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Watch: Pills Being Pressed To Be Sold On The Dark Web

Well this is a first time,  a darknet vendor named QuantikXanax  who is operating on Agora – posted a video on Reddit (along with a few images) showing pill pressing machine spitting out Xanax pills to the joy of the operators (the vendor) shouting “1 dollar”  & “50 cent” for each pill coming out of the machine.

Obviously the video generated a discussion about if this is attracting to much attention or not, what do you think?


  1. This is the first example of anonymous vendor/producer trying to certify its production process.
    In a very decentralized way.

  2. There is another guy on agora who is making his own oxycode 30 mg and 10/325 narcos. Guy is making 20s 15, and 5,s i believe. People seem to be satisfied i wondering myself how they compare to actual pain killers. would a person be able to tell

    • pariah

      Anybody claiming to press their own oxycontin or hydrocodone pills is full of shit. Use your head bloke. Why would someone pressing pain pills mix tylenol into it ? They wouldn’t. It is also virtually impossible to aquire oxycodone on the black market because it requires poppies and a knowledge of chemistry.
      Anyone advertising pressed oxy or oxy powder is using a fent analogue. Fentanyl can be made with more readily available chemicals.
      Alprazolam powder is pouring out of China. The problem as 1 poster pointed out is in the dosage accuracy. There is also a risk of lesser known vendors using RC benzos like etilozam or diclazepam because they are cheaper and legal to aquire.

      • Tylenol is used a filler… oxycodon can be made easily from the dark net… hydrocodon is a liquid not a pill. Alprazolam is banned in China… not pouring out of it. Check your facts before you start trying to act all smart in front of everyone.

        • All sorts of research chemicals are pouring out of china…This I can %100 prove I was getting multiple butyrfentyal packages monthly..there was a benzo available simular to alprazolam think it was altizalam? Some pure shit they guy u commented on has some truth in his words real shit..its real chemist in china will come in after hours and produce this illegal shit…or the the fent analog category change the chemical component slightly to stay obe step ahead of “legal” status.and some of these people in china are making them in unsanitary rooms not labs..I just took a souped up xanax bar with an rc…shits real man and will be an epidemic is us soon..Ukraine, holland, and all these other people are dying left and right from china made research chemicals..I speak of wat ive actually ordered got the chemical labled upon arrival with exact chemical components..dude speaks at least 80% truth..u say hydrocodone is liquid? Ive taken 1000s of tablets and hydro syrup…so ure saying all hydrocodone is SYNTHESIZED to liquid? Not attacking u just asking brother

        • Dylan

          @Nathan vicodin is brand name hydrocodone you twat. Ever heard of norcos? hydrocodone. It can be a liquid as Tussionex but thats probably its rarest form of hydrocodone.
          Also, china gives two fucks. Case and point: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/51b30y/video_our_factory_making_alprazolam_powder/

      • Dnt need poppies to maje oxycodone.. its an opiate not opioid..opiates (oxy, hydro, opana, fent) are FULLY SYNTHESIZED..as u know that mean man made %100. Opioids like codeine, morphine are semi-synthetic meaning needing raw materials (poppys) u seem like very intelligent individual and I complete agree with EVERYTHING else u said im from eastern north carolina where I claim?

        • seagallop

          okay what you said is absolutely wrong. OPIATES: are naturally occuring, completely organic, including morphin, codeine and thebaine

          SEMI-SYNTHETIC OPIOIDS: are narcotic pain relievers that are either morphine based, such and the -morphone class of narcotic, but mostly focusing on oxycodone, which is refined from thebaine, therefor semi-synthetic

          OPIOIDS: not naturally occurring in any sense but synthesized to activate your opiod receptors.

          fucking educate yourself people god damned

      • There doing it just for money they don’t give a shit. There selling fake bars….

  3. Are we 100% sure they are pressing actual meds or is it a scam? I would rather have them from the manufacturer but I guess beggars can’t be choosers!

    • Yes they are pressing actual meds. Here’s the thing, some people have this sense that if they get a real pharmaceutical bar(xanax) it works better than a pressed one. A normal xanax bar is 2mg(of alprazolam, the active ingredient) and this guy makes them 3.5mg. They are some of the best looking pressed ones that you will find anywhere.

      There is a guy named DrXanax that started up maybe a month or so ago, and he also is from Canada just like Quantik. There are people who don’t like Quantik because of this video he posted and stuff, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. Some people are swearing by DrXanax but he started not that long ago. Quantik has been doing this for over 2 years. He only recently started offering some other products because he said his team was hungry and needs to make money. He is now finally coming back with his bars.

      DrXanax and Quantik both have similar looking bars but I’m not sure if either one is better. Anyways, Quantik is coming back with a huge price cut in order to stomp his competition. I trust him more with his 2 years of service.

      That is all.

    • The one I get local so I I would say they a legitimate heyuoi rigdge

  4. Yes they are real meds theres a whole community of paranoid bar resellers on reddit barbarians they call themselves and this quantik guy is starting to lose it in my opinion hes been at it too long and this is out of character for the profession. but i guess thats how it is when youve made a few mill and sold some 7 figure #

  5. What kind of press is that?

    • Experienced PIll Presser

      It’s a rotary press, they aren’t very accurate with dry granulation compounding methods like he is using.

      There is no way he is getting dosages accurate within the mg level using that kind of equipment, you can’t even get within 5mg of accuracy without a dosage-controlling press or through wet granulation.

      I wouldn’t touch those bars with a 10 foot pole, even if he knows how to operate the equipment those pills will vary anywhere from 1-10mg

      • So you recommend which TDP machine? Because I used one several years ago and it was all fucked up total waste of money.

        • Experienced Plll Presser

          The larger TDP5 machines can be accurate with careful granulation but the smaller ones are even more innaccurate than this guys machine.

          Accuracy when pressing all comes down to granulation techniques. Wet granulation is the only way to get good dosage accuracy to the MG level without a machine that mixes and weighs while pressing like the big pharmacies have (They cost $100K+).

          Wet granulation involves making a liquid with the binder, active and solvent before drying it out and granulating it to a consistent particle size with a machine. After doing this you can ensure that the active and powder are consistently mixed and then you can calculate the dosage by weighing the resulting tablets. There is no other way than this to get an accurate dosage with smaller machines, it’s just not possible.

      • Hi
        Im looking to buy pins for a single punch TDP-1.5 with BTC’s do you know where I can get them from on the DW?
        :) Thanks

      • Wet Granulation is only necessary for Microgram dosages not milligram. Using Large V Mixers for the right amount of time makes for an accurate mix. Then additionally these Rotarys have Force Feeders which continue mix the powder just before the tablets are pressed, your information is inaccurate.

  6. wet granulation is not possible with molly, best way to do it that you granulate molly to a specific particle size 150-180 micron and that your binder is the same particle size, premix it with collodial silica in a double cone mixer, after this make slugs of 1cm in diameter or make bricks with 20 ton press,brake parts up and dry granulate this with a oscillating granulator, mix everything again for few minutes adding a lubricant. this method is accurate up to 5mg with this zp series machine.

    Ps if you want your binder to have a color mix it with lake food color and ethanol, you can use also water but time for evaporation is too long.

  7. Anybody claiming to press their own oxycontin or hydrocodone pills is full of shit. Use your head bloke. Why would someone pressing pain pills mix tylenol into it ?
    Because that’s what their partly comprised of normally.

    They wouldn’t. It is also virtually impossible to aquire oxycodone on the black market because it requires poppies and a knowledge of chemistry.

    It doesn’t require poppies.

  8. ok so what? maybe they will give us a few?

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