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OP-ED: Agora, Where’s My BTC (and your consistency), Bitch?

Note: This article is represents the author’s personal experience and concerns only, we KNOW and confirmed that many other people did get all their money just fine and acknowledge the fact that we have no way to know whats going on behind the scenes that is the cause for all of this.

First up, let me say this – shock of shocks, horror of horrors, a guy who has been known to write about dark net markets might actually be known to hold some BTC in them in buyer account from time to time. Let me qualify that, though – for starters, not everything one might procure on a DNM is illegal (there are some useful guides, for example, which cover all manner of topics), and furthermore, just how do you think I get paid by some people for some things? Do you really think that some guy in a cheap suit who makes Saul Goodman look like the epitome of class, who leads something of a double life by writing about the dark web when he’s not billing legal clients for time, gets his personal financial matters handled by having other parties who owe him money cut a check to my firm every time I lift my pen, or send a wire to my account in the Caymans or Switzerland, or that we arrange to meet up in a dark alley in Williamsburg where I go through an elaborate handshake sequence with a guy wearing a carnation in his lapel before a third party in a long coat and a fedora conducts a brush pass to me, delivering a thick manila envelope?

I really hope to god nobody answered yes to any of the above… the reality is that I, too, make substantial use BTC, and not only that, as I openly state above, I have been known to hold funds in DNM accounts – I’ve been doing so since the days of SR1. I mean, come one, I write articles about the Deep Web – this shouldn’t really be a surprise. If my straight up, business hours day job would pay me in BTC, I’d accept it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be the first lawyer to openly accept bitcoin. But back on topic… yours truly, Allen Hoffmann, JD, is not just writing about Agora’s borderline strange behavior at the moment as an objective observer. Rather, I am directly impacted by it.

I happened to have some BTC sitting in an account at Agora when I logged in quite recently to discover the ‘we’re closing for a while, pull your coins and finish your business’ message which is now well and truly known to all. So I did as I was told – I transferred out my BTC to another wallet. The transfer was confirmed by Agora. But do you know what has showed up in that BTC address at this moment in time, a couple of days later? Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. This is odd, considering I am reliably informed by various parties that they have received their withdrawals without incident, and yet others, including myself, have yet to see a Satoshi. And now, whilst often available, the site comes up and goes down like a seesaw.

Much is, has and always was, made of just how security conscious the team at Agora claimed to be – a group so concerned with OPSEC that running the business absolutely safely was always the primary concern, after, presumably, profit margins.

Down time to prevent penetration and fix some vapor-like vulnerabilities were the rule, rather than the exception, for a period in the past. It pissed off buyers. It pissed of sellers. In actual fact, it pissed off all parties involved with the possible exception of the management team at Agora, who either spent the down time fixing problems, real or otherwise, or perhaps cracking whippits and laughing at their user base for being so retarded as to buy what they were saying.

Many a fan of Agora, when it was spending more time down than up, migrated elsewhere. Some returned, some decided to stay away, and Agora, despite being the dominant brand for a lengthy period, is now set to lose even more ground, with their claims that OPSEC cannot be assured owing to recent research revelations which espouse new attack methodologies via which interested parties, including LE, may compromise the anonymity of TOR sites.

What we see from Agora’s management team is a supposed dedication to operational security which is beginning to skirt the wrong side of paranoia. To call the Agora admin team anything other than paranoid is laughable, but there’s method to what some may perceive as madness. Don’t get me wrong on the issue of paranoia – I know more than one person who found the saying “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out to get you” to be a very practical mantra by which to live, and being overly cautious in one’s questionable dealings has kept more than one person out of the line of inquiries in an investigation, or for that matter, out of cuffs.

In one instance, the specifics of which I must obviously omit, one parties’ paranoia and actions flowing from his preferred course of action in removing a particular item, from a particular house, on a particular night, owing to something very specific spooking said party, taking precedence over another’s very straight up, almost hostile ‘you’re being paranoid, maaaaaaaaan, STFU’ approach, turned out to be the deciding difference between how the warrant which was served by a large contingent from both state and federal agencies early the next morning went down. Paranoia is not, necessarily, a bad thing.

But back to the present matter – Are the Agora management team’s concerns leading up to now, generally speaking, well-founded, or something akin to digital mysticism? Are these downtimes we are now so very used to actually necessary? Or are the holes and vulnerabilities, real or suspected, which are being patched up, being whispered in the ears of the Agora admin team after asking some kind of deep web shaman, perhaps the some pixels which they regard as representing the spirit of the Blockchain, after the burning of some incense (or some, what I believe the kids these days refer to as, ‘dank nugs’) and some kind of incantations being uttered to a CPU on some kind of pedestal, when they should pull their site apart or mess with their membership’s abilities to access funds?

Neither I, nor most other commentators, are calling this an exit scam as yet, but the lack of consistency in handling withdrawals which is very much apparent at this point, is a deep and abiding concern when measures as drastic as a temporary suspension of operations is going into effect – I can understand Agora sitting on accounts where the BTC is in escrow, or the account holder didn’t log in and request a withdrawal. But I, dear readers, did log in, requested a withdrawal, saw it confirmed, and still, quite a number of days on, my BTC has not so much as begun its journey through the block chain, much less arrived in my nominated wallet.

