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Australian DarkWeb Pedo Site Admin Sentenced To 35 Years in Jail

Former Families Worker in South Australia, Shannon Grant McCoole (33) has pleaded guilty to a horrifying list of sex crimes against underaged children in his care and was sentenced to 35 years in jail. His crime was brutal, one of the children he molested was only 18 months old. There were even children who had autism or were disabled.

He was not only a family worker at the time, but it was proven that he was running a darknet child pornography website, called The Love Zone. The domain had more than 47000 users, until the closedown of the site, 6 months after the caught of the website administrator (McCoole). It looks like McCoole has used the ”skee” username for the running of the CP darknet site.

McCoole AKA skee has posted this message on The Love Zone pedophile site:

”TLZ is a living creature. We have survived a lot of ups and downs. Its been a passion of mine for a long time, and TLZ is bigger than ever. In the past we have taken a Christmas break on our contributions, because at this time of year a lot of people are away and can’t get onto the site safely, but that break doesn’t give the admin team time off.

Believe it or not the board doesn’t run itself and requires a lot of thankless hours from all the Admins, Co admins and mods. So the board will go into maintenance mode till the new year to give the admin team time to take a break. I’ll leave this a few days so that you people can see the message.

TLZ will return in 2015 refreshed and better than ever. For those that want to chat and do some basic trading Newcummers will remain open, and thats where you will find me.

In the near future you all should be able to login at NCC with a member account using your TLZ user name and password, if you don’t already have an account.

I will announce the boards official reopening date, and its new address, in Newcummers when all the admin team have returned.”

This post was made after the arrest of Shannon Grant McCoole, law enforcement documents show that he got caught in June 2014. After the admin of the domain has been arrested, law enforcement authorities have taken over the website, until they have finally closed it down in December 2014.

At The Love Zone, McCoole’s profile has included this information his occupation was listed as “professional photographic sex instructor”, his interests as “anything below 12”, and his hobby as “Sex, sex, sex, more sex, natural weight loss for chubby kids”.

Shannon Grant McCoole has been sentenced by South Australian court to 35 years in prison with a 28 years non-parole period. 35 years is the maximum time that could be given to sex offenders in South Australia. The judge of District Court, Paul Rice, has told this to McCole:

“You have no moral compass. You were excited and sought sexual satisfaction, not just from touching very young children but also having sexual intercourse with infants. What would incline you to do such a thing is far beyond my comprehension. It engenders feelings of outrage and revulsion among right-thinking people.”

“One of the most remarkable submission laid on your behalf is that when you are eventually released you wish to work with young people who may have paedophilic tendencies like you did so as to help them,” he said.

“What arises from that is that there are serious reservations that I have about your insight into your offending. Knowing what I do about your offending it is fanciful in the extreme for you to contemplate that you may be permitted to work with young people ever again.”

„It is absurd to suggest that you needed education within Families SA to gain that realisation,” Rice said. “These last two topics cause me to be very guarded about your long-term prospects of rehabilitation.”

After the police bust on McCoole’s house, law enforcement authorities have found more than 100,000 still images and 600 videos and other media files of child exploitation material on the criminal’s computer.

The child molester and The Love Zone admin has agreed with the court to provide evidence to the Royal Commission that will help their work to probe 10 key areas in Australia to ensure the safety of the children.


  1. so…what…..constituted the bulk of his actual sentence?
    the actual offences against kids?…for which there would’v been hard evidence (one hopes!)…or….CP….for which there would’v been negligible if any evidence, period!

  2. what a fucking idiot

  3. Death to all Pedo, no motherfucker left alive.

    • the phantom

      wtf u talkin’ abt, arse-hole, eh?
      unless there’s hard evidence that this prick molested kids….how’s he a pedo’, eh?
      35yrs for CP?
      get EFFED!
      all such convictions are unsafe and unsound unless he confessed…
      you can’t prove that it was him who dwn/ld the stuff!

      35 fckn yrs!
      nah…they wouldn’t be sentencing me to that on a fckn set up….
      i’d BLOW AWAY a coupla cops….make it worth their fckn while!

      get FUCKD!

