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Agora Market To Pause Operations. Finish Your Orders And Withdraw Money

Agora, the current largest market is about to pause its operations in order to deal with major security concerns before coming back, this will be done in a similar manner to what we have seen only in the BlackMarketReloaded case where the admins have notified the users prior to shutting down and did not “exit scam”. The admins have posted a signed message on the market explaining the situation (agorahooawayyfoe.onion/info/pausingoperations):

Agora's message

Agora’s message

Once again, agora admins appears to be doing the right things and proving that their users best interest is a top priority for them (although all users are reporting that withdraws are not coming trough), and this should not be taken for granted, and we can be sure that IF (yes, if) they come back (Remember BMR V5?) they will reutrn to their position as the number 1 market.

So Where do we go now?

Well here’s what we have next in line:

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  1. in my opinion Agora was and is the best marketplace of All time in the darkweb , but they need to do something about the Down time …
    now if some users want to come on this new market are welcome !


    it have Free registration for now , also they wait for deepdotweb review , it look good and it run smooth take a look !
    and more important it support Multisig transactions !

    • big cock

      If i join your market can i penetrate your mum’s bum hole with my large schlong? I promise your father can watch this time, however he must be in his favorite chair with butt plug firmly in place.

    • croutons

      is it me or are the words ‘scammeraware’ embedded in this url :o

    • bmjel9333

      just curious, made a deposit on the 25th to agora before i saw the message, it appears in blockchain but still yet to hit my wallet at agora. I was wondering if anyone els is in this same boat because it was roughly 1000 worth of btc,do you think it is just a waiting game or am i sol.

  2. Be careful, I tried to withdraw my money yesterday and after over 12 hours it has not arrived in my other account. So right now I’m out over $500..

  3. Unfortunately when they sent this message, all assets were already frozen. In a way, even though it wasn’t an exit scam, it was a nice way of taking it up the tail pipe. It’s like saying we’re going to take your money, we’re sorry it for your security..

    • whinersrus

      It was inevitable that people would once again cry that agora is stealing / exit scamming. If that was the case – you geniuses – then why take the time to explain everything, provide a new key, and all the other stuff ? There are 10s of thousands of people all trying to withdraw coin at the same time. Of course that is going to cause major delays as they pointed out. Agora has proven the prophets of doom ( aka whining little bitches ) time and time again to be wrong in their predictions. It has been the most security minded market which accounts for down time. It has been the biggest target – of all markets – for attack from competitors, hacker thieves, LE and anti drug crusaders. So STFU and give it a little time for your coin to arrive before whining like spoiled brats.

  4. I must have been one of the first to get in yesterday and instantly pulled my coin – i have now not slept and wont sleep until i see it in the blockchain!!! grrrhhh

  5. Great, was wondering why my deposit yesterday never arrived:(

  6. That’s just great. I’ve 3 open orders that are overdue and another 2 that are under investigation for 2-3 months now. I never received a reply from Agora. I hope they can fix their issues, because I’m running out of patience.

  7. My withdrawal hasn’t shown up in blockchain either… and to top it off I had an unconfirmed order and it hasn’t shipped. but they sure took my money. sucks!

  8. So this is not an exit scam, this is a “masked exit scam” – well done! About time. You do realize all the other markets will do the same at a time in the future – they just have too strong incentives to do so, it’s the law of the universe and the human nature since 5000 years – nothing will magically change it overnight.

    And note Tor hidden services are very fine. There is no research lately or what they claim there.

    • whinersrus

      Indeed most markets – the vast majority – have and will exit scam. Occasionally there are exceptions such as BMR. I think Agora is 1 of those exceptions. It is way too early to state the outcome.
      The Tor website admitted after operation Onymous that there are potential weaknesses in Tor especially by attack from a nation state with unlimited resources. That is nothing new.
      Agora stated they have reasson to believe they are being targeted by such an adversary. Agora being the largest market by exponential factors would obviously be the primary target

  9. I’m not convinced they haven’t been hacked and just wanted people to stick their PIN number in to authorize the withdrawal process.

    • Dude thats not how it works. They could pull all the money at any moment. They OWN the website. THEY WOULDN’T NEED TO KNOW YOUR PIN. Your coins dont even really move anywhere when you pay, All funds are collected in just a few wallets. Your balance is just updated. you retarded?

  10. Don’t leave balances in your account, morons. Only put in what you plan on using for that transaction. Put the rest away.

