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Darknet Vendor Sentenced To 8 Years, Sold Drugs In Order To Pay Back A Debt

Daniel Andrew Atkinson, 30, an ecstasy vendor on (the old) Silk Road has been jailed for at least eight years. Atkinson has been known as a gambling addict, he used Silk Road for selling Ecstasy in order to pay back his dept that he owed to shady people. According to Atkinson, these people who he owed debt to, have threatened him several times, including a drive-by shooting. He also fled the state where he was living in Australia to Adelaide, because of the physical threats he has received before.

The DNM drug dealer has sold ecstasy worth hundreds of thousands dollars, however, David Edwardson, his attorney has told the court that Atkinson deserves leniency, because of his gambling habit.

“What I am trying to impress on your Honour is that you do not have an evil drug dealer who has set upon, who has embarked upon a course of conduct for just pure greed and could not care less, if you like, about the potential consequences of that conduct,” said Edwardson.

However, this was the statement of Atkinson’s lawyer, Prosecutor Susan Agnew informed Judge Geraldine Davison that the former DNM ecstasy dealer has set up a well-established and sophisticated drug trafficking and making operation that made him able not to just pay back his debts, but to cut huge profits from his business. In addition to that, Atkinson has pleaded guilty to several charges, including the manufacturing and the trafficking of ecstasy.

“The accused was manufacturing and selling large quantities of drugs for substantive profit,” the prosecutor said.

“It had been ongoing and involved much effort on the part of the accused, who studied a chemistry course, set up identifications and false names and also rented premises under … false names.”

The sentence by Judge Geraldine Davison goes by: Atkinson is sentenced to eight years and five months in jail with a non-parole period of three years and six months after time in custody was taken into account.


  1. He was a vendor called MIA (Meanwhile In Australia) on the original Silk Road.

    He used to sell huge amounts of MDMA for cash in the mail, very sad but not surprising he got caught eventually.

  2. I am so remorsefull. I keep my fingers crossed let him come out best. Respectively. Come to the Czech Republic you can sell at reasonable (to 1.5 kg marijuana, and methamphetamine 20 grams per day, can grow again within the limits.) In short, if you’re not greedy do not have a problem here. Drugs are everywhere, the police know about it. I sold marijuana almost 10 years in a row, denounced my neighbors, the police told them that nothing he could do. :)

  3. @haluz,
    MDMA is actually a good drug. Used by people with PTSD, and also for marriage and other counseling.
    Is it easy to get LSD and MDMA in Prague? What about the law?


    A quick question…..I’ve noticed people are only just being sentenced for Silk Road crimes even though it closed long ago…any ideas for why this may be?


    Ps…..Someone should write a comprehensive guide to being a secure ‘Darknet’ vendor from complete bitcoin cleaning to foolproof posting to the best way to convert bitcoins to cash etc…….

    • you have the best name ever – DCSMB –

      Can anyone please put us in contact with a trusted reliable vendor for 4-MEC,3mmc,methylone and 4mmc if possable for us in the uk

      we are really struggling over here in the uk with mixed/cut/diluted cathinones and various products.
      they (the idiot dealers) ruin the product.

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