      • How can you ‘The Phantom ‘ defend anyone like that,unless your in the circle itself.
        Read the article’ His crime was brutal, one of the children he molested was only 18 months old. There were even children who had autism or were disabled.”
        Isn’t that enough evidence without the comments he makes on his site ‘professional photographic sex instructor”, interests “anything below 12”, and his hobby as “Sex, sex, sex, more sex, natural weight loss for chubby kids”
        What is worse the South Australian Government knew this, and like the catholic church they swept it under the rug. The government in SA ( both sides) are as corrupt, then any South American cartel, except in the worst kind. PEDOPHILIA . I mean from Government, to Judges, lawyers and police. The so called family is well and truly alive in SA still. Both sides of the government are scared to open it up to an inquiry, due to the skeletons in both closets its going to unravel. From before Dunstan era,the Beaumonts, von einem etc. It’s scary, and anyone who’s tried to voice before has disappeared or set up by the government. BEWARE. We Australians should insist on an internal royal commission. Why is South Australia the only state/province in the western world not to have a full and thorough Police anti corruption enquiry, followed by our government and judicial system? BIZARRE. An Independent from USA. Someone who has no ties like the previous attempts when Rann had his mate look at it. Start with Mem Fox’s Husband, Chloe Fox’s (ALP MP) Father. who was convicted of touching school students but never spent a day behind bars!! Someone in that role, who has the parents trust, to be safe etc. They will rot in Hell i hope. Death to all PEDOPHILES. By castration and fed to themselves, and anyone supporting them so be fucked up with them. Thanks for this forum. Unoit. We ” Prey on Predators”

      • Phantom… You are a delusional idiot… And your opinion is utterly incomprehensible. Just possessing the material is an offence. And despite what you may think, it is not a victimless offence. The demand, that the scum of society like this, drives the market so to speak. The people who ask for, keep and trade in this material should be held just as responsible as those that are producing it. The fact that he was also sexually offending against these kids makes it worse. All aspects of what he did is as bad as the other. 35yrs?… With 28yrs for parole?… Too light.

  4. I mean from Government, to Judges, lawyers and police. The so called family is well and truly alive in SA still. Both sides of the government are scared to open it up to an inquiry, due to the skeletons in both closets its going to unravel.

    uh…..yr kinda, sorta not gettin’ wtf i’m sayin’, eh?
    first off: you think any of the pricks you mention would ever be arrested for bein’ pedos…much less convicted of it?

    (and that’s been goin’ on for decades…esp. “the family”…long before there was any i/net like we got today….)

    you just gotta take a look @ the crap goin’ on in the UK….

    so….what’s all the kerfuffle abt CP, then, eh?

    k……i’ll tell you!

    its a two-pronged attack…

    it makes it dead easy for TPTB to set up who-ever they want to shut up by planting CP on them!
    (check yr own fckn cmptr….there might even be some on it that you don’t even know abt, eh?)

    also: it scares people off the DW so that they don’t get hold of stuff that TPTB don’t want them having…like, for instance, guns, drugs and bodgie ID….

    you startin’ to get the picture there, champ, eh?!?

    the head of the FBI just admitted recently that we can’t crack strong encryption …uh…so that just leaves them with ‘scare tactics’ to spook people away from the DW so that they don’t get hold of all the goodies….

    you really, truly think that TPTB give 2¼ flying fucks abt a bunch of dirty old men lookin’ @ dirty pix of kids?!?

    if you do…then….i got this big bridge in Sydney i can sell you…

  5. Dead motherfucker,
    as we rip and shred and tear until no motherfuckin pedo breaths my air. You slime bitches can’t hide for ever!

  6. Wooow, 35 years really?? Ulbricht got life for a website and you get 35 years for maintaining a website on which children are getting sexually destructed and destroyed. This system is soo fucked up i cant believe it, its a shame

  7. Obviously your a slime pedo, I KNOW what’s going to happen to his flesh when the Niggaz grab day ass! Ha! Get some! Yes Duck pedos!

    • I would like to point out, this man should not be classed as a paedophile. He “molested children” when he viewed acts of rape against them, and distributed them. I fancy women, but “Raping” them against their will is altogether different. Being a paedophile is not the same as being a child molester, so let’s be clear this man was a Child Molester when he viewed these acts and added to the suffering of the children involved.

      I say pity the Paedophiles, but chop the dicks off anyone who messes with a Child

  8. Pedophiles or child molesters, same thing. These monsters dont deserve jail time or death. They need to be placed in torture camps. Tortured and traumatized every day, to inches to their death – then allowed to heal and tortured again for the rest of their lives. The torture that equates what those helpless innocent children endured.
    I am so enraged and angered by this sick monsters.
    Wish i could pinpoint every single one of those demonic mfers… wish there was actually a technology like ‘cerebrum’ to globally fish out these demons

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