdown

    Agora is going down for sure LOOK at all the tell signs offline ALL time, next time it offline you GET COINS STOLEN.Better not trust anyone and use multi-sig escrow !! Alphabay will be receiving lots of my coins nao!

    • chinesesavior

      Agora is the most trusted market by now, NEVER scammed none person, always retuned after security patches. If you are a chicken, go to fuck yourself before bitching and spreading FUD to promote a shit market with 2 months or less of life.


        Yet again ppl who are unprepared and not do their homework speak. I do not promote anyone, I LAY DOWN THE FACTS. Agora is most trusted market -hahaha no comment here.
        shit market with 2 months or less of life -alphabay has most features of ANY other market,not one can step on its little toe.for the record alphabay has been here since summer of 2014, do the math … retard.

      • uWuzGeniass

        Lol . Look at this genius….

        The wuz da bestes guise… Day always nice and nobodies Eva ripped off..

        Then you know…they fucked you all

  7. of course when evolution open all was happy to sell etc , but wait some months and we will see AlphaBay is gone with everyone btc its a game , and this is russians carders ? so what do you expect from carder man ?

  8. alphabay was in the background in my eyes, well until recently they introduced digital contracts a very unique and original feature imo. it is clear they are here for the long-game. and about them being russians? so what? are you racist? And what if they are carders too? Carders can be honest and can do legit biz, i just visited alphabay and i see it with my own eyes. All of you brainwashed monkeys who think 1 time, 1 market (evolution) was ran by carders and they scam and now every carder is a scum bag. What about your politicians? They scam you every year and still you accept new ones by bending down, keep hating and keep paying those taxes. For far as you know, admins of other markets can be carders to or ex-carders.

    Get a fucking life man people like who talk shit without checking the facts reaaally piss me off. Jeez…

  9. Luv this place I just can’t figure out the last part of the PgP process im a little dum when it come to this stuff unfort.. I always get to the final stage then wham stop dead in my tracks also hit a snag buying my but coin today and monday being a holiday so yea unable to actually do anything yet but looking fwd to it.. If any one can mayb simply this for me I run a Mac if not I’ll keep trying the videos but they just run them like it’s second nature to them haha I need like a tutuorial for dummies…

  10. He’s lying. AlphaBay moderators are scammers. He says that sellers have to post a $300 bond. A ‘new’ vendor was allowed to join for just a matter of hours, steal my balance, and then disappear. When I asked about the vendors bond it was clear that the scam vendor was either the moderator BigMuscles or some associate of his. No sellers bond, no security for buyers. Avoid AlphaBay at all costs.

  11. There is a ripper here and in the darknet,tuxedocrew he is also goldbankcards. Same person posing on two websites. Exit scam is his specialty. Immediately you pay him, he is off and he parades himself as a legit hacker. All reviews on his sites he writes them himself. tuxedo dont come under my comment to claim you are genuine because you are not

  12. when you’re a vendor you know you’ll love alphabay. their policies is an advantage for thieves. their escrow system are liabilities for buyers. this is probably the most overtated marketplace on DNM. Alphabay is disaster waiting to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do exit scam anytime soon.

  13. Sadly, all the good on the ear stuff alpha02 said in this interview has been shown to be lies.

    Alphabay cares nothing for its buyers and is possibly, maybe even probably, actively involved in facilitating stealing from the buyers.

    As of now, this is a marketplace to avoid…

  14. How can I track. MY order.? It’s a day late

  15. Carders claiming to have ethics? Laughable.

  16. I’m very interested in order ace fentanyl…I need help..

  17. Hello dear friends,

    I would like to report about my experience as a Vendor at Alphabay.
    I am registered as a vendor under Yunus88, have completed more than 600 successful purchase transactions without a single dispute or a negative feedback from a customer.
    I have a customer satisfaction of 100%

    This can be check on Alphabay under my name yunus88.
    I sold my products via Escrow. After a while I was suddenly no longer able to transfer my credits from Alphabay to my Bitcoin address.
    After repeated requests to the support and endless attempts, the Alpabay clearly frozen my credit.
    Thats during more than 3 Weeks !
    The support / staff member was BigMuscles ……

    It is not even possible for me to buy something on Alphabay.

    – I have never been on a wrong link, phising is excluded
    – I have not forgotten my password
    – I have not forgotten my PIN

    Each time I have received from the support other excuses which never led to the problem solved.

    Then I have read on some page that the support of Alphabay stealing the money from Vendors.

    What happens on Alphabay?

    All conversations were held by Screenshoot. I can proof everything !

    All sales via Escrow have been completed. There are no complaints.
    Alphabay refuses to release my money!

    To Alphabay Support:
    I want to have my bitcoins! My name is yunus88 and there are more than $ 5,000 frozen on my account.
    Yes, I say my name and the credit so everyone can see what can happen to a seller.
    For society I am perhaps a criminal, I shit on it!
    But I’m not a cheater and thief as it seems to be the administrators at Alphabay.

    I’ll tell you something else, you are maybe the No.1 in Darknet but do not try to fuck me!
    As well and thoroughly as I work as a salesman, I will make your machinations public. Then it is not about $ 5,000, but about the principle!
    I will work 24hours per day, 7 days in the week against you !

    Then I fuck you!

    • DemonicMnumonic

      Checked what you said out and it seems you are not the only vendor, or customer for that matter, having trouble with payment disputes on Alpha, especially with the mod BigMuscles who seems to be an indiscriminate scammer of anyone. Thanks for the heads up, I have since moved my business elsewhere and suggest others do also until moderators like BigMuscles are purged from the market and payment disputes are settled.

  18. Hi Guys!

    I am a customer on various Darknet markets.
    For some time I have found a seller on Aphabay which is reliable and the ordered goods always shipped.
    Now I have to hear from him that he can sell nothing more on Alphabay because they have him his bitcoins! Why this?

    Apparently, some responsible at Alphabay lousy dogs are dirty dogs who want to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

    I found my salesman on other markets again and boycotted Alphabay!

  19. You mean happyholland?
    Wich market is actually good and trusted?
    At Alphabay the Mods don’t help in Case of Dispute anymore….

  20. Hi guys. Thanks for all your comments. For a new person like me, its really hard to gather all the knowledge. I guess I will have to go through a lot of forums, comments and marketplaces before I can actually start gaining smth from the DN. A lot of bookmarks to be made. Keep sharing. Peace.

  21. Are you afraid of being busted

    No not at all

    3 months later busted
    Top notch security

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