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Meet The Market Admin Who Was Responsible For the Ddos Attacks

Without getting into too much details – a market was responsible to at least some if not most of the DDosing of the past 2 weeks, luckily the ddoser account got hacked by another market admin who was extorted by him (TRD), and all communication documented – its pretty much self explanatory, added some comments:

* Need to point out that he wasn’t responsible for the initial ddosing – but onlty after he was contacted by the ddoser

At first,  he was ddosed himself and was asked for a ransom to stop the attack:

More chatter with the ddoser:

Wants to take out 8 markets:


Will pay 200$ a day for the attack or 6000$ per month:


Partnership with the ddoser:


Make up your mind:



Want to become Evo:
More talks:
Keep it secret:
You got paid:
Abraxas is down:
Make a post with DeepDotWeb about the ddos mafia!

Ddos status report:

We need to optimize the attack:


His comment to DeepDotWeb when asked about the above:

Play nice!


  1. Huh. Did MNG2 really propose turning the market into an ongoing scam using fractional reserves? Shocking if true, but screenshots are easily faked…

    • DeepDotWeb

      These are dead real, i know his writing style pretty well.

      Also see the last 2 images from my chat with him – no denial.

  2. A lot of very embarrasing things were said. We said what ever it took to try and convince these guys they would make money with us if they gave us a break.

    Worst day of my life right now but it is about survival of the fittest

    • crab juice

      youre a douchebag.

    • Mr Asshole


    • dusted nugget

      Hope Mr Nice Guy 2 burns! Greedy, greedy SNAKE!

    • trololol

      seems you got a big cock in your arse. Run Mr. nice guy, run..

    • MNG2 Vendor

      all you guys are talking shit, i have read the full convo ss above and like you guys wouldnt do the same???

      When someone is trying to kill your business and you dont know what to do then you do everything in your power to save it. Why the F would he care about other marketplaces, his business is important for him. and i can only say i would do the same if i was in his shoes.

      For me personally it was fucked up, i am a vendor on 3 marketplaces which where taken down all week and i almost couldnt sign in to fulfill orders.

      I have made a lot less money due to the DDossing and i’m frustrated about that too. But still i understand it and as i can see from the convo, he didnt really had an other choice.

      I guess this is the end of MrNiceGuy, i made 10 bucks in totall lol in more then 2 months vending lol but hey, the design is cool and i really thought there was potential.

      Sadly enough it has to go like this.

    • AKA Mr. Funny Guy (Am I right people)

      Hello Mr Funny Guy! Thanks for the entertainment and thanks DDW. The other day I was thinking to myself It is probably the lower markets ddos attacking the bigger sites. I think it is a good strategy, entertaining also. I mean cant we assume other markets would also use this strategy. Now u are in the spot light and i think i will go check out your market lol. I don’t really think our money on Mr Nice Guys market is any less at risk then on any other market. Well maybe a hair. Thanks DDW

  3. What a loser I’m glad I never even considered starting to vend on that market. I always knew it was trash somehow.

    Hope everyone withdraws and let that turd rot in his greed.

  4. I swear I only follow dnm’s these days, because of the drama. This is all too much lmao.. This fool is gonna exit scam for sure.. If not immediately it will be when people start pulling their coin out en masse. One benefit of street sales is that the lions keep the hyenas in check.. On dnm’s all sorts of punk ass nerds use anonymity to get over on people that they would shit on themselves if they were confronted by in real life..

    • radium_fire

      Yup, he totally did outline a scheme for running it using fractional reserves. This kid doesn’t belong on DW he belongs on Wall Street where he might be able to get away with “creative financing.”

  5. Hahaha this guy is a fucking idiot !

    I know some people in FR and NL that have founded his real identity ,he is a french computer worker,
    He is curently tapped by some people so don’t worry he’ll never become too rich :D

    Such an amateur shouldn’t own a market this is crazy…
    The guy is busted anyway trust me guys but this revelations kind of fucked our plans…

    So if someone is ready to pay a correct price to get these infos, we are ok to negociate about that.

    The French Hells Angels

    contact : [email protected]

    ps: This message is very serious we are not here to waist our time

  6. lol – You guys act surprised by the nature of Mr. Nice Guy. Folks please remember that this isn’t Amazon.com here, it’s the darknet. Just like in real life, shady shit does happen behind the scenes when you’re dealing with a multimillion dollar illegal enterprise.

