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Beware of Phishing Scams On Clearnet Sites! (darknetmarkets.org)

AVOID  – The Most recent scam list responsible for spreading phishing url to unsuspecting visitors has been located on this site:

  • darknetmarkets.o r g/mark ets (added spaces in the url)

Do not visit that site or use any of the links on that list as they are redirecting to phishing urls that will steal your market login credentials and quite possibly your session in case you are logged into the market – with the goal of stealing your BTC. this was first reported on Reddit and confirmed by multiple users:

Screenshot of the phishing links:


Clicking one of the shortlinks on that list:

Returns this response with the phishing link:

Generally its better to have your links saved in an encrypted text file if you use them on a regular basis, but if you must – get your links ONLY from:

* Need to note:  That list was not displaying phishing links until today, so its only fair that we will publish the site’s owner response once (and if) we will have it. Until than – avoid like the plague.


  1. I Guess this explains the disappearance of the funds I deposited into Abraxas Market last night.
    Wallet Emptied, Password Changed & despite repeated requests for some form of assistance. This sites support team just ignores you.

  2. I’ve been doing dnm’s for 3 years, and I was phished July 3rd as soon as I put my ฿ in and began shopping, somehow the screen (Nucleus) wasn’t filled in on the shopping cart page. I “refreshed” and my other screen that I had up on the same site, and my $405.00 USD in ฿ went to $0.00.

    I’m on disabled and on a pension. I depend on DNM’s for my medication, as it works best for me. $400 was a little more than I could afford to spend this month but I was making sure I wouldn’t run out if I had a flare-up, which hot weather usually brings.

    Learn from my mistake. Copy the correct link/url for the site you are using. Put it on a notepad file, or a post-it note on your computer screen! Examine every digit and character!

    The phishing site looked identical to Nucleus. Want to see? – Remember this is the BAD ONE!! – ~phishinglink redacted(dot)onion
    It’s safe to look at- obviously don’t try to log on.

    Though it’s fun to pretend you are, and then type ‘hackerfags’ with a password ‘suckdaddyscock’

    Sends a subtle message IMHO.

  3. Can confirm that some links are definitely still phishing links. I followed one through to grms helix and lost some money. Was my first attempt too, not the best start at all but valuable lesson learnt. Not quite as bad as Chip Douglas, sorry to hear buddy, but still frustrating. More frustrated at myself tbh.

  4. Hello people my account password as been changed buy my bitcoins are still in the account wtf

  5. So after being a victim is the account safe to use after you change all passwords, pins, ect. I just have a high buyer trust level and would hate to start over with a new acct.

  6. fuck you, darknetmarkets.org. I followed your link to helix, it was a scam (DO NOT go to {Phishing!}.onion).

    How are people supposed to find the right links? I don’t get the point of those crypto-onion-urls. if there was grams.onion, there would be no mistaking. How can I tell if deepdotweb.com publishes the correct ones?

  7. I hope he gets his ass kicked. I just jot scammed out of 270 bucks with his fake link. Stupid bastard!

  8. Just lost $250 on the fake Helix Light via }phishing site}
    I have been researching for weeks and for some reason confused that site with Deepdotweb… shitty mistake but you live you learn. Someone should Ddos-attack that site all day everyday :)

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