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BlackBank’s Exit Scam Confirmed: ~606BTC Gone.

Not a huge surprise or “breaking news”, but after few weeks of speculations, it seems that Blackbank’s exit scam is now confirmed, as the Funds were finally drained out of official (known) wallet addresses as we can see in wallet explorer:

Image of the now empty wallet addresses

Image of the now empty wallet addresses

For everyone who lost money – sorry for your loss.  The stolen amount was an unknown amount of over 606BTC (The sum contained in the KNOWN related wallets listed above, we can assume that there was more in other wallets – not linked to Blackbank via walletexplorer)

On a more positive note, check the sidebar of this site – there are more than enough alternative markets.

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  1. MrDoe posted on his reddit account yesterday.

  2. Centralized markets or markets with trusted third parties will inevitably result in profitable (for the thieves) fraud. Bitmarkets is a decentralized market with no trusted third parties that uses two party mutual deposit escrow so it is not possible to profit from fraud:


  3. so sad, still speechless.

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