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Teen Sentenced After Using DNMs To Buy Weapons & Plot Mass Murder

Liam Lyburd, a British teenager living in his family house at Hamilton Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, has been sentenced for life for planning a massacre at his former Newcastle College.

We have already written an article about Lyburd when he was caught by the police, however, his trial just ended and have resulted in a life sentence for the 19-year-old teenager.

Both the police and the judge had a relatively easy job since Lyburd has left evidence of his plot everywhere. Firstly, he has made a Facebook post about his intent on carrying out the mass murder under the name of Felix Burns. Secondly, the police has found the teen’s stash in his parents’ house, which included a Glock gun, 94 jacketed hollow point expanding bullets, tear gas and several homemade explosive devices, including pipe bombs that he made himself. Thirdly, and most importantly, Lyburd has made statements to the prosecutors, right after he was caught by LE, that proved his intentions. Prosecutor Nick Dry has made a statement about this:

“He then stated that he had intended to carry out a mass murder at Newcastle College that very day and that the officers had saved lives, preventing what would have otherwise been a massacre at the college.

“He repeated to them that it had been his intention to blow up the college and, as he put it, ‘to shoot a bunch of people’, laughing as he was transported to the police station and speculating that he would get four years for it.”

Also, he has admitted nine charges of the total 17, including the making and the buying of the weapons that the law enforcement authorities have found at his parents’ house. According to LE, Lyburd has bought all his DNM stuff from the Evolution market. Evo has been already shut down during the infamous exit scam of the website. The teen also bought his Glock gun from Evo, which he has stated on the court buying the gun was as easy as “buying a bar of chocolate”.

During the trial, Judge Paul Sloan QC told the accused: “I am satisfied there is a significant risk to the public of serious harm by you.” He also described the evidence against Lyburd as “chilling to say the least”.

The sentence was delayed until the end of Lyburd’s psychiatric report, however, the report has stated that Lyburd isn’t suffering from “acute mental illness” and has never been. The only mental problem the report has shown that Lyburd is suffering from a personality disorder. However, this disorder is not enough to justify the planning of a massacre. Judge Paul Sloan has also told the same to the teen: “Your personality disorders have no way impaired your ability to know what you were doing.”

The life sentence that was given by the judge to Lyburd is not a “full life sentence” (meaning he can’t get out of jail for his entire lifetime), according to the sentence, Lyburd must serve at least eight years in prison before any release can be considered.

The leader of the Northumbria police’s investigation, Detective Superintendent George Duff has said outside court that Lyburd is a dangerous man. His full statement goes by:

“Lyburd is a dangerous man who intended to cause serious harm,” he said. “He at no point has shown any remorse for what he intended to do. By not admitting his wrongdoing in the first instance shows the utter lack of consideration for those he intended to harm.

“Thankfully the courts and the jury came to the best decision and today Lyburd is behind bars where he belongs.

“His actions not only caused threats to certain people but it also caused concern and disruption to the local community and I would like to thank them for their cooperation throughout the investigation. Community vigilance plays an important role in policing our communities and we encourage anyone with concerns to contact police straight away.”


  1. You know full life sentence in uk is only 6-20 years. Infant a man killed 12 people in a mass murder and only got 14 years.

  2. I don’t think that he wanted to kill anybody; usually, you don’t “advertise” such a fact on Facebook. If he was a true psychopath, then he would have murdered many, “in silence” and cold blood. He’s not a threat, just a disturbed individual. Simply owing a gun and making threats is, in most instances, something that does not result in any violence. If it did, another million men would be rotting away in US jails.

    • VoiceOfReason

      You sound as crazy as the fool himself.
      Did you miss the part where the police found homemade explosive devices?
      He wasn’t living in some fantasy land. He was a real world threat with real world intentions. Not some fool on social media making idle threats. He was in the process of pulling of his honorific plan.

      People don’t make (and hide) bombs if they are just attention seeking!

      • I don’t believe everything that the Police claims to be true, which means that his so-called “pipe bombs” may have been anything but (perhaps hollow containers?). If he was a true nut, he would have murdered innocent individuals and not just posting about it on Facebook. It just happened in the US recently. A life sentence (or even 8 years) is excessive.

        • observeFORtruth

          Yeah man I agree, British police are famous for pretty much fabricating the details of police investigations so as to make themselves sound like their police force operates flawlessly, and criminals somehow magically lay out all evidence needed directly in front of them. I would be willing to bet this crazy little fucker was most likely starved for attention and wanted to sound hard as fuck when arrested hy police. But common sense makes it clear if he did have the intention to kill a large amount of people, he most likely would have done so rather than posting details of the crime in a facebook post then waiting around for a while. Its so easy for the police to lie nowadays because 99 percent of the public is so stupid they think that whatever is said by police is guarenteed to be a 100 percent accurate account of what happened. Generally if you train yourself to not believe a word said by the police then you will probably be on the right track to finding the actual truth!


    • Finally someone with a brain. Yes, this “case” is just another fake news story of terror/mass murder. Notice the name folks? Lyburg.. That’s LIE burd. Get it?

  4. I’m in my forties and feel a little uncomfortable having 20 non prescribed vallies in my house!
    I’d learned way before the age of 19 not to have stuff at your residence.
    Fucking ‘stash in his parents’ house, which included a Glock gun, 94 jacketed hollow point expanding bullets, tear gas and several homemade explosive devices, including pipe bombs’
    I mean…for fucks sake man!!
    It really doesn’t take a genius to outwit LE main tactic…..house raids.
    There are quite a few places to stash stuff OUTSIDE your house I feel :-)

    • VoiceOfReason

      Yes but, as you yourself said. You are 40+ yrs old and have a life of worldly experiences behind you. This is some kid. A kid who’s grown up as a keyboard warrior. Like many his generation. Thinking they can do and act as they like behind a false anonymity of a monitor screen. He is a product of his generation. A typical product almost. The only difference being that, most just use vent faceless anger at random strangers in the form of words. This individual couldn’t get satisfactory hatred across on the internet alone.
      To find he had zero opsec is hardly surprising to myself.

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