    You can either hate it or love it, but that is just the way it is. These type of things have to be accepted. It’s the same deal with DPR ordering hits. It’s not pretty, but this is what keeps everyone in line. You can’t go to the cops when someone either extorts or steals from you, but at the same time you have to make an example out of them. If not, then you’ll just get ripped off again.

    It’s a cruel world out there and you gotta accept these shady actions. All the major markets do it (even your favorite ones), it’s just a matter of getting caught.

    • Keep people in line eh. The hits DPR ordered were falsified schemes concocted by a corrupt fed pretending to be a cartel enforcer and scams cooked up by someone claiming to be a HA. The admin person he thought was stealing from him-that he hired a federal agent to perform the hit on- wasn’t even the one stealing his coin. It was another fed that took over the Admins access and pocketed the coin. So how does your logic apply to dark market strong arming ?
      As far as the ddosing that simply amounts to opportunistic extortionists and inter-market competition.

      Neither case has managed to ” keep people in line “.

  7. Trust in DDW.


  8. backfireizabitch

    Can any one say BUSTED !!! You are so fucked Mr Nice Guy. Wow that sure as shit back fired and blew up in your face didn’t it. I luv it. Guilty, guilty, guilty. You even admit you tried to turn an extortion against you into a partnership to fuck over all of the other markets for personal gain.
    What a loser. If you had just paid it off you would still have a viable market. If you had paid an expert to defend you from the attack you would still be viable. Instead you resorted to some sleazy, slime sucking, belly crawling, pathetically desperate, poorly thought out attempt to fuck over every other market. You made a very bad decision. You will not be the next Agora. You will not cause the other markets to falter. You and your market are dead. Time to dig a ditch, grab a gun and spend the rest of your days hiding in it.
    Obviously this low life is going to exit Mr Nice Guy Market. He has no other options. I highly recommend all members get out before he steals your funds.

  9. MrNiceGuy made an appalling effort of trying to disguise his country of origin with laughable pretend pidgin English. If i can spot that English is really his main language any LE could.

    His use of text obfuscation for good opsec is bad. He rates himself far too highly. It seems it’s now mandatory for dark market owners to be complete narcissists.

  10. You sorry twinkle-toed dick snot eating greedy coin-whore=
    Your site really blows anyway. I went to the site, took a shit on the page and left. collaborating with douchebag ddosing scum. hope you you get yours and BB as well

  11. Wow, Mr Nice Guy 2 is the shadiest! Greedy bastard wanted to shut down the markets and pull an exit scam. Everyone withdraw your coins if you got em..stay far away from that site. Thanks DDW :)

  12. nice job by the real deal. Threaten a hacker and get hacked yourself! Mr. nice guy isn’t so nice. You might as well remove his listing from the site. Put it in the scam department.

  13. Turns out Mr. Nice Guy is not a nice guy in the end…


    Is it just me or is this some funny shit) How did DDW get these screen shots? From the ddos hacker? Can anyone please explain what the ddos does? How do these work? anyone) Lol not surprised mr nice guy is down. The ddos guy probably owns another market. and just took one of the markets out of its way. How u ge4t these ddw?

  15. Does TRD store clear text passwords, I assume if it was easy to hack an account on MNG the coins would have been stolen a long time ago. But since that has not happened it must be that the TRD had a clear text password. Or worse TRD are the DDOS guys that played the situation like a flute.

    But some thing is not right with either side here and TRD is also hiding some thing.

    • TheRealDeal

      After getting hit for a very short (15 minutes?) period of time by this unsophisticated DDoS attack, we got a message via market support, saying we need to check our logs and pay the address in order to stop the attacks.

      We replied by saying we are going to delete this account but we want to talk about payment terms on a different hidden service (that was controlled by us).

      This was a simple php+ajax+sql based “chat” which required registration and the information was saved unencrypted into the database on that server. During that chat we tried to fish around for more information about the attackers but with not much success (might be Russian but not sure).