This is a direct message to Agora management – don’t take it personally, but seriously, regardless of your explanations, I would pimp slap the living shit out of you (JD or not, my pimp hand is strong), and demand to know “Where’s my money, bitch?” if I could right now. Your reasons for pulling the site into hiatus may be well founded, or they may be based on nebulous intelligence or outright spurious conjecture, but that brings me back to the original question which came after the first pimp slapping… Where’s my money, bitch?


  1. due to the arrogant/annoying tone of this article i hope it will take a long time before you receive your btc

    be happy they didnt pull a full blown exit scam, bitch. Ppl are always complaining

  2. Oh please. Another little bitch crying and complaining. Grow the fuck up. Can’t even believe this site would publish something this fucking stupid…

  3. take this terribly written whiney bullshit down, can’t believe the site would endorse such crap as we’re reading on every deepweb site going anyway

  4. We pulled out of AG 3 months ago when some of our clients as well as 3 of our btc fog accounts where empty’d BTC fog recommended Agora………

  5. Someone needs to shoot Deepdotweb site admin too. The admin is LE piece of shit and someone needs to find him and put a end to stupid articles.

    • Inspector

      I am pretty sure there is already investigation and aware of deepdotweb admin, LE already asked [email protected] where is deepdotweb registered for closer information about owner.
      It is only question of time when He identity will be publicized in some nice article.

  6. Sorry everyone else thinks this is a senseless article. I found it to be thought provoking, considering I have had the same issue. I have placed btc amounts to my agora account aprox. once a month, and never an issue. Then (since I never use it) I recently transferred 1btc in, and voila…it’s gone…former wallet transfer information has 436 confirmations and says the transaction is approved…but much like the author-nothing. I have written to agora 2x now, once in a panic, and then again in a much more professional manner offering documentation of the transaction and the wallet addresses involved. I have not received a response from either. I liked Agora…annoyed at the seesaw pattern of operation it had, but overall I felt secure and comfortable with using and navigating the site…after reading this is happening to others in similar or identical situations to mine? Stinks…(confirmed august 26th) I would at least like some insight into what is going on…I had no idea they were doing this and sent my funds to my account per normal without questioning “what if some magic deep dot troll steals it this time?!” *sigh*

  7. Just pulled out my funds. Took 15 min :)

  8. Deepdotweb have you really made this crap a featured article?

  9. some i deposited just before i noticed the “pause” did not arrive in my wallet. some i already had in their did withdraw. If this is a “exit scam” then i don’t know why they bothered keeping it online this long…

  10. Had an order in escrow, vendor was under scam investigation after the notice was posted. Today agora returned my 1BTC. I withdrew it and was in my wallet in under an hour.

  11. Smug posts that say something to the effect of “Well I just withdrew XX BTC and it worked perfectly” that seem to infer that they are somehow either supergeniuses or we are lying should be bitch slapped into next month.

    And azzwipes who have zero skin in the game and post all bravado about how someone else is whining or blah blah blah can take a flying frack at a rolling donut. Don’t like we he wrote? Quit reading it, suck it up and quit whining yourselves bitches.

    It is a FACT that certain withdrawals requested or sent to the network from roughly 8/25 to 8/27 have stalled midway with ZERO update as to their status from Agora Admin. That is unacceptable. I happen to be part of that group and I want my fooking money.

    We did not screw this pooch, they did and they need to fix or they might as well be scammers.

    And why should we be happy they didn’t pull a full exit scam when this has the same impact on us if we don’t get paid.

  12. fuckagorafaggots

    They just froze my wallet and sent my deposited money to other buyer/vendors… exit scam for 1/3 of all customers is still an exit scam. no response, simply stolen my money instead let me withdraw it.
    fuck agorav2 no1 gonna use it stupid faggots.

  13. I wait of my money since the message put on agora. I withdrawl my money and no money was sent to my wallet. For over 7 days, I wait and wait…

  14. Quit your pussy aching you whiney bitch!

    Do you think that you’re shopping at Walmart?

    The Agora folks are the only legit crew in this industry as they have had the chance to grab and run several times now.

    We’re all missing money and we may or may not ever get it.

    Get over it and find a better subject on which to write an op-ed.

    Also, grow some balls and stop acting like a faggot.


    • fuckustupidbstrd

      I really hope that ur whole family gets beheaded or raped by muslims u dumb piece of aidsshit. they steal money from 1/3 of all customers to pay out the 2/3. realize it and go suck some dicks retarded downsyndrome bstrd.


      The use of the word “faggot” as a harsh insult is hilariously childish. Only closet gays and incestuous rednecks use that. Next time will you try to be a bit more creative with your slander.

  15. I accidentally sent 0.42btc to my agora wallet before realising the site was going down……….. I have wrote to admin 3 times and haven’t heard a thing back!

    Looking on block chain it hit my wallet at 2:55am (whilst I was asleep) and was swept out before I woke up that morning to an almost empty wallet again!