  11. First off, this is not an exit scam. Why the fuck would they tell you to withdraw your coins if they wanted to steal them? Second, I commend Agora for their amazing commitment running one of the biggest DNM’s. What they are doing right now is amazingly smart. Do you remember when we went to log on Silk Road one morning, only to shit our pants seeing “THIS HIDDEN SITE HAS BEEN SEIZED”? Thats what Agora is working to prevent, and their doing a fine job so far.

  12. Abrexas is the next Best Thing to Agora… I am sure of that because I have been Vending there for quite some time and have no issues with downtime or enough business/quality of Drugs. It is similar in layout to Agora and has some extra features such as accepting Dark/DASH coin a better Vendor Control panel and the sales are all going to be going that direction, there already have a lot of user and business it stands to be the number 2 market after this whole thing gets put to rest. I LOVE Agora (the guys are stand up) and when they return I will be right back but it makes sense to me that Agora refugee’s will find shelter and serinity with the familure platform and functionality Abrexas offers. Here is a link that you can use to become a Vendor or Buyer.

    If you need any help deciding which market to use send me a PM I can help you answer any questions about Abrexas. The vendor Bond is only 1 BTC or I think 85 DASH coin. Also, they have the fewest amount of downtime and are primarily a drug market(hoooa). I have been a Vendor at Nucleus, Alpha Bay, Evolution, BlackBank, Middle Earth and Outlaw, and Abrexas has by far been easier to use and better clients than all of the ones I just listed. Good luck and See Y’all on the Flip side. ~nonamez

  13. My withdrawal just came through after about 30-35 hours of stress and wonder. Constantly checking the block chain.

    My agora wallet address has no balance but its still there on the blockchain which means they tumnled my coins from a different wallet.

    It’s just a large amount of internal tumbling that they have to do I suspect also their system can only process x amount of withdrawals per x amount of time.

    Be patient and your money should arrive to the address you withdrew to unless you made a mistake.

    I suspect some people won’t login to get their coins before they eventually go offline. Leaving some people feeling scammed, but hopefully they will be back with those users coins and a new secure platform.

    Either way it would be the users fault for leaving any decent amount of coins on the site before their outage.

  14. “there might be some delays in payouts”

    Over 24 hours since hitting withdraw and nothing…

  15. someone need to change this announce if in next days nothing change to exit scam ! abraxas have 1BTC BOND
    but Python market are Free its fresh but have very nice design , and Multisig support

  16. 00:00
    Request btc withdrawal from agora, seems normal
    “Withdrawal request has been added”

    BTC not arrive, check agora, NO CHANGE in 24 hours

    Agora now say “Broadcast to network” but NO TXID ???

    Transaction is NOT visible, still no TXID on Agora

    Just the facts…

  17. I orderred m money yesterday, but IT did’t arrived! Is this normal?

  18. go fuck urself if u think they scam. why should they exit scam now if they had more then enough time to wait till maximum money is in escrow? retarded junky faggots stop whine
    about “exit scam”

  19. withdrawal doesn’t work!!!! more than one day passed and i don’t have my money back !!
    what the **** is happend????

  20. what the fuck is going on agora ???? i made a withdraw yesterday but i NEVER got my money!!! is this another scam again ????

  21. thehighmotherfucker

    Last night I do a withdraw 12 hours later no traces of it even in the blockchain. So I can only wait but since I’m not the only one I think is an exit scam.

  22. Please calm yourself guys I had exactly the same problem you are speaking of. It was a long wait but agora sent me all my coins it took at least 30 hours from withdrawal


  23. Well the only way were gonna know if this is a scam is if they never pop back up like they say there going to do. Alot of people including myself had pin problems and had to reset pin and now they are shutting down operations? Its great that they told everyone to withdraw there money but most of us had to reset a pin and i still had a week left till i could reset it??! No i did not forget my pin and no i was not hacked. So if and when they come back online and my money is still there then hey ill be amazed and super grateful. Only time will tell??!!

  24. Too all you idiots who wanna scream “exit scam” when something goes wrong with Agora. Agora has proven multiple times they care about their vendors and buyers! They go out our way to make sure we can do business safe and secure. They give you warnings of their problems. Agora is the greatest marketplace on the DN plain and simple. They will come back bigger and stronger than ever! They understand they are the biggest market on the DN and act accordingly.

    So stfu haters and be happy Agora even exist! Long live Agora!!