      We later took this password and hashed it the same way our market does to encrypt passwords, and noticed that it matched…Since these were still early days into the whole ddos rampage, we didn’t find any other market having this user/pass combination, but after things started to get worse about a week later (I think?) we decided to try again, this time being able to login to (no more) MR. Nice Guy .. we wanted to see if he paid or perhaps this was a legit user that made purchases, and found out what you see in front of you… we monitored this account for quite a while, sorry for the delay – we wanted to see how it might evolve…

      • So you managed to convince this ddos extortionist to log into a chat hidden service controlled by you to discuss the terms ? He was dumb enough to do that rather than meet on a secured neutral chat like jabber / pidgeon ? You aquired his pw which was the same user name / pw he used to log on to your site-TRD- ? You later discovered it was the same pw username he used to log on MrNiceGuy and this is how you aquired the screen shots ?

        So this guy who was capable of building up a botnet strong enough to bring several markets to their knees didn’t have better opsec sense than to use the same user / pw for multiple sites and allow you to reverse hash his pw ?

        I find that a little difficult to believe. It does make a great story with you-TRD- as the super hero. The chronology of your article on DDW about valiantly defending a ddos attack which neatly preceded this article about you infiltrating and exposing the ddos bandits with their semi forced partners in crime The RealMrNG.

        It all makes for a great story of cyber intrigue though. The reading kept me entertained

        • Mr. Nice Guy

          Thank you for this comment.

          The worst part was the exit scam comment, but there are more powerful markets with more cash than me. I had to make it sound like I was the best option.

          It never ment I intented to follow through!

          But it did buy time and a few days where their cost was being covered by extra sales. That was the rational behide those messages!

  16. TRD is behind this big time am a vendor on TRD and many more markets. look at this I have not sign in on TRD market for over two weeks for was not getting any sale yet or much questions about products so I didn’t really go on I was work with the more busy market for me. just recently I log on only to see the TRD site admin dispatching orders shipment for me, telling customers order is on it’s way when I did not fill any order for I was not online on that market, how do you work that out. People my view to it something fishes is going on, my word of advice please be very cautious when on to TRD. right now in my view Alphabay Market works best for both vendor and customer. TRD I think is using clear text on their site not safe.
    As for Mr.Niceguy at least we now know he is not working with LE, he was going to run market for about nine months to a year get big funds in an then take off messing up good vendors once more like EVO, BB and Ironclad.

  17. DreadPirateVic

    If this is the case does that mean MNG has a big role in the BB scandal. I don’t know if the DDOS attacker was going to target BB even if he didn’t try to partner up, but in any case this has caused chaos. 2 markets maybe more are fucked.

  18. I plan on engaging with the community on this subject, my role has been made absolutely transparently clear. However the last few comment to raise serious questions.

    For example the first day the ddos attacks started TRD issued an article on the subject, on how to avoid the torture. All tips where minor temporary fixes and could have been a ploy to distanced them from any suspicion.

    It is obvious I would have motives against them but that is besides the point. Look that their site and it has nothing in the way of security again ddos attacks the rest of us were forced to implement.

    If they were extorted in the same way we were, how did they get out of it so easily while we had to work day and night and on top of it pay to help it stop.

    Again I understand my comments would seem like a vendeta, but just look at the facts for your self and decide what their true role was!

    I said things I regret but then at that moment I would have said any thing to try give my self a break.

    • hackerjon

      Dude, I signed up on your market and forum very early, yes?

      When you started getting DDoS’ed, what did I tell you?
      I’m sure the post is still on your fucking forum. Did you read it?

      You are a fucking moron.

    • TheRealDeal

      If you had contacted us, like other markets, you wouldn’t have to work day and night. We never asked for anything back from these markets either…

      • Johnny Joe

        So let me get this straight you have some universal method to stop ddosing that you were in control of. I fail to understand how you “the real deal” had the power to stop it for any market that contacted you. That is unless you controlled the shell accounts that were being used.

        And if you sold the shell accounts, knew what was going on yet just let it be (turning a profit). Does that make you the hero you are claiming to be?

        It makes you just as dirty as any of any of the others involved!!

  19. That is a very good point Johnny.
    I have some where in my chat logs where these ddos guys asked for an advance to buy shell accounts from TRD, at the time I was not impressed that with that, but just agreed to keep on their good side to buy time.

    If I was not getting DDOSed right now, I would provide a screen shot.

    That makes perfect sense as to why they had such an early seemless solution. The solution may have been programmed into the botnet it’s self.