    Not happy long term Ag user

  16. I am still waiting for my money, too! This is annoying again..

    TC 2015-08-27 15:00 Withdrawal transaction has been sent to the network, 0.xxxxxx BTC, TXID: .

    So I think my money is gone! Nice Agora

  17. agoravendor = stupid idiot
    juleswinfield = stupid idiot
    facade-face = stupid idiot
    picklesworth = stupid idiot
    ………. = stupid idiot

    If the money of your wallets would be missing, YOU ALL would have been the first crying about their lost BTC.

    So stop hating other people, that loose their money, only because you where lucky and got yours paid out!

    F**k YOU

  18. Have patience, it could take them weeks to withdraw all users money. Vendors withdraws are obviously taking higher precedence over customers. This can be observed. I am waiting on $1000 dollars in coins and have not yet once gone onto a forum and bitched about it anywhere. I can just imagine about a billion people logging in this past week, freaking out a bit about the closure and ALL of them withdrawing ALL of their funds ASAP. Especially if Agora is still issuing manual withdraws, this could easily take a month to sort out. Look at the logistics and it makes sense, look at the facts and they would be pulling the most unsuccesful exit scam on the dark web ever if this was an exit scam. Also another thing to take note is the market seizures and arrests happening almost on schedule around October. Whatever Agora is doing right now, one thing I know is that it is probably a very smart decision.

    • coins are gone not hard to steal coins .
      i have coins gone to but i have a friend that can hack everything and anything.
      he tells me they had a window while tumble .

  19. I’m a vendor from AUS.
    I withdrew money when the pause operation message first came up and that money is still to go through almost 7 days later. The vendor bond was returned the other day, when I transferred that out. That came through straight away. I’ve sent agora a message with no reply.

    I have checked the block chain on my btc wallet, only the last transaction is even showing, all my previous transactions have been wiped and no trace of the other money or where it has gone, but definitely had not gone to confirmed, as the balance history shows no TXID etc only that the request is there.

    Definitely some people have not received there money and does beg to question what is going on, whether half was an exit scam (although I do believe they haven’t) can’t tell for sure. But hopefully they sent the money through before site closes.

  20. Look, Agora may be having massive issues atm, they MAY be slowly processing the outstanding withdrawals, they MAY be pulling a well articulated EXIT SCAM, who knows?!?! But if Agora had the brains to post a header message saying they are PAUSING OPERATIONS and then a few days later post that the vendors bonds have been returned, then why would they not post a message simply stating that some withdrawals have not been processed properly and it will take X days/weeks to correct. I’m sure the Agora support have been inundated with messages about the issue but have not bothered to post a small simple message to put everyones mind at ease. This is what is making Agora’s actions (or lack of) seam very suspicious which is making people nervous. Agora need to stop hiding behind their web servers and tell people what is going on!!!!
    I’m sure if all those people that had successful withdrawals, had their coins disappear would NOT be so opinionated. STOP posting completely useless, childish, self absorbed, SHIT. You DO NOT know what Agora’s admin are up to. But cpl of things to remember ‘Nothing is stopping Agora from scamming’ and ‘Everyone has a price.’ Unfortunately we will only know for sure when its too late and we’re all standing around with our dicks-in-our-hands asking WTF just happened!!

  21. ifyouwantmdmagotomollylaneukormollysellersuktwitter

    please understand –

  22. Had agora depo7 take about 23-24 days! I’d thought it had been stolen when it didn’t show up n my buyer wallet after the first 5 days so I literally said I will never use agora again…so I didn’t log on until I really needed a whole month later and to my surprise. …my 1k plus n btc were in the acct. And this was after the blue warning was up saying deposits were slow…not to mention this pop up of my funds came much in handy….so just wait it out man….they gained Hella trust me from for funds coming a month later!!!!

  23. YES ! I’ve got my coins today from AG. Waiting 13 days since 26th august after withdrawal. So all is ok for me now. Agor is not a scam, just be patient.

  24. I have been waiting for my BTC since the first day Agora announced their downtime. Why are my coins? Are they in some sort of limbo? Did the massive flood of withdraw activity crash their program?

  25. Got my BTC on the 6th after having a TXID (blank) since 26 Aug. I’m so impressed. There are people out there with morals without the threat of law, but rather community respect. Big respect to the Agora crew!


    I’m thankful for this article because I thought I was going crazy. Long time user of Ag, but suffering the same predicament as the author. Not the first time I’ve gotten scammed, but I guess I’ll learn from my mistakes…someday….

  27. The home screen I a seeing is asking for a pin.
    Thats new to me,is everyone else seeing that?
    I can’t log in.

  28. The site had up for 1 week saying – please withdraw all coins, going down for security restructure. You’re a fool if you didn’t remove your coins, they clearly notified all!

  29. I’ve also finally got my BTC back on september 7th, that’s OK (it was a very small amount anyways…)

  30. I can say that I lost 0.25 BTC that I transferred just before the Agora meltdown to my Agora account, which never showed up in the account. Multiple requests for an explanation along with evidence I provided of the transaction went unanswered. Fat chance of seeing the $ again.

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