  25. ALL GOOD !!! my money came today. took almost 2 days BUT it is back. i do NOT thing that they want to scam us. maybe it took a while because they are doing everthing with CARE and so the btc transfer is also something they care about !!!!!!
    THANK YOU agora.

  26. I did my tried taking my BTC on Wednesday so two days and nothing but people are saying it’s taking up too 3 and four days too get there btc anyway we all know the risks most of us have won and lost on how many Markets now? BMR being the most ethical but that took week or more fuck no one wants too loose coin I cant afford it ,just goes too show even if you move btc too wallet for that one buy things can go wrong ?
    Still better than buying off HEP C toothless fuckwits on the streets is it not or funny looking twits with the fashion sewnse of a DJ with braindamage

  27. got my coin! :D

  28. Uhhh NO! It has TERRIBLE uptime!

  29. CrystalMethCommunity

    It took four days in my case, until the btc appeared on my private wallet. Agora was a great place and I hope they will be back one day. Now I’m trying to make Abraxas my new home. I already placed some orders and my first impression is good.
    I can’t recommend Alphabay, where I was scammed in escrow modus, because auto-finalization was less than three days. A market that is allowing vendors a three day AF (I was used to 14 days) is not a legit market. And even if you tell them the names of these vendors, they do nothing about it. That’s why they do not fool me with ScamWatch – it’s another attempt to pull the wool over your eyes.

  30. Yup been a week contacted support my money is gone. They wont respond not in bchain. Im out a few hundred. :(

  31. As soon as message too withdraw came up withdrew it still nothing has shown up kinda sucks people saying I got my money in 35 hours so chill 35 hours no problem 2 days no problem 3 days no probs 4 days bit a fucked just like too hear people saying there getting there btc after same ammount of time

  32. Withdrew .67 btc 4 days ago. Says
    “Withdrawal transaction has been sent to the network, 0.66820422 BTC, TXID: .”

    But no TXID.

    Withdrew .48 today (vendor bond returned today) and the funds came immediately. Now i wonder if the original 0.67 will arrive at all?

  33. We’ve been vending on many markets, but AG is the best one. Don’t cry about your BTC, they will show up.
    We’re moving to AlphaBay and Abraxas for now.
    Hopefully AG will be back soon. JR

    • anyone know where I can get a free pgp system that really works…grrrr that peice of shit pgpwin freezes , shuts off and says no data to decrypt……grrrrrrrrrrr

  34. I got my coins today.

  35. I have succefully wdl my coins took 18hrs. Glad administrators gave us a heads up and didnt do an ‘evolution, lol

  36. Well since 8/25 I did my withdraw and it finally showed up on 9-7-15 wow what a wait for 40 bucks but im thankful for what agora did for me. Thanks agora take care and enjoy your good karma.

  37. Also received Agora withdrawal today. Not much BTC but good to see they cleaned up all the loose ends.

  38. Ok, so sorry to b a moran, ive beeen on the road and missed all of this going on and now i need to get ym money out of my agora wallet… How do i so this?? i cant get on the website to make the withdrawel, how to i get my money back that is deposited there???

  39. Billy Tickle my arshole

    Hey come join our new market:


    deposit all of your bitcoins and ill rob them and Ill buy shitloads of coconut butter so I can fist my puckered arsehole :)

  40. I got my 15 bitcoins from Agora.
    All hail Agora, king of king deep web marketplaces.

  41. Withdrawal Disabled

    I put in for a withdrawal weeks ago as soon as the first notice went out. This was for a vendor account and I was attempting to get back my 1.5 BTC deposit. Only 1.2 was placed back in my account but I attempted to withdraw anyway figuring that most is better than none.

    My withdrawal said it had processed but it never showed up in the recipient account and never showed in block chain. A couple days later the 1.2 BTC was again showing in my Agora account as though the transaction had never been initiated. No response to my inquiries and now the site is down as was stated would happen. It really appears that despite the warnings to withdraw that the withdrawal capabilities were not functional for some people and that those affected did not receive responses to their inquiries regarding this matter.

    I would like to believe that this was unintentional and that the Agora system was just overloaded and the admins unable to respond due to the undoubtedly high volume but the circumstances seem to be all too conveniently coincidental.

    Did anyone possibly see information on a return time frame that I did not?

  42. Any word on when Agora will be back up and running or when this “pause of operations” will be over?

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