    For example one solution they provided was to put in a header Content-Range: -99999999 or some thing to that effect. So it is clear the botnet had some sort of back door written into it to stop the attack, if you knew the secrets.

    I am wondering if any of these secret tips coinside with solutions TRD provided.

    Can any one shed light on this, as to if they got similar tips from TRD, as we did from our mysterious ddos gang.

    • hackerjon

      First of all, I am familiar with some of the TRD dudes. If they wanted your market gone or your coins in their wallet, it would be done. Your site obviously was not able to prevent their skills from getting in.

      They were kind enough to give you advice…you should’ve taken it.

      Also, @NOSIDE, you say that “at least we know he’s not the LE”, but truly, if you are running a drug market, there is no difference between incompetence and LE. Both of them will get you busted. As for your accusations, you should really let us know who you are, otherwise, you are a faceless troll.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        So you are telling me if they wanted to hack in they could at any point. So why are they trying to get rich making a market. Instead of just stealing the world’s bitcoins?

        Why are they not at the top of the market lists in terms of popularity given that ultimate power and instead spam our members, with guess what, bots!

        All I hear are idle threats and a story of a plain text password on some chat server via a sort of fishing scam. That is not hacking that is being a script kiddy, and I am not sure how close you were to these guys or if you are these very guys.

        They never got in, they put us down for a certain time and neither them or you today have put us down but just slowed us down, as we have improved.

        Yes we were getting ddosed today, but as I know I had to advance them cash to buy shell accounts from you and they have now disappeared off the face of the earth meaning you must have shut their access off and they have lost their power.

        The only one entity I can imagen that has the ability at this moment in time to ddos us 6 fold of what we received before is you and your guys. The very guys who received our cash via these ddos guys to provide these so called shell accounts they needed. But as this conversation unravelled, one of the members made a smart comment. The DDos gang probably don’t even exist, they never did, it was most probably TRD just taking up this war of markets a notch further. I mean it is what you specialise in, after all isn’t it?

        • Disciple

          Mr Nice Guy, can you email me please? [email protected]

        • TheRealDeal

          We do not hide behind other names, you can also have your coins back from ‘bestbuy’ or even from me personally btw .. your friends got their botnet shutdown first by using the fake bots sold to your future-partners-of-exit, and then they got some ddos against their C&C too. Simple as that.

          We had nothing personal against you – only against the original attackers and attacks.

      • Inspector2

        TRD was DDOSFORSALE all along, is that so complicated to figure out?

  20. Is very stranger and highly suspicious how the real deal is involved in any questions and onipresent in all things in TOR darknet. I will suggest all people beware with real deal marketing strategy and they strange behavior in polemics like DDosed markets scanning markets platforms, spamming inboxes and spreading that competitors are exploitable with 0days sold by themselves. Another strange thing is that they continue using javascript in their market, they promissed 2 months ago that will fix the hole of de-anonymization but this nothing happened.

    Beware guys with the messiah, real deal behavior and their behavior non accepting different opinions make themselves suspicious as LE or blackmailers in short time. Beware! This is my 0.02 BTC of contribution after 5 years seen shady “guys” in darknet.

    • fakshit

      i second your statement. TRD is bestbuy, bestbuy sells exploits, TRD made up this entire story for attention it is damn obvious !!

      • You guys are actually retards, you have no evidence to back up any of your stupid claims. Most of you here talking shit about TRD are the same retards who kept spamming the other post and making up random bullshit and how they are LE. You know who you are.. inspector.

    • TheRealDeal

      You can use our market without Javascript enabled for weeks now, what are you talking about?

      There is and never was no “de-anonymization hole”, also no idea what you are talking about.

      As to why we are involved so much in darknet activities, the simplest answer is that this is the only way to survive in the long term. We always said we have a lot of experience – and people like “Inspector” doubt that… Is that you “inspector”?

      Enjoy markets that openly plan to exit scam with their partners…

  21. Mr Nice Guy…where you live? I will shoot you in the head, fucking idiot

  22. When you have no choice but to make a deal with the devil it must sound lucrative. You were killing me, and you are making every effort to kill me now. Look the the stats list, I am the only market down.

    While you denie the people their right to withdraw and force us to fined a way to fend you off. We could be working on finishing the Miltisig escrow.

    I promised to have the multisig in place months ago but day after day I have to deal with people like you and the ddos attacks (that you played a significant role in), trying to bring me down like you and you seem surprized that I went on the offensive for a change.

