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Agora Market To Stop Listing Lethal Weapons

Agora admins have posted a new message on the market announcing that from now own it will not allow the sale of lethal weapons:

Original announcement link on agora: http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/info/noweapons

Hash: SHA512

Starting from July 15th 2015 Agora will no longer list lethal weapons.
Following our mission we wish such objects would be available for purchase, but the current reality of it is that the format of a market like ours does not constitute a good way to do it. Shipping weapons is hard, they are expensive and stimulate both scamming by dishonest vendors and honeypot listings by agencies looking to find buyers who might wish to obtain such weapons illegally from us. This has been reflected for a long time in both the volume and the success rates of our listings in the weapons section.
At this point continuing to list weapons would do more harm than good for our users.


AgoraweaponThis is probably a smart move considering the amount of people who got arrested when purchasing guns trough honeypot vendors and the additional heat from LE these product are attracting (more details available here:  Tor black-market-related arrests).


  1. it’s been down for at least half an hour and your site hasn’t noticed though

  2. no it’s definitely been down for the best part of the last hour, was able to get on briefly, nothing to do with my browser see http://dnstats.net – they seem to have it right

  3. Random Druggie

    This is excellent news! I do realize they’re not doing this for any moral reasons, but I’m nevertheless happy with their decision. Never understood why DNMs feel the need to deal in weapons anyways.

  4. To AGORA and my Darknet comrades,

    Signed up for my account earlier today and deposited about $100 USD to test the site out before i took too much risk. Narrowed down a couple purchases and and then all the sudden I got kicked out! Tried to log back in, nope, username and pass not recognizable. Bloody assholes stole me money!

    I reckon it was phishing, I must have made a typo in the URL or something. Im a veteran, I dont typically make rookie mistakes like that.

    Now let me tell you little twats why your a twat. Is it illegal? Immoral? Buying from AGORA? In many cases, yes. The difference is, the descent folks rob from the money hungry banks and insurance companies who bent them over for decades charging exorbitant fees. You fucking twats stole spent two hpurs stealing $100 bucks from descent blue collar chap.

    Thats why I am descent, and your a fucking twat.

    Peace out AGORA. Ididnt buy into the bullshit hearsay and rumors about an impending doom lurking. However inevitible, not right away. Although its smells like shit around your parts, close the door and start flushing the toilet before your septic overflows. Cheers!

  5. Department of injustice

    Dearest frank,

    Although is very late I thought I would give you a response. You were possibly scammed $100 so you called everyone twats? You call yourself a decent chap but you were trying to do something which you yourself called illegal and immoral. You call yourself a veteran and probably are the type of person that considers yourself better than most. I dont know if you believe in karma but i get the feeling that it was well deserved especially if you take the time to troll on a bunch of strangers jus because you were conned you should pull your head out off your ass. cheers to that best of luck and no i am not involved with agora or any dwm

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