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Wtf: Pedophiles Launch Dash (“Darkcoin”) Mining Crowdfunding Platform

It seems that innovation never stops in the those dark corners of the internet, 9 months ago we reported about a new “startup” created by Dark Web Pedo’s attempting to provide a crowdfunding platform for uploading and distributing child abuse content financed by the site’s visitors – which later failed, shutdown and was deemed as either scam or a failed honeypot.

This time, we followed a tip about a fairly new and suspiciously similar site (who’s name & url we won’t mention, from obvious reasons) offering a similar service with a little twist in his “business model” – instead of setting a threshold amount of Bitcoins and wait for its fulfillment in order to release the uploaded content to the buyers, users must contribute their computer resources to “mine” Darkcoins (now branded as “Dash“) – a privacy-centric digital currency which offers advanced anonymity features.

By installing a Dash miner on their computer the users are able redeem the locked content once a pre-defined amount of coins have been mined and paid out to the uploader who turns his “content” into profit. And by creating this process, inventing a new method for content distribution, as far as we know (please comment with correction if wrong). Used in the wrong context for the first time.

Finally, a crowd funding site we can all support!

The homepage states and than goes on and explains how it works:

That’s because you can contribute without ever paying for CP. Instead, this server will mine darkcoins and use those to pay people who upload private photos and videos. You can help by instructing your computer to connect to our stratum miner through tor and some of the mining calculations used to create these darkcoins will be outsourced to your computer. You can choose which video or photo set you want your mining calculations to go towards and any darkcoin created using your calculations will go into an account just for your chosen video or photo set. When that account reaches the number of darkcoins the uploader asked for, they are all paid to him and the video or set is made available for download to everyone, even to people who could not contribute anything. If more people help with the mining calculations, then CP gets released faster and more people will be willing to upload.

And closing with:

Are you excited?

Maybe LE will get excited? who knows.


The Site offers instructions on how to mine the coins safely through a Tor connection:


With clear instruction of how to unlock the “content” using miners for various operating systems:


Lets just hope that this will fail like the previous one and that this method will be used to achieve better goals.



    download it and LE at your door,betting all my coins

    or better yet download it and get fucked by big dick LE cuz u are fckin pedos and you deserve slow,painful death

    ~~ ANTI-inspector ~~

  2. The previous one didnt fail dipshit, the owner got scared off by all the whiteknight trolls and tinfoil pedos and threw a hissy fit because it didnt become an overnight success. Then he came back with some sort of storefront setup that he got pissy about again and closed, now he’s back with this darkcoin mining thing which exposes people even more because they have to trust some mining program not to escape tor and expose their ip. Plus its stupid, mining is very inefficient and time consuming way of paying for things. He had it right the first time he just didnt have the balls to see it through.

  3. I hope they all die in pain.

  4. Man, this dipshit is just bound and determined to get himself arrested. Which is probably the best outcome, all told.

    “Hi! I’m the scum of the earth and hated by pretty much anyone other than the cabal of scumfucks I hang out with that internet trolls won’t even talk to. I am considered to be a Living Avatar of Satan himself. But my biggest problem is that I’m not being *paid* for it.”

  5. You can sell drugs to kids on the deepweb all day, just don’t ask them for a date.

  6. Dirty Filthy Cunts, You cant get much lower than a pedo and the worst thing is when there crimes come to light there protected there names are withheld and is actually an offence to name a pedo (here in australia) even in the jails the pieces of shit get better than mainstream

    feel free to end your own life

  7. I’m not sure how this is supposed to improve over Pedofunding. Why mine instead of just accepting Darkcoins? If it’s anonymous to mine, it should be anonymous to send as well. (Not to mention the very serious security concerns of downloading a miner.) And what assurance is there that the content-provider will release his content anywhere after receiving X DRK?

    • DeepDotWeb

      It does sounds like complete insanity. Is it even possible in terms of the computing power required to generate a significant amount of Dash?

  8. It’s either a honeypot or some idiot. Either way, STAY AWAY from it, whether you’re a pedo or not!!!

  9. I will be laughing once this is discovered as a botnet a few months from now

  10. Either that pedo is a complete idiot or he is setting a trap. Normally I think of entrapment as a civil rights violation – my favorite being the prostitution John stings – but I don’t think pedos deserve civil rights.

  11. mister bickles

    quite frankly, i’m “suss” abt the whole pedo thing;
    i ½-suspect its all, pretty much, a con job to ‘smear’ the Dark Net and get more gov’ control….same as the bogus “terrorist” BS!
    just ask yr-self….how many real pedos would waste their time looking @ pix?
    wouldn’t they do what pedos have always done……?
    hang around shopping malls, sporting events, schools and fairs looking to ‘pick up’ kids….or….through relations/family connections;
    pedos have always been ‘local’…..wht sort of pedo is gunna travel ½-way across the country or ½-way across the world to ‘hook up’ with kids they’v never even met once?

    • Lots of pedos use CP *instead* of doing anything IRL. They think doing anything with a real kid would be wrong, so they turn to CP to satisfy their sexual needs. I would rather a pervert fap to pics than rape or trick young girls into stuff.

      And yeah I think at least half the pedo sites on TOR right now are honeypots run by LE. Only reason they don’t go after the pedos more is because there’s no drug money to confiscate.

      I really pity the pedos. Gotta be a shitty life.

  12. It’s a honeypot, probably run by a crank, who is planning on turning his “catch” over to LE. On the other hand, it could be the doing of some LE/TLAs. In any case,

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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