    • fucker mcknuckles

      Ohh i see mister nice guy,multisig huh?on the same market u planned to run as a 50/50 fractional reserve scam?was it possibly you making all the noise in the review section of ddw that this is what other markets ,like nucleaus, are doing,as ive seen no evidence of it actually happening??man,u aint fit to wear Howard marks name!

  23. Regardless of who was behind the DDoS, you handled your end poorly.

    If a bully comes up to you and demands your lunch money, you have to stand up for yourself.

    Not only did you give him your lunch money, but you paid him extra to watch him take other kid’s lunch money.

    On your forum I suggested to you: “Take the attack as a compliment, take it on the chin, and eventually they’ll move on to someone else.”

    I know of other sites that were being attacked, and refused to pay the ransom. They are still around.

  24. The most embarrassing is that Mr. Nice Guy planed to exit as scam at the very beginning. Such the guys including Evo have lost their faith, they cannot be called as “human”, as they do not care about others, who put the most trust in them.

  25. Every one lies to gain a competitive edge and if I said oh please mr. ddos crew please stop, take my money. Tomorrow they would come back and say hey we want more.

    Selling them a dream, instead bought time!

    Are you really that slow?

  26. For what it is worth I am sorry for they way I handled it. In that at least I am sincere and I will pay out every last cent on the site!

    I will continue and I will still shamelessly deceive thugs that extort me.

    As for funds on the site all will remain available to withdraw, now and for ever more.

    But what is more, I do understand that people like you have interest in not accepting that logical explination and never will allow it to gain momentum.

  27. Plus who in their right mind would actually follow through with an insane idea of paying ddos attackers that money.

    It was all about selling a dream!

    And if you did not notice it worked!

  28. @trd why should another market contact you if they have problems ? for you to help anyone you will need internal information about their infrastructure. wouldnt it be very bad opsec to give away any internal information to a competitor ? i would rather buy things on a market that deals with criminals than a market who gives away internal information to strangers.
    it does not make sense to let your competitor “help” you. this is business not some socialist paradise dream where everyone is nice to everybody.

    • TheRealDeal

      Our niche and main category is very specific, and therefor we do not see the other markets as competitors, and we have also explained our stand in the first post related to DDoS – some things are more important than money.

      Fact is, we never asked for any “internal” information – we are not idiots and so are the other DNM admins we have spoken to.

      Our first solution provided to these admins was generic, and specific to these attacks … a bug in the botnet – found by fuzzing HTTP responses during the attacks on us, and also some generic/common defensive and less active solutions.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        This is interesting, as there will be several thousand requests to effectivly bring down a site. So as we noticed the bots were not following redirects and made no actually intelligent interaction with the content.

        Now to fuzz a bot firstly you would need some sort of feed back but in the nature of http there is a request and a response and that is it. So feed back from fuzzing would have been very difficult to determine truths from the chaos of the connectivity over a flooded network.

        You see the attacks we experienced focused on resource draining, not necesarily network overload and made no intelegent use of the data downloaded and therefore most probably dumped the data into a looped buffer.

        To be able to use any type of exploit on what looks to be most probably a statically allocated buffer repeatedly overwritten, would indicate extreme stupidity on the side of the programmer of the bot.

        Take for example:

        char buf[32];
        while (recv(s, buf, 32) > 0);

        Lets just assume that is the code of this lazy non intelegent bot. How did you fuzz it? Filtering out the chaos of the thousands of other requests effecting the timing and reliability of the fuzzing connection it self.

        Please Explain??

        • TheRealDeal

          Easy, not all bugs are based on buffer overflows/underflows etc.. All one of our admins did was utilize a script one of us wrote a long time ago for other needs, while monitoring the amount of requests at certain periods of time, leading the finding of a malformed header that seemed to slow down all requests until a stop.

          We do not run our services like you do – we actually invest good money in good resources and load balancing…even that kind of minor effort would prevent you from being affected.

          Don’t try to act smart and don’t try to turn the tables, you already know this – I assume you had access to everything you paid for, and everybody already knows that shitty script is based on curl for creating requests.
          Next time hire people with brains, you’ll probably have the money after your planned exit…

          • Mr. Nice Guy

            You seem threated by the notion, (please don’t act smart).

            A malformed response would indicate a change of state of the bot, based on the content that is being returned by your server. A bot that dumps it’s content into oblivion and never pays attention to it, CAN NOT have it’s state changed by that very content. And therefore it can not have caused a malformed succeeding header, if no internal state was changed in the first place.

            A job of a bot is to be streamlined, it does not need complex heap memory allocation and any thing else to that effect and no one would go to the extreme of making and complex bot that stores the entire page in memory for no reason.

            That is why we can assume it never even paid any attention to you’re response and it’s state was never effected by your response.

            You sir are a fraud!

  29. Plus I know our money bought the bots (shell accounts) for the power upgrade, on your market , lol. As to who provided the bot software I do not know but I have my suspicions!

  30. OH MY GOD, I just read your shitty curl script line again OMG.

    So running a curl script would be process based, I assume you understand that the process exits and bash restarts it, after each request and does indeed follow redirects as it does pay attention to headers. It is curl after all.

    You malformed response would have zero inpacket on a (shitty curl script)

    Think before you try to make an insult that contradicts yourself.


    • dumbest thing i ever heard in my life

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Well mark in that case you are either a college professor that has never had any contact with the average man or you are a programmer that thinks he his so dam good and hot shit, but infact is a nother case of a guy thinking he is the best before he simply does not know what about any topic that he does not know about and therefore must know every thing in the world.

        That would make you one of the dumbest people I am ever heard.

        Which is it?

  31. I like the way you continue to call me stupid but seems like you are struggling to keep up here.

    How does that make you feel?

    You know, a stupid man giving you an intellectually challenging conversation?

    Where does that intellectually put you, my friend?

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      And remember!

      As far as darknet reddit guys are concerned, I am a 17 year old idiot that doxed him self..

      HAHAHA !!

    • TheRealDeal

      I’m not trying to insult you, but you lack the deep understanding of how things work in order to make any kind of statement along the lines of “this is impossible” imho…

      I take it the load on our servers is coming from you and your friends, correct? Its a waste of time, trust me. Are these people also providing you these “technical” statements? They are not the sharpest tools in the shed, pencils in the classroom, etc…

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        I am a veteran coder, security expert. I have reversed engineered both software and hardware in many industries.

        Do you think that I have some one behind me dictating.
        It was simply cheaper to have some other unknowns do the dirty work, in all honesty and at the same time, it got them off my back.

        I once again apologise for my lack of honesty and transparency but I will not be taken for a fool.

        I think there is still opportunity to mend the bridge here.

        What do you say?

  32. You know despite our differences and recent past I actually still like you.

    I just wish we could talk a bit more, and you would give more detailed accounts of your marketing model, I think I could use a few tips there. After all, we clearly are able to educate each other!

    I am always ready to be corrected and I hope you would more readily reply. As I am enjoying our conversation!

  33. OK. I think I’m starting to get what’s going on here.

    Why don’t you do everyone on the darknet a favor and tell us some technical details about how the attack on your market was structured…

  34. You see Hacker Jon I never made any claim, I just examined inconsistencies in the process used to hack into and ultimatly control/defnd against this botnet continues to be a black box.

    If you make bold statements, those statements must be backed up by coherent facts.

    But so far what has been presents has clearly at very least been mis-presented or at worst fabricated.

    Again I have not made any bold claims, my speculation is based on the logic decudtion of the real world against the claims being made and that has already been explained!

    So do you guys care to clarify to a degree that stands up to the speculation of the world and people within similar fields, how you really knew what you knew?

    But in fact I do plan to speculate a little on the subject in an article for the community very shortly.

  35. You keep saying “you guys”. I am not in any way affiliated with TRD. If you go read the thread announcing they’re launch, you will see that I was quite hard on them.

    I only said that I am familiar with some of the guys involved there, and pointed out what I felt to be logical based on what I knew.

    They’re response about reverse fuzzing bugs me, I’ll give you that. I don’t know if they were behind it or not, but I also don’t really care. The problem with the DDoSing will continue until we find a way to stop it as a community.

    You see, I believe in evolution, and evolution demands variety. I don’t want to see ANY markets disappear, and I hope you can recover from your mishap.

    Obviously, the attacks were happening before you caved in, I understand that. I only hope that every other market and forum learns from this. DON’T PAY.

    As for TRD, they are doing good things for the community. Only today they pointed out a bug in Poseidon. I think that both of your markets are unique and have a niche, and don’t really see you as competitors.

    Anyways, can you please answer my request for technical details regarding the attack?

  36. I accept I did some thing wrong and I just want the world to understand my strategy in the exit scam messages.

    I am more than willing to make piece and perhaps even a chat session so we can better understand each other. Then perhaps release a joint public statement on the past events.

    If they see that as posible, I think all the ddosing each other can stop and maybe even build some sort of furture co-operation.

    But I understand that those steps must be taken slowly.

    I have made the first move to reconciliation, I hope they make the next.

  37. Would you like the details of research before the co-operation or the details of the information given to me after the co-operation started?

    • hackerjon

      From before. I am just wondering what the attacks look like, what techniques they are using, try to deduce the bot family/families that are launching them.

      The markets have pretty much been eating these attacks in private. This is understandable given the opsec issues and everything, but if a couple of dudes with a big-ass botnet can shut down the whole market system like they have been for the last few months, our future will be grim indeed.

      The tor network itself isn’t designed to handle this problem, and it may be that the only answer is to build intelligent algorithms into the relays themselves to detect and stop attacks.

      This is for my personal interest, just to see how sophisticated the attacks are, and what the markets are facing.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        John I am willing to co-operate, and provide valuable information. Notice how I have been under serious attack for the last days and have more or less stayed up.

        I can provide more but not in public as I don’t want my methods to fall into the wrong hands. It is my work after all.

        Get all of us together and we can start the dialogue.

        I have developed techniques but I would want my co-operation seen as some what as a redemption and this situation put to bed and an official joint reconciliation between myself and TRD.

        And TRD to recognise my exit scam conversation was a tactical action.

  38. Disregard my request for info. I just read the other thread about the state-of-the-union here:


    and it explained the nature of the DOS.

    As far as you, TRD, and your situation, I suggest that you just stick it out. Keep your market up for as long as you can. You’ve been allowing people to withdraw, and that counts for something. In the end, character is what really matters. In this game, longevity and dependability are what breeds success.

    You’ve shaken your credibility, but we have all done dumb shit at one point or another. It doesn’t mean that its over for you. Keep your market up, keep your customers happy, and you’ll come back.

    As for the conference, I will ask, but I don’t think they give two shits about what I have to say.

  39. Well lets see, I have made it abundantly clear I am willing to work on our differences.

    Anyway, thanks for the supportive words.

  40. just a little quote from mr nice guy:
    “I have some where in my chat logs where these ddos guys asked for an advance to buy shell accounts from TRD,”

    …this raises the question, does THEREALDEAL provide resources to ddos darknet markets ? or is it just an accusation with no backup.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Indeed, this was a chat with the ddos crew, now it is totally plausable that a vendor sold the bots on the market without the concent of TRD but also plausable the opposite.

      I am not going to dwell on the past if we can all just get on with our lives.

      And if going deeper into that cause more ddosing, more war, I will not bother regardless of what any flamer says.

      Business over pride!

  41. Made me lose thousands you cunt!

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      The guys were ddosing every one anyway, our role that took a negative turn for you, was to focus their attention to certain areas.

      But may I reminded you that we never benefited from the power upgrades. They disappeared with that cash, so our involvement never made them any more powerful.

      And if the black bank was not already thinking about an exit date they would be back up online today, now that the storm has settled.

      So can you truly put all of that responsability on our shoulders, rationally?

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Well when I say “made off with the cash” there were several installments, the first installments did give them a little more power, from the shell accounts bought from TRD (Again with or with out their consent, nothing prooven).

        So now it is up to you the people, to decide to let business go on a usual, allow us to learn from our mistakes and continue.

        Or to escalate an all out war where every one loses.

        I have made my choice. Have you?

  42. One further thing, if black bank was so afraid of a withdraw rush and that was the only reason they exited.

    I may be the first market in history to have stood up taken responsibility for my actions and avoided going bankrupt.

    If for nothing else, that must at least show, I at least have some last thread of integrity some where inside me!

  43. This was all ordered by VERTO and his zionist scum around him. Believe me, I know this. He is also running Nucleus, Abraxas, Middle Earth and Outlaw and continously reprting people to corrupt LE. He is also a murderer and worse.

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